Power in the Global Economy


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Power in the Global Economy

  1. 1. KeyOECD membersG20 membersMembers of both<br /> Global Economic Power – Powerful countries<br />Copy and paste this map into “Paint” then colour the map in three colours and complete the key.<br />Find out from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/business/2009/g20/7897719.stm what the G20 is and its <br />146685428625membersThe G20 is The OECD is a think tank. It helps governments create prosperity and fight poverty through economic growth and financial stability. We help ensure the environmental implications of economic and social development are taken into account.. Find out from http://www.oecd.org/pages/0,3417,en_36734052_36761800_1_1_1_1_1,00.html who the OECD members are<br />Global Power – Transnational Corporations<br />TNCs are businesses which operate at a global scale. They are organised globally and owned by shareholders from around the world. Because of their complex operations it is very difficult to say where their product is “made”. Within a company there will be common management and working practices and communications systems (e.g. IT). The global economy is dominated by TNCs. They are the drivers of globalisation. <br />Use the Forbes 2000 website which lists the world’s largest TNCs to find data http://www.forbes.com/2008/04/01/biz_2000global08_map.html <br />Use the interactive map:<br /><ul><li>There are no top 200 TNCs in ....
  2. 2. Choose one country from the following regions (North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania). Find out how many top 200 companies they have, the name of the largest. Create a bar chart in excel and paste it in here. Then add text boxes to show the name of the biggest company in each country.</li></ul>Global power – World cities<br />A world city is important in the global economic system. Globalisation is created and managed in the most important cities for finance and trade. The most complex cities have a big impact on global business, they influence the flows of money and goods between countries. <br />Being a world city is beneficial to development, and geographers rank cities according to their global influence. Get the ranking from the Globalization and World Cities Study Group (GAWC) based at Loughborough University. <br />Alpha cities are the most powerful and integrated into the global system, add the north south divide to the map:<br /> <br />The map of world cities shows (describe) ....<br /> This is because (explain)...<br />Complete the table using the data http://www.lboro.ac.uk/gawc/world2008t.html <br />Ranking of cityExampleNumber in the “rich north”Number in the “poor south”Alpha ++Alpha+AlphaAlpha- Beta+BetaBeta-Gamma<br />Global power – People<br /><ul><li>People with large fortunes are very important players in the global economy, they have vast amounts of money to invest and economists watch what they do to try to work out how to make more money themselves.
  3. 3. Where these people choose to live is seen as an indicator of the importance of the economy and quality of life around the world.</li></ul>Click on the Forbes list of richest billionaires http://www.forbes.com/wealth/billionaires . List who they are, their estimated wealth, where they come from and how they made it, then use the interactive map http://www.forbes.com/2008/03/05/hometowns-networths-worlds-richest_billionaires08_map.html to complete the gap fill <br />NameWealthNationalityHow they made their money12345678910<br />The richest ..... in the world choose to live in a relatively ...... countries. The largest number of billionaires are found in ...... and ....There are no billionaires at all in large areas of ....... with the exception of countries such as Nigeria, ....... and .... South America too has few billionaires, although the rapidly growing economy of....., one of the BRICs, is now home to quite a few.<br />Large areas of Asia have ....... numbers of ......but the number is growing, particularly in .... and .....<br />It is clear from the map that a few...... are very important locations for billionaires, this is where they can enjoy access to global business, good communications and a good quality of life. <br /><ul><li>There are billionaires in almost every ... of the USA, with a particularly large number on the east in .... and also in the west along the coast of .......in cities such as Los Angeles.
  4. 4. In Western Europe there are billionaires in .... countries with marked concentrations in the cities of .... and ....... but also in the non-EU country of .....
  5. 5. In Russia there are many billionaires, and they mostly choose to live in the capital, ...
  6. 6. In Asia, the majority of the Indian billionaires choose to live in the increasingly important city of ......, formerly known as Bombay, and in China the majority of the billionaires are concentrated in .....
  7. 7. The pattern of residence of the world’s richest people backs up the general pattern of global economic power.</li></ul>billionaires Brazil all USA SwitzerlandEgyptEurope California people state China IndiaHong Kong Africa South Africa few Paris citiesLondon Mumbai New Yorklow Moscow <br />Save it, print it, hand in!<br />