Finding Community Grants


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Presentation about finding community grants information in Victoria, Australia. Intended audience is libraries and/or community groups. Presentation has been edited to remove personal and employer details.

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Finding Community Grants

  1. 1. FindingCommunity Grants in Victoria Sally Cummings (Note: This is an edited version of a training presentation that I prepared and delivered at a previous workplace)
  2. 2. Outline• Funding avenues available to community groups• How to find community grants• How to find relevant community grants• Preparing grant applications• What can libraries do with this information?• Discussion and questions
  3. 3. Funding avenues available to community groups (1)• What types of funding arrangements are available? – Community grants – Sponsorships – Partnerships with business – Donations – Fund-raising assistance
  4. 4. Funding avenues available to community groups (2)• What are the sources of grants funding? – State Government – Federal Government – Local Government – Non-Government Organisations • Philanthropic – charities, philanthropic foundations, not-for-profit organisations • Corporate – profit-making companies
  5. 5. Funding avenues available to community groups (3)• What types of organisations can apply for grants? – Community groups, sports clubs, schools, health services, historical societies, welfare organisations – Incorporated association and/or Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status may be required – Grants funding is less likely to favour individuals, government agencies and political organisations.• Consider aligning with an umbrella (auspice) organisation
  6. 6. How to find community grants (1)• Information sources include websites, databases, directories, newsletters, media releases, newspaper advertisements …• It can be difficult and time-consuming to search individual funding sources
  7. 7. How to find community grants (2)• Commercial services such as OurCommunity Easy Grants and GrantSearch bring them all together – Searchable database – Grants from wide variety of sources in one place – Descriptions, requirements, links, closing dates
  8. 8. How to find community grants (3)Other useful sites for searching:• Grants@DPCD – Searches DPCD grant programs• GrantsLINK – Searches Commonwealth grant programs• Grants and Services Finder – Searches grants for cultural organisations from local, state and federal government as well as private sources
  9. 9. How to find relevant community grants• Consider the community/ies that the project will benefit – Think outside the box (eg. a sporting activity also provides health benefits, brings young people together, bridges cultural boundaries)• Search using appropriate funding categories / interest areas / keywords• Check eligibility criteria
  10. 10. Preparing grant applications (1)• Understand the grant application process• Prepare and assemble documentation ahead of time• Do some research on the funding body• Tailor / customise each grant application• Consult others, make it a team effort
  11. 11. Preparing grant applications (2)• Demonstrate the need for the project• Be specific when describing the project• Write clearly, concisely• Display ability to budget / spend money efficiently• Demonstrate community support
  12. 12. What can libraries do with this information?• Locate grants information for community organisations on request• Promote grants information to community organisations• Help community groups learn about the grants process – what grants are, how to find grants, how to prepare applications, what training is available, etc.
  13. 13. Questions?