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Marketing plan

  1. 1. About Us Entrust America was established on the belief there is a critical need for a trustworthy and affordable plan to help every American protect and recover from the fastest growing crime in America…Identity Theft. Only one out of ten American’s have any sort of identity protection. The coverage is inadequate and expensive. The Nation needs a trusted low costproducer who delivers a plan that covers and recovers from all types of identity theft. A plan that addresses the problem head on and is affordable to everyfamily throughout North America. The time is right for Entrust America and the time is now to enroll ten million consumers.# ___ 1
  2. 2. 5 West 5th Street @ Madison Ave., Suite 300 Covington, Ky. 41011 TABLE OF CONTENTS About UsOverview – The Concept ………..……...……………...…….……… 3The Company …..…….…………….……………………….…...…… 4The Problem ………………..……………………………………...….. 5The Industry …..…….…………….…………………..…….…...…… 6The Opportunity ……………………………………….………...….. 7Objectives .......................................................................................... ... 8The Opportunity and Market Need …………………………..…..... 9Our Solution ………………...…...................................…………….. 11Product ……………………...................................………………….. 12Our Recovery Process ………………...................…...…………….. 16Business Model & Implementation ……………….…….......…….. 19Market Size, Growth & Segmentation …………………...……….. 20Go-To-Market Strategy for Large & Small Businesses……...…… 22Go-To-Market Strategy for Consumers ……………….………….. 23Competition, Differentiation, Barriers-To-Entry….……………… 24Management Team …………………………………………………. 26Business Partners ………….………………………...........………… 28Conclusion………….……..........………………….…….………….. 30 2
  3. 3. Overview The Concept ENTRUST AMERICA will be recognized as the most trustedThe source for identity theft recovery and protection in America.Perfect Storm The Company is set and proceeding toward securing one million subscribers. The business plan is based on three The perfect storm isbeing fueled by media primary drivers:reports of high profilecorporate data 1. Police Officer’s nationwide have partnered withbreaches and the ENTRUST AMERICA in building, buying anddevastating effectsconsumers suffer marketing the ID Recovery package.after falling victim to 2. ENTRUST AMERICA brings disruptive pricing to theidentity theft. marketplace by offering double the coverage for essentially half the price. 3. ENTRUST AMERICA will reach consumers by partnering with large Banks, Credit Unions, Automotive Dealers, Insurance Companies, Groups and Associations. Entrust America was established on the belief that there is a critical need to tell the truth about identity theft and eliminate the customer confusion that currently exists. Entrust America will be the beacon for legitimacy and credibility in an industry that clearly lacks credible market leadership. The Company believes partnering with law enforcement officials will establish belief, credibility and achieve a market leadership position. The product will be bundled and deployed through trusted and reputable companies with existing customer relationships for ½ the cost and twice the value to ensure retention and sustained profitability. 3
  4. 4. The CompanyThe Company is comprised of dedicated founders and askilled management team who have track records ofachievement. An active board of directors and advisoryboard provide oversight, contribution and continued focuson the Company’s singular customer acquisition goals. Todate, the founding management team and investors haveinvested more than $2.5 million to cover research anddevelopment, test marketing, technology infrastructure,legal research and vendor integration. Now is the time totake our enterprise aggressively to the next level throughour sales & product offerings.The Company has secured agreements to provide IDRecovery & Protection as an employee benefit with BlueChip companies and dozens of police departments andfraternal order of police lodges. The Company has securedreseller contracts with employee benefit providers, insuranceproviders and several automotive dealerships. EntrustAmerica has teamed with the nationwide C.O.P.S. (Concernsof Police Survivors) not-for-profit organization. Each year,between 140 and 160 officers are killed in the line of dutyand their families and co-workers are left to cope with thistragic loss. C.O.P.S. provides resources to help them rebuildtheir shattered lives. The Company contributes a percentageof top line revenues to this very worthwhile cause and gainsaccess to every police department in North America. 4
  5. 5. The ProblemEvery 3 seconds an identity is stolen. According to the FTCthere were over 10 million identities stolen last year makingidentity theft the fastest growing crime for the 9th consecutive year.Over 247 million identities have been compromised throughdata breaches from trusted retail stores, banks, credit unionsor data processing centers. ID thieves are ruthless and knowwhere to go to find personal data and they have created arapidly growing black market selling stolen personalidentities in chat rooms and other internet channels.Identity theft has become the most dominant white collarcrime of the 21st century according to the FBI. 5
  6. 6. The IndustryThe identity theft protection industry is “white hot” and Entrust America is confident that it has the most comprehensive and cost efficient solutions that directly address the problem. With our existing law enforcement relationships the Company enjoys a considerable distinct and sustainable advantage. By leveraging the credibility and efficacy of law enforcement partnerships Entrust America will achieve an industry leadership position. The “perfect storm” is being fueled by media reports of high profile corporate data breaches and the devastating effects of identity theft. The costs to corporations and individuals as a result of data breaches, hacks, and leakage is growing exponentially. There are 10’s of millions of consumers who realize the need to protect their identities. We will reach these consumers by partnering with trusted entities who already have established customer relationships. The time is right and the demand is present for us to execute our business plan.President George W. Bush started a Presidential task force 4years ago that acknowledges the depth of this epidemicaccording to Alberto Gonzales former United StatesAttorney General."Identity theft is a crime that goes far beyond the loss ofmoney or property," Gonzales said in a statement. "It is apersonal invasion, done in secret that can rob innocent menand women of their good names.” The crime is expandingannually and poses a real threat to American’s financial andprivacy security. 6
  7. 7. The OpportunityThe market has been created by Lifelock with theiraggressive marketing and advertising campaign. The bigthree credit bureaus along with Lifelock have spent $100million annually in direct response advertising. By virtue oftheir promotional efforts consumer awareness is at an alltime high. The need has been established but the consumeris confused about who to trust, how much to pay and whattype of coverage is needed. Entrust America believesidentity protection will not be purchased by the masses as astandalone product. The future delivery of identity theftproducts will be through trusted providers with existingcustomer relationships. The product will most likely bebundled with other products or simply be a rider attached toan insurance policy. The product will be a non-consciousbuying decision and will be renewed annually vs. a separatemonthly bill that shows up on a credit card statement.Employers have a tremendous stake in offering identity theftprotection due to their liability should an employee fallvictim to identity theft since 51% of all identity thefts occurin the workplace. About 90% of business record theftsinvolve payroll or employment records; only about 10% arecustomer lists. The Company has forged relationships withsizeable and reputable employee benefit providers. A recentcase in Michigan highlights this source of corporate liability.In the 2005 case of Audrey Bell et al vs. AFSME AFL-CIOLocal 1023, the Michigan Appeals Court affirmed a juryaward of $275,000 to AFSME members who had sued theunion for failing to safeguard its members’ SSNs. 7
  8. 8. Objectives:The prospects for ENTRUST AMERICAS’ continued growthare excellent. Branding, positioning and an aggressivePublic Relations campaign are required to create recognition.Testimonials from satisfied customers, celebrityendorsements, professional athletes, law enforcement andrespected political figures are currently in place.The Companys overall objective is to satisfy marketdemands with products that provide integrity, credibilityand honesty, and to maintain a steady growth in salesvolume that will sustain the Company into the future. TheCompany believes that proof of principle has beenestablished and risk has been mitigated. Our managementgroup has the passion, and expertise to execute the businessplan and to attract needed talent. 8
  9. 9. The Opportunity and Market Need A “perfect storm” supporting the need for this business is being fueled by media reports of high profile corporate data“Hackers breaches and the devastating effects consumers suffer afterRunning Wild?” falling victim to identity theft. The enterprise has createdData Theft hits the most comprehensive solutions in the marketplace today.$1 trillion in Our complete solutions coupled with our distinct delivery2008 systems will exploit this high-growth emerging market."Dramatic growthin the volume of The “go to market” strategy and proprietary deliveryunstructured data systems engaged by the enterprise will ensure efficientand the requirementto protect it, creates customer acquisition and stave off any competitor threatsmulti-billion dollar from incumbents or newcomers. The customer acquisitionmarket demandfor solutions" strategy of value added resellers (VAR) for Entrust America represent an industry first. By partnering with sales organizations (VAR’s) that already have a developed and mature relationship with the industries we are targeting the enterprise enjoys the ability to scale rapidly without any significant additional resources required to support growth. As for the consumer division, it utilizes a unique customer referral and agency sales program that allows for exponential growth without the need for extensive advertising expense or fixed sales force resources. Personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive corporate data are the currency of todays cyber criminals. The explosive growth of e-commerce and online dependency of consumers and corporations has created a black market of stolen electronic identities estimated to reach $1.6 billion by 2010. According to the FTC, no American is immune to identity theft. This represents a potential market of 300 million individuals. The truth is only 5% of American consumers have ANY form of identity theft protection. This holds true for Corporate America as well. Millions of corporations have no proactive data breach resolution program in place to safeguard the personal data of employees and customers. 9
  10. 10. ...According to the Ponemon Institute..."Dramatic Growth inthe Volume of Unstructured Data and the Requirement toProtect and Preserve It Creates Multi-Billion Dollar MarketDemand for Solutions"The costs to corporations as a result of breaches, hacks anddata loss is growing exponentially. The cost in 2007 was$55.6 billion, a trend expected to continue until at least 2013and beyond.Consumers and corporations are hungering for a realsolution to curb the costs that are spiraling out of control.Current solutions lack efficacy and fall woefully short. If aconsumer or corporation were to properly protect their data,they would have to engage numerous disparate solutionsproviders, making the protection cost prohibitive. We have an industry first, “one stop shop” for ID protectionand recovery for both consumers and corporations.Diligence, persistence and patience allowed us to observethe shortcomings of “first movers”. To date, competitorshave relied on retail or direct-to-consumer initiatives toacquire a subscription based customer. Millions of dollarshave been spent on mass media advertising by the Big 3credit bureaus and venture capital backed companies suchas LifeLock. This expensive customer acquisition strategycan be exploited through our unique plan and deliverymethods.Entrust America, Inc. (The Enterprise) is a fully integratedID Theft Solutions provider for consumers, small and largebusinesses and organizations. The operating enterprise ispoised to capitalize on the public’s growing awareness anddemand for both personal and corporate ID Theft Solutions. 10
  11. 11. Our Solution We are confident we have created the most complete solutions, at the optimal price and sustainable profitability.Current Current competition is offering inferior products at similarCompetition or higher price points and there is sufficient margin in ourCurrent competition solutions to maintain market offering partialsolutions with theirinferior products. We have slashed customer acquisition costs through our leveraged value added reseller approach for businesses and our customer referral program for consumers. Historically, the value added reseller and agency approaches have decreased customer acquisition costs and increased customer retention rates. With laser-like focus, our team has identified the strategic industries where we will experience the greatest R.O.I. Thus far, our efforts have been localized as we perfect our model. Our value added resellers are the dominant players in their respective industries and they participate in our revenue sharing program to ensure mutual success. We benefit from the advertising efforts of our competitors as they have created public awareness and an appetite for Identity Theft and Data Protection Services. First movers have also set net present values for cost of customer acquisition and the lifetime value of each subscriber. A historical parallel can be drawn with Vonage. Vonage spent hundreds of millions in direct-to-consumer mass media to sell voice over Internet Telephony (VOIP). They educated the masses and “second entrants” to the market benefited by the Vonage advertising efforts. 11
  12. 12. ProductThe Rush Identity Protection, Privacy & Recovery Package ishow we exceed expectations safeguarding our customershome, privacy, credit, and identity, our “Redaction” processremoves your personal information off the internet, keepsyou informed of current fraud trends (scams), and uses themost effective methods of prevention. This is in addition toa one year “Recovery” policy, just in case you were to fallvictim to identity theft.Protection and RecoveryInformation is the key to prevention. Entrust America willprovide you with the tools to create real protection andprivacy with educational materials; Completed personalizedletters and forms that demand over twenty data vendorcompanies to “Opt-Out” of internet data bases. This willprotect your privacy and to lessen your risk of Identity Theftby first taking your information out of the public’s eye, theinternet.Don’t be fooled by slick marketing tactics, partial solutionsand fine print exceptions that protect them, not you. YourPrivacy as well as your Identity is at stake. Entrust Americais the most comprehensive prevention and overall identitytheft recovery & protection service on the market. Serviceslike credit monitoring only catches a fraction of the identitytheft cases and does nothing for prevention. You cannotprevent identity theft 100%, but you can remove it out of thegreedy hands of identity thieves. Additionally, for thosethefts that still occur, Entrust America provides unmatchedidentity restoration services. We provide a compassionateone-on-one, beginning-to-end, expert “ID RecoverySpecialists” that will do all the hard work for you. We areconfident in our record of Fully Restored Identity; we backour service with our 100% resolution guarantee. If youbecome a victim, we do the hard work for you, until youridentity is restored. 12
  13. 13. While no company can make a 100% guarantee to preventidentity theft from occurring as agreed by 37 State AttorneyGenerals and the FTC in the recent lawsuit lost LifeLock fordeseptive advertising, Entrust America provides realprotection and privacy by first taking your information outof the publics’ eye where it can easily be used against you.Then we follow that up with fully automated professionalrestoration services that can promise to identify and fix anyproblems that may arise. The recovery process is as quickand painless as possible to restore your good name andcredit back to pre-theft status, guaranteed.But don’t take it from us, do the comparison for yourself. Wethink our real life Endorsements, Testimonials and lists ofLaw Enforcement and Professional Sports Organizationswho use our products says more about us that any slickmarketing or paid endorsement.Protect Your Privacy and Your Identity.Don’t make it easy for those would hurt you and yourfamily?Redaction & Education — Have you ever “Googled” orchecked White Pages for your name or phone number? Youmay have seen all of your personal information available onthe internet, including a map to your home. Our redactionprocess will remove the connection between your name anda map to your house from internet websites that share, selland release your personal information. We don’t wantothers to look up where you live by running your name.Did you know there are well over twenty data bases thatshare, rent or release your personal information on theinternet? Did you know many of the data bases offer theability to “Opt-Out,” but require a written request? To beproactive in protecting your identity you must removepersonal information from the place where it’s easiest toobtain, the internet.Entrust America provides everyone with Child Safety Cards& an Emergency Preparation Kit to help your family. Wealso provide a free Crisis Preparation Kit (CPK) that is used 13
  14. 14. to record all Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) as itpertains to your identifying documents. We recommend,once this form is completed, you have it sealed and storedeither in a safety deposit box or with your attorney or CPA.Properly using the CPK allows you to quickly obtain yourNPPI in the event it is needed. This form may also be used tohelp in restoring your identity & life in the event of a naturaldisaster, fire, flood, break in, lost or stolen purse/ wallet, oreven a death in the family.100% Identity Restoration – We do the hard work for you,our customer!When your identity has been compromised, every minutecounts.Many victims have spent hundreds of hours repairing theircase of stolen identity, but our service includes identityrecovery services at no extra cost in our Rush Recovery &Privacy Package. Our guarantee of full-service recoveryprotection means we won’t stop until you are no longer heldresponsible for any damage caused by the identity thief andall the work it takes to clear your good name is complete.The Rush Recovery & Privacy Package from EntrustAmerica offers you peace of mind whether you’re a long-term member of our services or a recent victim of IdentityTheft. Our “ID Recovery Specialists” are experts inproviding victims with what they need most; compassionateone-on-one, beginning-to-end guidance throughout theentire recovery process.Our proprietary Rush Identity Recovery software is used toinsure accuracy and to expedite the generation of yourpersonalized “Rush ID Recovery Documentation™".Imagine having all the required federal, state and localdocuments selected, sorted, completely filled out andprinted in a systematic order with easy to follow instructionscustomized just for your specific needs. If you become avictim of identity theft, you will quickly receive a “Rush IDRecovery Documentation™" via mail. Once you sign, 14
  15. 15. notarize, and return it, a recovery specialists assigned to youwill do the rest. No other recovery service does this!According to the Federal Trade Commission, the recoveryprocess can take almost 500 hours and as much as $3,000. Inaddition, the FTC says that 41% of ID Theft victims are stilldealing with the problem two years later. By using EntrustAmerica’s automated, Fully Managed Recovery, youeliminate most of the time and cost associated with ID theft.Full Recovery — Entrust America provides the onlyautomated Fully Managed Identity Theft recovery in thecountry for any type of identity theft. With the use of ourproprietary Rush ID Recovery Documentation system andPower of Attorney our Recovery Specialists are able togather the necessary information pertaining to the Identitytheft and complete all of the required documents with a clickof a button. Our ID Recovery Kit is then sent to you viasecure overnight service for signatures and notarization.Once the Rush ID Recovery Documentation is then returnedto Entrust America via the provided return secure overnightenvelope then Entrust America will do the rest. Our averagerecovery is completed in 14 days and our victim spends nomore than two hours on their own recovery.*Follow up — Once you are cleared, you will receivenotification of clearance from the agencies involved. EntrustAmerica’s Recovery Specialist will continue to follow upwith you throughout the year.Apprehension — Entrust America goes beyond just clearingthe victim. During our investigation of the Identity Theft theRecovery Specialist can gather all evidence used during theIdentity Theft including but not limited to: surveillancevideos, documents, receipts, signatures and voicerecordings. This information is gathered and turned over tothe investigating authorities including the FBI, FTC, SecretService, State and Local Law Enforcement.* Estimated timeframe only. Individual results will vary depending onthe state of residence and severity and types of Identity Theft 15
  16. 16. Our ID Recovery Process The following are the Phases of a Complete Managed andOur Automated Full Identity Restoration . . .PositionWe will establish Identity Recovery Process Phase 1ourselves as thepremier provider inthe SMB market. Victim calls Entrust America and is assigned an ENTRUSTVirtually any company AMERICA – Rush Identity Recovery Specialist. Thethat electronicallyhandles personal specialist proceeds with a call with the Victim detailinginformation on identity theft covering the following items:employees orcustomers is ourtarget market. Consult with victim, and perform Crisis Management if needed Identify the identity fraud types Ascertain nature of fraud Explain fraud victim’s rights Educate victim on the recovery process Input all necessary information into the automated Rush Identity Recovery Software Rush Identity Recovery Specialist then proceeds to create all documentation necessary to move forward on recovery and starts recovery process accomplishing the following items: Print the "Rush Recovery Package™" which includes all necessary documents based on residence of victim, types of identity theft and number of identity thefts. "Rush Recovery Package™" also includes Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA) that allows Entrust America to act on victims behalf. All documents are completely filled out and ready for victim’s notarized signature "Rush Recovery Package™" is sent overnight to victim via secured overnight service Initiate fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus 16
  17. 17. Identity Recovery Process Phase 2For the Rush Identity Recovery Specialist to proceed onbehalf of the victim as a the legal advocate of the victim,certain documentation must be completed and sent back toEntrust America before Rush Identity Recovery Specialist isfully armed with the legal authority and documentationneeded to proceed on behalf of the victim. These items arelisted below. Victim receives "Rush Recovery Package™" Victim follows the detailed instructions to get the LPoA and other labeled documents notarized. Victim by law has to have a police report completed in person Victim then sends back to Entrust America the listed / completed documents including the executed LPoA via the included return overnight envelopeIdentity Recovery Process Phase 3After receiving executed LPoA and returned "Rush RecoveryPackage™", the Rush Identity Recovery Specialist thenproceeds with the following items as determined by thetype, theft level and intensity of the identity theft case. Inmany cases the type, theft level and intensity of the identitytheft case will increase as case detail unfold warrantingadditional action from the initial action taken at opening ofcase.  Place all necessary electronic and hard copy fraud alerts  To all three credit bureaus  To Social Security Administration (SSA)  To Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  To US Postal Service (USPS)  To state of residence Attorney General’s Office  Research credit history and verify if fraud includes items such as:  Public Records – liens, judgments, bankruptcies 17
  18. 18.  Credit Accounts – New and/or Derogatory  Addresses  Prior Employment  Issue fraud alert to and work with affected financial institutions and credit card companies Issue fraud victim statements and work with all three bureaus to restore credit accuracyWhenever an Identity Fraud Case Warrants  Trace Social Security Number  Notify and work with Department of Motor Vehicles  Notify and work with creditors who have extended credit due to misuse of victims identifying information  Notify and work with collection agencies of those creditors  Notify and work with Law Enforcement officials  Recommend licensed attorneys where appropriateIn all cases victim will be updated during recovery processand case will be actively pursued until identity recovery iscomplete. Case will not be closed officially when identityrecovery process is complete, but will be held open for oneyear after completion in case new action is warranted.Another reason for keeping the case open for one year is thatit is a statistical fact that most victims are now at a muchhigher risk of their identity being stolen a second time, andmost information relative to the original case will be relevantto new cases of identity theft as they arise.  Update victim  Continue restoration until complete***The above steps are accomplished totally by ENTRUST America specialists, all that isrequired of the victim is a two hour phone call with a Rush Identity Recovery Specialistsand signing a limited power of attorney (LPoA) to allow the specialist to do their job onyour behalf.*** 18
  19. 19. Business Model & Implementation We will deliver a new standard of excellence in the industryOur by challenging the incumbents pricing structure, productPosition efficacy and expensive customer acquisition methods. We plan to aggressively position ourselves for an exit viaWe will establish merger, acquisition or IPO in the next 36-60 months.ourselves as thepremier provider inthe SMB market. We are no longer considered a start-up since proof ofVirtually any company concept has been achieved and the majority of research andthat electronicallyhandles personal development has been completed. Management hasinformation on obtained a 360 degree view of the marketplace and testemployees orcustomers is our marketed a wide number of approaches to the industry. Atarget market. definitive, articulated and focused approach will allow a niche to be exposed and significant market share acquired over the next 12 months. Our customer acquisition approach is more cost effective and will provide greater customer retention due to the relationships in place with our value added resellers and customer referral programs. We provide one solution: 1. Individual and Family Identity Protection/Recovery Solutions Professional validation and a strong referral base are critical to our success. Based on our market research and the strong market demand, we will aggressively market our solutions in the following six industries, as well as our nationwide direct to consumer strategy. 1. Automotive 2. Employee Benefits and Insurance Providers 3. Groups and Associations 4. Banks and Credit Unions 5. Medical Providers 6. Educational Institutions 19
  20. 20. Market Size, Growth & Segmentation We are poised to acquire market share and meet an unmet need in the market place. Very few data protection solutionA better providers focus on this market. The majority of their focus isWay Fortune 500 companies. Through our proprietaryThis approach is partnerships and value added reseller network we willtantamount to a establish ourselves as the premier provider in the SMB“ready, fire and aim”approach. Entrust market. Virtually any company that electronically handlesAmerica, Inc. has personal information on employees or customers is our targetstudied the size, market.scope and magnitudeof the problemaffecting Consumers We have defined the six industries that represent the lowand Corporations andhas steadily worked hanging fruit and will be the most profitable. We havetoward the ultimate begun the deployment on a localized level and securedsolution. nearly a dozen SMB’s and are aggressively seeking capital to multiply our efforts. This shift from traditional methods to VAR’s will continue steadily beyond Year 5, as more and more marketers awaken to the technique’s many advantages. The ultimate market size of 300 Million individuals with our model would be equivalent to 112 Million households, est.  Thus, 112 Million households x $10 per month average product price x 12 months = 13.44 Billion dollar opportunity. Our market strategy is to present a new paradigm in pricing that will prove to be disruptive to incumbents and future competition. We price entire families and households Vs individuals like our competition. We are capable of doing this as a result of our ability to slash customer acquisition costs due to our strategic marketing approach. Our competitors use mass marketing which is costly. We utilize value added resellers in which we share only success fees as business is earned. As well, customer referral’s marketing will prove to be efficient and effective. 20
  21. 21. Our approach is broken down into three different verticals. #1 - RETAIL MARKET: Market Potential = 112 million householdsThe Product Price @ $11.95 & $6.95 per month per familyBest Average Product Price = $10.00 per month per family Securing 1/4th of 1% market penetration = 280,000Gartner is the world’sleading information householdstechnology research 280,000 households x $10 per month average = $2.8 Millionand advisorycompany. per monthThey agree that just $2.8 Million 12 months = $33.6 Million Gross Revenuecredit monitoring isnot an effective orcomprehensive --------------------------------------------------------------------------solution. Redaction,diligence plus # 2 - VALUE ADDED RESELLER NETWORK:restoration are thebest solution. (Insurance & Employee Benefit Companies, Associations & Affinity Groups) Market Potential = 112 million households Secure 1/4 of 1% = 112 million households Product Costs @ $4.95, $9.95 per month -or- $49.95 annual for single membership or $99.95 per year for entire household Average Product Price = $7.00 280,000 households x $7.00 = $1.960 million per month $1.96 million per month x 12 months =$23.52 million per year Of the total $13.44 billion market opportunity we feel very confident that our conservative projections are very attainable. We forecast a long range “Total Gross Revenue” of $ 84.96 million based on our conservative market penetration percentages. 21
  22. 22. Go-To-Market Strategy for Large & Small Businesses We intend to establish ourselves as the niche leader in the SMB marketplace. This underserved market and the strategicPartner industries will make us a desirable acquisition for a larger dataProjections protection provider. The main players are singularly focusedOur Auto Dealership on fortune 500 companies and have no plans to grow the SMBVertical Partners organically using strategies and tactics like ours. We haveproject they will sell identified half dozen publicly held and traded data protectionan average of 3,000 providers and have gleaned from their annual reports growth“up sell”memberships per in the SMB market will be through acquisition.month after a 12month ramp up We have contracts in place to date with joint venture partnersperiod. who are seasoned and have established credibility in their respective industries. Based upon our unique and complete “Red Flags Solution” customized for the auto industry, we are currently pursuing a nation-wide effort to target all 20,000 dealerships. Those dealerships pay us a monthly retainer for $500-$1500 per month and we will provide recovery for all of their employees and they in turn resell our service to all vehicles they deliver as a profitable up sell. We project we can secure an average of up to 50 new dealerships per month within 24 months. Every vehicle sold by the dealers will include a membership for one year, two years or the life of the loan paid in advance. We can’t help dealers sell more cars but we can help improve profitability of the cars they currently sell. The second vertical market is employee benefits and insurance providers. We are in the final phase of securing reseller agreements with several benefit and insurance providers that represent over 100,000 lives. Monthly gross profits in the employee benefits market are approximately $1.00-$2.00 per month per person after commissions, or $12-$24.00 per year. Benefit consultants believe approximately 10-20% of employees will purchase our identity theft protection solutions. Using the 100,000 lives represented by the handful of value added resellers to date; we should see revenues of $50,000 - $100,000 per month within the next 24 months. 22
  23. 23. Go-To-Market Strategy for Consumers The strategy for direct to consumer uses the power of personCustomer to person referral without the stigma of multi-level- marketing (mlm). We can achieve this because unlikeAcquisition traditional mlm companies who promote inferior productsOur customer at inflated prices, we offer the best product on the market atacquisition approachis more cost effective the lowest price. As a result, we focus on obtaining actualand will provide customers and not on acquiring paying agents to fuel ourgreater customer growth. We are creating an intuitive website that providesretention due to therelationships in place all the information a prospective customer will need to makewith our value added a purchase decision. Therefore, all an individual customerresellers. needs to do is to refer a friend or a non-profit organization to the website. Our initial focus will be on raising money for non-profit 501c3 organizations. We believe the current desperate need of these organizations for additional funds provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to obtain significant customers while also assisting worthy causes. 23
  24. 24. Competition, Differentiation, Barriers-To-Entry The enterprise’s competitive advantage is multi-Head dimensional. We represent a Data and ID protectionStart industry first through our laser focus concentration on the SMB market. Another aspect is the enterprises’ ability toWe have built an build a value added reseller network and acquire jointestimated 18-monthhead start in venture marketing partners with the 6 strategic industriesresearch, we have identified. These established joint venturedevelopment, testingand know-how. marketing partners are under contract and vested in our success based on our industry first revenue share plan.Exclusive contractualrelationships are inplace with joint Another source of competitive advantage is cost-efficiency.venture marketing The enterprise will never utilize costly undifferentiated masspartners and cannotbe circumvented. media to acquire a $10 per month subscription. Instead we will utilize revenue share plans with non-profits, groups associations and chambers of commerce. Through seminars and educational platforms we will build credibility in these communities and give the first month of our consumer ID theft protection away for free. Adding to our uniqueness is inherent relationship marketing through our marketing partners, both VAR’s and consumers. Retention is the byproduct of these relationships, and fundamental to the success of any subscription based business. Our indirect competition includes companies that use traditional mass marketing techniques and primarily individual credit protection. (Lifelock, Free credit, my, Identity guard, Affinion, my id, trusted id) When competing with indirect competitors, we will differentiate on the complete individual and corporate solution as well as our new pricing paradigm. In essence we can provide double the coverage for one half the costs because of our cost-effective distribution system. When competing with direct competitors, we will differentiate due 24
  25. 25. to the relationships we have built with marketing partnersand their relationships with the end customer.We enjoy several barriers to entry. We have built anestimated 18-month head start in research, development,testing and know-how. Exclusive contractual relationshipsare in place with joint venture marketing partners to dateand we are in a cost position to assure these agreements willnot be abrogated because of more favorable terms fromcompetitors.Most importantly, we represent the only fully automatedand fully managed identity theft solutions in America!. 25
  26. 26. Management Team Our management team is comprised of successfulSkill entrepreneurs with proven track records of success. TheSets team skill sets are in the areas we will need: Sales, marketing, management, training, public speaking,The team skill setsare in the areas we subscription business building retailing and advertising.will need: Other areas of expertise include business venture formation,Sales, marketing, superior determination, and exceptional experience key tomanagement, the success of the, publicspeaking,subscription business KEN STOLL, Founder, Chairman & CEO has 25 years ofbuilding retailing entrepreneurship, marketing and management experience.and advertising. Every remarkable business is driven by a powerful vision of what should be. Mr. Stoll is the man who has nurtured and developed that vision which evolved into Entrust America – a financial services company which will make a difference in America. For a quarter century, Ken has held a soft spot in his heart for Americans who are looking to better their financial lives if only they had an ally. Ken founded ENTRUST America to be that ally. DICK LAJOIE, Chief Operations Officer, has over thirty years of experience as a financial and operational executive. Mr. Lajoie was previously employed with Forte Industries as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer from 2007 to 2009. Prior to this he was employed by Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions as its Vice President of Finance from 2005 to 2007. Mr. Lajoie served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer and President of the ITD and MSD Divisions at Belcan Corporation from 1997 to 2005. He held the Chief Financial Officer position at General Revenue Corporation from 1996 to 1997. Mr. Lajoie was Vice President of Finance and Administration for Cad Cam, Inc. from 1995 to 1996. He was Vice President and Corporate Controller of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation for the period 1987 until 1994. He held various financial and operating positions at Clopay Corporation from 1977 to 1987. He served as a Senior Accountant at PMM & Co (now KPMG) from 1972 until 1977. He currently serves on the boards of Carr Tool Company, 26
  27. 27. Natural Bridge Technologies, Edunet24 and Impact PlayerPartners (a 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization).BRIAN McLANE, Executive Director of BusinessDevelopment, is an entrepreneur with an attitude of thinking bigand a passion toward excellence. As the CEO of AMM GROUP,INC, Brian has spent the past 8 years as an internet marketingconsultant. Helping to guide both small businesses and billiondollar companies through the challenges of internet marketing, hehas established himself as a recognized leader in the industry. Hehas taken those skills and applied them to developing EntrustAmerica as a sales leader. "It is all about helping others to besuccessful, thats the secret" states McLane.MATTHEW LaMEY, Co-Founder & Vice President, is a 30year seasoned & experienced entrepreneur with a passion for“people helping people”. Mr. LaMey has worked in partnershipwith Ken Stoll for over two decades and provides the operationaland systems support which helps make Entrust Americasuccessful. Matt coordinates and manages systems, customer &partner support and internal systems. Matt has also traveledaround the country as a corporate sales trainer and motivationalspeaker. He is the glue behind the scenes who ensures that day today corporate systems continue to function seamlessly asdesigned.DAVID CHRISTENSEN, VP of Dealer Development, hasover twenty years of automotive industry experience, morespecifically in the consumer lending area, of which fifteen yearswere at the senior and executive management levels. Fifteen yearsof his experience was in buying indirect sub-prime and non-primeautomobile installment contracts from over 15,000 franchised andindependent auto dealers across the United States. Prior to joiningthe Entrust America team, David worked with Dealer FinanceCorporation, ACC Consumer Finance, Household Auto Finance,HSBC, and Consumer Portfolio Services.BOB BERENDSEN, Marketing, Design and VisualCommunications, is a skilled and talented design manager whois responsible for graphic development and integration of theEntrust America brand. Bob specializes in corporate identitydesign through all visual channels, including the internet,brochures and all print collaterals. Over the years he has worked 27
  28. 28. on marketing and design projects with Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble, Dial Soap and the Wall Street Journal. Business Partners We have been privileged to partner with Police Officers andCredit Departments throughout the USA who use, resell and assistmonitoring in our recovery. It is our goal to offer our protection and recovery to 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers at aOverrated substantial discount. This “sales and marketing approach“Unfortunately, our will establish our niche and credibility and sustain ouranalysis shows thatas currently designed, competitive advantage.such services areoften overrated,oversold, andoverpriced. Fact is,credit-reportmonitoring watchesonly one windowthrough which an IDthief may escape withyour good name. Andmost importantlydoes nothing to fixthe damage done bythe identity thief. Theone thing that 37State AttorneyGenerals and theChairman of the FTCagreed upon in theresent Federal lawsuitlost by Lifelock wasthat Identity Theftcannot be prevented.So the only realprotection is FullIdentity RecoveryServices” 28
  29. 29. Kids Come First 29
  30. 30. ConclusionThere have been many “pseudo” solutions to this problempresented by companies who have spent millions of dollarsin marketing and advertising. “LifeLock” and othercompetitors have used clever campaigns attractingcustomers with their partial solution.This approach is tantamount to a “ready, fire and aim”approach. Entrust America, Inc. has studied the size, scopeand magnitude of the problem affecting Consumers andCorporations and has steadily worked toward the ultimatesolution.We are entering a rapidly emerging and expanding marketspace. We will monitor the industry closely. We will stayone step ahead in terms of our product offerings and pricingstructures, in order to maintain a competitive advantageFor Further Information Contact:Ken Stoll, Founder & 30