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SDC @ HeN 12 - Prof Mick Reid


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NEHTA and Department of Health & Ageing hosted a Software Developer Conference in conjunction with CHIK's Health-e-Nation 2012 conference in March 2012. …

NEHTA and Department of Health & Ageing hosted a Software Developer Conference in conjunction with CHIK's Health-e-Nation 2012 conference in March 2012.

Mick Reid of McKinsey & Co took part in the “What’s in it for me?” panel describing the process and outcomes of Cairns health region study.

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  • 1. The eHealth record Change & Adoptionapproach27 March 2012
  • 2. The PCEHR will offer significant benefits, both financial and PRELIMINARYnon-financial, particularly for frequent users of the system Quality of care Quality , Improved assessment , Improved treatment , Increased consumer participation , Improved preventative care Safety of care and services Safety , Reduced errors , Promotion of the health of the population Access to health services and care appropriate to patient needs Access , Improved access to providers according to clinical and personal need , Increased choice , Increased responsiveness Efficiency of care and services Efficiency , Higher clinical efficiency , Improved use of funds , Improved use of infrastructure Healthier and more robust population Population , Support of government initiatives , Increased innovation , Enhanced workforce , More resilient economySOURCE: BEP; 2010 IEHR Deloitte business case; team analysis 1
  • 3. However, international experience tells us it is a 5-year journey to achievemeaningful uptake levels Potential adoption curves for GPs based on Australia’s PCEHR timing1 Percent Denmark Italy USA2 80 Can we accelerate beneficial 70 usage above 1 - 2% in year 1 through transitioning eHealth 60 sites, providing targeted local support, and working with 50 health communities and other Department programs (e.g., 40 DVA, Defence)? 30 20 10 0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 20211 “GP uptake” defined in US as “basic use” (e.g., clinical documentation stored electronically, patient problem and prescription lists on-line), and in Denmark/Italy as “using EHR systems” (e.g., viewing records, ePrescriptions, eBookings)2 Years 1-2 of US data based on pre-aggressive incentives, Years 3-4 post-aggressive incentives, Years 5+ projections3 Based on Deloitte’s 2010 IEHR business case (subsequently, there was a refinement of this in 2011– “relationship of the PCEHR system to the 2010 IEHR business case” to generate the “aggregate healthcare participation” curve taking into account GPs, specialists etc.)SOURCE: International literature review, expert interviews, 2010 IEHR Deloitte business case, team analysis 2
  • 4. Implications for Australia • July is the first step on a 10-year journey for the eHealth record • “Soft launch” / staged implementation • Push to build on strong platforms in Australia • Government investment to increase computerisation • Investment in specifications and common terminology • eHealth sites are testing components • Emphasis on different provider groups moving at different times • Optional, not mandatory, approach to participations 3
  • 5. There are 6 key areas of support in the NCAP delivery plan 3 NCAP National (training, events, comms, media) 6 1 2 4 Jurisdictions Priority , DoHA eHealth site consumers Other Priority Local , State and communities and Health support territory supporting Communities capacity health providers agencies Vendor support 5
  • 6. Overview of NCAP tools being delivered PRELIMINARY • Training: learning center being set up in March - 24 components (e.g., e- learning modules, training packs, interactive case studies) • Events: Holding 48 events – approximately 50% of these with clinical practitioner groups, aligned to the priority health community groups • Communications: Developing case studies, identifying, briefing and media training 100-200 clinical advocates, supporting training for help desk, producing and disseminating brochures 5
  • 7. We are pursuing a number of healthcare communities AS AT 15 MARCHdirected activities1. Mothers & Newborns 2. Older Australians 3. Diabetes1.1 Targeted communications toolkit 2.1 Communications campaign 3.1 Mail out1.2 Birth forms 2.2 “Pathfinder” communities 3.2 NDSS diabetes starter pack1.3 Targeted marketing 2.3 Vendor support 3.3 Editorial articles 2.4 Work with interest based consumer 3.4 Link to consumer portals groups – healthy aged and aged care 3.5 National diabetes helpline4. Prostate, Breast and Bowel Cancer 5. Mental health 6. Department of Veteran’ Affairs4.1 Targeted communications toolkit 5.1 Develop/tailor collateral for youth 6.1 Targeted communications and adult mental health toolkit4.4 Support groups and help lines 5.2 Jurisdictional champion training 6.2 Direct mail campaign4.3 Cancer patient packs forums 5.3 Organisation & consumer registration support7. Defence/JEHDI 8. Private Health Insurance 9. ACCHS7.1 JeHDI communications 8.1 Public statement of support 9.1 Engagement with peak bodies 8.2 PHA Promotion to funds 9.2 Potential for training and registration programs 8.3 Third party portals
  • 8. We are pursuing a number of healthcare provider directed AS AT 15 MARCHactivitiesA. RACGP B. APNA C. PGAA.1 Online learning B.1 Promotional campaign C.1 Distribution of module through PGA channelsA.2 CPD points / education modulesA.3 Dedicated Good Practice issueA.4 While you are waiting issueA.5. GP HelpDeskD. PSA E. NAMDS F. Improvement Foundation / APCCD.1 Online learning module E.1 Add footnote to treatment reports F.1 Expand eCollaboratives – 80 development practices for GPsD.2 DVDs sent to rural areas E.2 Website info and linksD.3 PSA eHealth forum on website E.3 NAMDS call centre promotion – intro scriptG. AMA H. AHPACurrently supporting development of H.1 Online learning/education moduleImplementation Guide
  • 9. Overview of eHealth sitesThe sharing of eHealth records is already being pioneered across Australia including work underwayat 12 eHealth sites.These sites comprise of geographic areas and healthcare organisations and practices. Their frontlineexperiences are helping to shape the national system.Map and Key , Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local / Eastern Health , Hunter Urban Medicare Local / HNEHS , Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local / QLD Health , ACCORAS , Calvary Healthcare ACT , Department of Health and Human Services (Tasmania) , FRED IT , Greater Western Sydney eHealth Consortium/ NSW Health , Mater Health Services , Medibank Private Limited , Northern Territory Department of Health and Families in conjunction with the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory and General Practice Network NT , St Vincent’s & Mater Health Sydney 8
  • 10. Preliminary assessment of jurisdictional “early wins” PRELIMINARY Joined-up Discharge Mental ED Maternal child Chronic comm- Portal summaries health identification book care unications link NSW Vic Qld SA WA TBD Tas ACT NT TBD
  • 11. Summary calendar for events/milestones/media (A3) Key: Potential Ministerial Interest 1 Ehealth site milestones Other events1 Other milestones/media opportunities/activities NEHTA Events PRELIMINARY Aware Understand Commit Action Jan Feb March Apr May June , 6-7, International Primary Healthcare Conference, Brisbane , 11-13, 14th National Nurse , 25-27/5, Australian Medical Association Conference GPs/Practice , 8-10, Best Practice Summit 2012, Bundaberg Education Conference, Perth , 3-5/5, Australian Practice Nurses Association Conference, Melbourne Nurses , 21-23, Australian College of Health Service Mgt, Hunter Valley , 23-26/5, Royal College of Nursing Australia Conference 2012, Cairns , 30-31, NT General Practice Education, Alice SpringsTarget Providers Pharmacist , 8-11, Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference & Trade Exhibition , 25-27/5, Clinical and Practice Expo, Sydney (APP), Gold Coast , 31, NaTSIHWA AGM, Adelaide , 26-27, The Joint Forum of QUMAX, S100 Supply to remote Area , 7/5, May Day, Darwin Aboriginal Health Aboriginal Health Services and the S100 Pharmacy Support Allowance , 14/5, Lowitja Institute National Conference, Alice Springs Worker Program, Melbourne , 30-31, NT General Practice Education, Alice Springs , 17-24, ACNN National Conference, , 16-18, Adelaide Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo 2012, Adel. , Basic blue book live (GWS) , 18-20/5, Sydney Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo 2012, Sydney Perth , 30/3-1/4, The Baby & Toddler Show 2012, Melbourne , Promote PCEHR through external , Inclusion of PCEHR apps in “birth pack” for new mothers at leading birth centres for Mothers and , CDA compliant discharge summary to GP & Registered Child and Family industry websites 40 hospitals Newborns nurse from inpatient and Childrens hospital (GWS) , Statement of support from key , Promote immunisation application functionality to mothers groups organisations (WCHA/ , Dissemination of registration materials/assisting registration at leading ante-natal AAMCFHN/RANZCOG) clinics , NT General Practice events , 9-12, Australian Rotary Club Conference 2012, Melbourne , 6-8/6, National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee Conference, Perth Aboriginal and , Enhanced NT PCEHR , 22, National Close the Gap Day, Brisbane , IT interface with OATSIH Torres Strait repository/feeder systems , Strengthening Connections, Sydney Target Consumers Islanders , Endorsement by NACCO board of ERG draft TOR , 26-28, Tri-State 2012 Aged and , 9-12, Australian Rotary Club Conference 2012, Melbourne , 19-20, ITAC 2012 Conference , 2-4/5, Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine, Sydney Community Services Conference, , 18-25, NSW Seniors Week 2012, Sydney Information Technology in Aged , 17-18/5, Aged Care Association Australia NSW Congress 2012, Sydney Older Australians Albury , 26-28, Aged Care Summit Australia 2012, Sydney Care , 20-21/5, ACSA National Community Care Conference, Adelaide , Public statement of support from , Development of member/consumer based assisted registration aged care organisations (NACA) , 23-24, Voices Vic Mental Health , 9-12, Australian Rotary Club Conference 2012, Melbourne , Letters of support and pre- , 2-4/5, Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine, Sydney Conference 2012, Melbourne , Diabetes starter kit includes PCEHR communications (with NDSS) registration info in PCFA, BCNA , Date TBA – Heart Foundation Conference 2012, location (?) People with , 24-25, The MHS Summer Forum, , 30/03-01/04, HDL Satellite Symposium, Cairns and BCA patient packs , Link to PCEHR on websites e.g Diabetes Australia Chronic Sydney , Statement of Diabetes Association , St Vincent’s Clinic enablement – HPI-Is and HPI-Os, software Conditions (DA, ADS, ADEA) , 11,/6, Asia Pacific Conference of Mental Health, Perth , Statement of support from prostate, , 30/05-06/06 40th Annual Renal Society, Melbourne breast and bowel cancer orgs. , 24/05, Reframing Mental Health, Melbourne , 31, NaTSIHWA AGM, Adelaide • 20-21, Clinical Documentation, Coding , 19-20, IHE Connectathon , 1-3, Allied Health Professions , 7-10/5, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Congress 2012, KL Other health , Meeting with Eastern seaboard and Analysis Conference, Sydney , 20-22, GS1 Healthcare Conference, Sydney Australia (AHPA) National , 30/5-2/6, 40th Annual Renal Society of Australasia,Melbourne communities CIOs about potential for Cerner • 22-23, Connecting Healthcare 2012, , 15-16, Australasian Health and Research Data Manager’s Association Conference, Canberra , 1-4, Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group ASM 2012, Darwin • DVA system implementation Melbourne Conference 2012, Gold Coast , Date TBA – Rural Doctors , 6-9/5, Royal Australasian College of Physician: Future Directions in Health • Defence • 24-26 NSW RDN/Rural Doctors , 28 -29,, Health E Nation, Gold Coast Association of Australia Events Congress 2012, Brisbane Other • PHI Association Summer Refresher , 29-30, Data Governance Conference 2012, Melbourne 2012, various locations , 14-15/5, AusMedtech 2012, Sydney • Specialists Conference, Coffs Harbor , Second vendor ‘Master Class’ , 24-25/5, National Medicines Symposium 2012, Sydney • Vendors training • Rural and Remove , Consumer research results , GP research results and expectations/support , National PCEHR call center launch , Legislation passes , Feature-return to school , Medicare Local workshop endorses PCEHR as early priority , Feature–Anzac Day seniors , Pre-registration announcement , NIP Model Community - Release 1A version , Expressions of interest exceeds , Feature - Mothers Day new parents pack Milestones / Media , HPI-I/O structure, principles and guidelines finalised 100,0002 , Feature – blue book Opportunities , 15, Learning Centre launch – public and member sections , Wave 2 of ecollaboratives , ‘Piggy-back’ off NBN story at each live site launched , Focus on IT safety , Hospital trials ED access , Launch on July 1 – “Minister signs up for eHealth record” , 31, NATSIHWA AGM , 18, eCollaborative 21st Century , 8-11, APP Annual Conference , 21, Australian Computer Society , 19-20, Information Technology in Aged Care , 3-5, APNA National Conference , 3-4, Rural Health West Annual Conference , 21 NASH PPMA , 3-5 - MHC truck in Melbourne , 6-10, RACS Annual Scientific Congress 6-8- MHC truck in Brisbane North , PCEHR: End-to-End (incl. NIP Patient Care and Self-Management , , 21 6-7, International Primary Health Care Conference Vendor Webinar , 13,16-17- MHC truck in Box Hill, VIC , , 6-9, RACP Health Congress 25-27, AMA National Conference 11-13- MHC truck in Brisbane South Model Community Learning Workshop Two , 8-10, Best Practice Summit , 21 PCEHR CIS BUC Tiger team , 23-24, 26- MHC truck in Burnie, TAS , 1-3- MHC truck in Launceston, TAS 20-22- MHC truck in Darwin, NT NEHTA Events demonstration) , Clinical Leads Training Sessions , 19-20, IHE Connectathon , 26 NESAF methodology workshop , 19- AAPM Roadshow in Adelaide , , 8-10- MHC truck in Hobart, TAS 16-18- MHC truck in Greater Western Sydney 27-29- MHC truck in NT , eHealth Learning forums , 28, Health E Nation , 26-27- AAPM Roadshow in Melbourne , 23-25- MHC truck in St Vincent’s, NSW , 20-22- MHC truck in Gippsland, VIC , 28- AAPM Roadshow in Launceston, TAS , 30-1 June- MHC truck in Newcastle, NSW 2- AAPM Roadshow in Hobart , Medical Indemnity Insurers meetings , 27-29- MHC truck in Geelong, VIC , Clinical Leads Training Sessions , 3 and 5- AAPM Roadshow in Darwin 21- AAPM Roadshow in Perth , 4- AAPM Roadshow in Alice Springs, NT , 29- AAPM Roadshow in Canberra , April ‘Super Summit’ , 11- AAPM Roadshow in Newcastle, NSW 23- AAPM Roadshow in Port , 30- AAPM Roadshow in Orange, NSW , Four-Cornered Round Table (TBC) , 12- AAPM Roadshow in Sydney Hedland, WA , Clinical Leads Training Sessions , , 17- AAPM Roadshow in Toowoomba, QLD 18- AAPM Roadshow in Brisbane , Consumer Reference Forums , 19- AAPM Roadshow in Sunshine Coast, QLD1 Please note there are 50 events within the B1 Indusrty Events stream and a selection of the events reach a variety of stakeholder groups there are events duplicated above to reflect this.2 Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be captured by the website and the database managed by DoHA. The purpose is to identify consumers who wish to receive a reminder email once the system is launched, as well as supporting demographic details. EOI will be sourced from both eHealth sites and Health Community engagements 10SOURCE: NCAP