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i-SMS (interactive sms)
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i-SMS (interactive sms)


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This is the slide I use when I do sharing during the eFiesta.

This is the slide I use when I do sharing during the eFiesta.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Blackboard i-SMS Presented by : Sally LoanNational Institute of EducationSenior Educational Technologist
  • 2. Share items• NIE SMS• NIE i-SMS• Future Plan
  • 3. NIE SMS• SMS is an building block in Blackboard customized in-house for instructors to contact student(s) via phone message
  • 4. • Instructor can send phone messages to various recipient types
  • 5. i-SMS• Interactive SMS is an in-house customized instant lecture feedback feature in GeNIEus available to instructors only.• Instructors can use this feature to display questions or votes to students.• The system receives input via mobile devices.
  • 6. Why i-SMS?• “i” stands for interactive• Tapping on what the students already have .. Mobile devices• Enhancement upon NTU’ solution on mobile feedback• A mean for teaching staff to engage the students during the lesson
  • 7. Launch i-SMS• Access any course• Click “Communications”
  • 8. Launch i-SMS• Click “SMS Messaging Tool”• Click “Interactive SMS”
  • 9. Start the i-SMS session• Click “Start Session”• E.g. student enter the message on phone • 302 Can you give some example of problem-based learning?
  • 10. Message option• Switching to vote option
  • 11. Voting option• Toggle from message to vote option
  • 12. Voting (T/F)• Safe Assignment is a plagiarism tools in GeNIEus (Blackboard)? “T” or “t” for True “F” or “f” for False
  • 13. Voting (Y/N)• You can send SMS via GeNIEus (Blackboard)? “Y” or “y” for Yes “N” or “n” for No
  • 14. Voting (MCQ)• Which software allows you to create the test/survey questions offline and publish to GeNIEus (Blackboard)? “A” or “a”: Wimba Voice Tools “B” or “b”: Respondus “C” or “c”: Hot Potatoes “D” or “d”: Quandary
  • 15. Simple guide•
  • 16. E.g. question posted by students
  • 17. E.g. Vote reply
  • 18. Feedback received• Students like the fact that they can use mobile to post question anonymously• Instructors appreciate the feature to enable them to gather response without any installation of additional software• No additional gadget
  • 19. Future Plan• Next phase for i-SMS
  • 20. Future Plan• Mobile enabled• Allow instructor to create question before lesson time
  • 21. Future Plan• Student are allowed to join the session when instructor is also in the same session
  • 22. Future Plan• Allow instructor to review the result after lesson time
  • 23. Future Plan• Using twitter as a back channeling?
  • 24. Future Plan• Using mobile app (eClicker Host)
  • 25. eClicker
  • 26. eClicker Host & eClicker
  • 27. Socrative – student response system
  • 28. Socrative - Teacher Clicker
  • 29. Socrative – Student Clicker
  • 30. Technical specialist• Eric Bonneau, Project Manager from Computer Service Centre• Lum Hon Pheng, System Analyst from Computer Service Centre