Blackboard NG9


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This is a simple guide for essential features of Blackboard NG9.

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Blackboard NG9

  1. 1. Simple guide for Blackboard Learn This is a simple guide Only blackboard essential features are included Created by Sally Loan National Institute of Education Centre for e-Learning Senior Educational TechnologistBlackboard NG9
  2. 2. Navigating Course Menu Drag the handle on the left to position the course menuBlackboard NG9
  3. 3. Add course menu Add extra module using the “+”Blackboard NG9
  4. 4. Control panel Control panel for instructor onlyBlackboard NG9
  5. 5. Toggle between edit / view mode Only available to instructorBlackboard NG9
  6. 6. Build Content Upload content to courseBlackboard NG9
  7. 7. Create Assessment Generate test / survey / assignment placeholderBlackboard NG9
  8. 8. Add Interactive Tool Set up discussion board / blog / wikiBlackboard NG9
  9. 9. Assign Textbook Populate text book content to courseBlackboard NG9
  10. 10. Create FolderBlackboard NG9
  11. 11. Create Folder It’s a good practice to organize course material using meaningful foldersBlackboard NG9
  12. 12. Copy / Move / Delete Folder More options via the dropdown list is available beside the itemBlackboard NG9
  13. 13. Add item into folderBlackboard NG9
  14. 14. Add item into folder name the fileBlackboard NG9
  15. 15. Add item into folder Browse for file to uploadBlackboard NG9
  16. 16. Add item into folder File is uploadedBlackboard NG9
  17. 17. Document PackageBlackboard NG9
  18. 18. Document Package Mass upload of files using zip formatBlackboard NG9
  19. 19. Document Package First, zip all your course material Browse for zip file to uploadBlackboard NG9
  20. 20. Document Package All files are unpacked and uploaded according to the structure set within the zip fileBlackboard NG9
  21. 21. Add audio fileBlackboard NG9
  22. 22. Add audio file Browse for audio file to upload Name the audio fileBlackboard NG9
  23. 23. Add audio file By default, Autostart is set to “No” so that audio will not play when the page is displayedBlackboard NG9
  24. 24. Add audio file An audio file is added A player bar is displayedBlackboard NG9
  25. 25. Add imageBlackboard NG9
  26. 26. Add image Browse for image file to upload Name the image fileBlackboard NG9
  27. 27. Add image Modify dimensions if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  28. 28. Add image An image is addedBlackboard NG9
  29. 29. Add Flickr imageBlackboard NG9
  30. 30. Add Flickr image Browse Mashups for Flickr photoBlackboard NG9
  31. 31. Add Flickr image Search Flickr photo repositoryBlackboard NG9
  32. 32. Add Flickr image Search result displayedBlackboard NG9
  33. 33. Add Flickr image Select the image to uploadBlackboard NG9
  34. 34. Add Flickr image Enter description if anyBlackboard NG9
  35. 35. Add Flickr image Image file is uploaded from FlickrBlackboard NG9
  36. 36. Upload videoBlackboard NG9
  37. 37. Upload video Browse for video file to uploadBlackboard NG9
  38. 38. Upload video Add file from explorerBlackboard NG9
  39. 39. Upload video Name the video fileBlackboard NG9
  40. 40. Upload video Modify the dimension if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  41. 41. Upload video Video is uploadedBlackboard NG9
  42. 42. Embed YouTube videoBlackboard NG9
  43. 43. Embed YouTube video Browse Mashups for YouTube videoBlackboard NG9
  44. 44. Embed YouTube video Search for Youtube videoBlackboard NG9
  45. 45. Embed YouTube video Search result displayedBlackboard NG9
  46. 46. Embed YouTube video Select to embed video into courseBlackboard NG9
  47. 47. Embed YouTube video Add description if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  48. 48. Embed YouTube video Modify options if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  49. 49. Embed YouTube video YouTube video is embeddedBlackboard NG9
  50. 50. Create learning moduleBlackboard NG9
  51. 51. Create learning module Name the learning moduleBlackboard NG9
  52. 52. Create learning module Modify the options if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  53. 53. Create learning module Add desire content to the learning moduleBlackboard NG9
  54. 54. Create module within courseBlackboard NG9
  55. 55. Create module within course Name the moduleBlackboard NG9
  56. 56. Create module within course Modify if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  57. 57. Create module within course Module content is addedBlackboard NG9
  58. 58. Create module within course Add course moduleBlackboard NG9
  59. 59. Create module within course Choose from the module libraryBlackboard NG9
  60. 60. Create module within course Add moduleBlackboard NG9
  61. 61. Create module within course Click “OK” to addBlackboard NG9
  62. 62. Create module within course Module panel is addedBlackboard NG9
  63. 63. Embed SlideShareBlackboard NG9
  64. 64. Embed SlideShare Search for SlideShare presentationBlackboard NG9
  65. 65. Embed SlideShare SlideShare search result displayedBlackboard NG9
  66. 66. Embed SlideShare Select the SlideShareBlackboard NG9
  67. 67. Embed SlideShare Add description if anyBlackboard NG9
  68. 68. Embed SlideShareBlackboard NG9
  69. 69. Embed SlideShare SlideShare presentation is addedBlackboard NG9
  70. 70. Add Interactive Tool Create discussion board / blog / wikiBlackboard NG9
  71. 71. Create discussion forumBlackboard NG9
  72. 72. Create discussion forum Select from existing or create a few forumBlackboard NG9
  73. 73. Create discussion forum Give a meaning forum nameBlackboard NG9
  74. 74. Create discussion forum Modify options if necessaryBlackboard NG9
  75. 75. Create discussion forum By default, allow users to reply, attach file and create new threadsBlackboard NG9
  76. 76. Create discussion forum Forum is addedBlackboard NG9
  77. 77. Add announcementBlackboard NG9
  78. 78. Add announcement Give a meaning subject heading for announcementBlackboard NG9
  79. 79. Add announcement Modify dates if necessary Link to reading material using course linkBlackboard NG9
  80. 80. Add announcement Announcement is addedBlackboard NG9
  81. 81. Enroll student to group Access Control Panel from left panelBlackboard NG9
  82. 82. Enroll student to group Access groupBlackboard NG9
  83. 83. Enroll student to group Create group: self enroll / manual enrollBlackboard NG9
  84. 84. Enroll student to group Create self-enrollment groupBlackboard NG9
  85. 85. Enroll student to group Name the groupBlackboard NG9
  86. 86. Enroll student to group Select tool availability for the desire groupBlackboard NG9
  87. 87. Enroll student to groupBlackboard NG9
  88. 88. Enroll student to group Indicate the maximum number of members in each groupBlackboard NG9
  89. 89. Enroll student to group A group is createdBlackboard NG9
  90. 90. Enroll student to group Manually add students to groupBlackboard NG9
  91. 91. Enroll student to group Name the groupBlackboard NG9
  92. 92. Enroll student to group Select tool availability for the desire groupBlackboard NG9
  93. 93. Enroll student to group Assign members to groupBlackboard NG9
  94. 94. Check student enrollment Access Control Panel, user and groupsBlackboard NG9
  95. 95. Check student enrollment Members in courseBlackboard NG9
  96. 96. Send Email within course Access Control Panel, Course ToolsBlackboard NG9
  97. 97. Send Email within course Instructors can send email to all or selected individual usersBlackboard NG9
  98. 98. Hidden module Module is hidden from studentsBlackboard NG9
  99. 99. No content available No content availableBlackboard NG9
  100. 100. Edit module Select dropdown list on the right to edit moduleBlackboard NG9