Letting the patron drive


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Letting the patron drive

  1. Letting the Patron Drive<br />Sally Gibson<br />Head of Technical Services<br />Reinert-Alumni Library<br />Creighton University<br />
  2. Faculty are the main selectors<br />Multiple Approaches<br />75% of Book Budget Divided between Departments<br />No Print Approval Plan<br />Slip Plan with YBP<br />Collection Development at Reinert<br />
  3. In 2010-2011<br />Added 4,872 print titles<br />Added 28,758 eBook titles<br />Print circulation down 5%<br />E-book page views up 29%<br />Use of the Reinert Collection<br />
  4. Sample of 46 titles held in print and eBook format <br />17 titles no use with either format<br />11 titles print only use<br />7 titles eBook only use<br />10 title use on both formats<br />EBook vs. Print<br />
  5. More Electronic Content<br />Cost Savings<br />Change in the Collection Development Process<br />ILL Alternative<br />Patrons can be better informed about emerging trends, areas of research, or change in a program’s direction and focus<br />Why Try DDA<br />
  6. Budget<br />DRM Restrictions<br />Pool of Titles<br />Short Changing the Collection<br />Concerns about DDA<br />
  7. What is the Optimum Size for the Initial Load?<br />How long should titles stay in the pool?<br />Do you want to limit by publishers?<br />Do you want short term loans?<br />Set a Price Cap?<br />How will the vendor help me?<br />What is the role of the selector?<br />Managing DDA Title Pool<br />
  8. User views content of one eBook for 10 consecutive minutes<br />User views ten unique pages<br />One page is copied or printed<br />Exclusions<br />Front and End Matter<br />ebrary software is designed to exclude periods of dormancy<br />Patron Activity or Triggers<br />
  9. 1 to 3 Short Term Loans before Title Purchase<br />1 day STL is 10% of List Price<br />1 week STL is 15% of List Price<br />1 month STL is 25 % of List Price<br />Options for Short Term Loans<br />
  10. Same as YBP Slip Plan<br />Price cap at $125<br />One Short Term Loan then Purchase Title<br />Reinert DDA Plan<br />
  11. First Record Load May 3, 2011<br />As of October 1st 990 Titles<br />Titles are searchable in library catalog, Summon, and ebrary platform<br />Ebrary number is used for title control number<br />Record is created not cataloged<br />FTP Discovery Records from YBP site<br />DDA Plan<br />
  12. Discovery Record<br />=LDR 01390nam 22003733a 4500<br />=001 ebr10484665<br />=003 NhCcYBP<br />=005 20110901060016.0<br />=006 m||||||||d||||||||<br />=007 cr||n|||||||||<br />=008 110901s2011njuasb0010engd<br />=020 $a111811602X (electronic bk.)<br />=020 $a9781118116029 (electronic bk.)<br />=040 $aNhCcYBP$cNhCcYBP<br />=099 $aInternet<br />=245 00$aAuditing cloud computing$h[electronic resource] :$ba security and privacy guide /$c[edited by] Ben Halpert.<br />=260 $aHoboken, N.J. :$bWiley,$cc2011.<br />=300 $a1 online resource.<br />=490 1$a[Wiley corporate F&A]<br />=500 $aDescription based on print version record.<br />=500 $aSeries statement from bk. jacket.<br />=504 $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.<br />=650 0$aBusiness enterprises$xComputer networks$xSecurity measures.<br />=650 0$aCloud computing$xSecurity measures.<br />=650 0$aInformation technology$xSecurity measures.<br />=650 0$aData protection.<br />=700 1$aHalpert, Ben,$d1986-<br />=710 2$aebrary, Inc.<br />=776 08$cPrint version$z9780470874745$z0470874740$w(DLC) 2011016626<br />=830 0$aWiley corporate F & A.<br />=856 40$uhttp://site.ebrary.com/lib/creighton/Top?id=10484665$zClick here for online access<br />=949 $aINTERNET$lINTERNET$tE-BOOK<br />=955 $aYankee Demand Driven Acquisitions<br />
  13. Do we need a larger base load?<br />What type of reports will be available?<br />Is 1 day short term loan the best option?<br />Do we need to purchase the cataloging record?<br />DDA Questions<br />