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Social Media for Non-profits - case KVT FInland
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Social Media for Non-profits - case KVT FInland


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A presentation about the social media tools used by KVT Finland, a non-profit working in the youth and volunteering sector. Presentation at the seminar Under construction - internet action! by SCI …

A presentation about the social media tools used by KVT Finland, a non-profit working in the youth and volunteering sector. Presentation at the seminar Under construction - internet action! by SCI Switzerland, in Beatenberg, Switzerland.

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  • 1. Social Media for Non-profits Case KVT Finland Social media in Campaigning and Community Management Under Construction - Internet Action! Beatenberg, Switzerland perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 2. The RULES of the Game 1. Be there - and see what’s happening 2. Have a clear message 3. Remember all your channels 4. Tell a compelling story 5. Show who you are 6. Engage volunteers 7. Visual is interesting perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 3. Be there - and see what’s happening Social media is on 24 hours - who’s responsible for it? You need to show what’s happening NOW You need to follow up developments in social media - via Twitter or sites like - it is changing all the time! What is the latest change you know about in social media? See also what other branches are doing perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 4. Social Media Test Have you seen this dog? Do you know the name? perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 5. Have a clear message Decide together: what is your core message? What are the values you wish to communicate? Remember: everyone is not a target group Learn about the different qualities and audiences in different channels Learn what works with different channels, don’t use the same message ”Repetition is the mother of learning” perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 6. Remember all your channels Link together all your social media channels and other comms Websites are still VERY important, make it social media friendly Make it easy to follow and share - it’s not a secret, bloody hell.. It’s easier to be open, if you can differentiate between internal and external comms (strategic planning) perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 7. Example: KVT website On frontpage more slots for contemporary news: ”News”, ”New workcamps”, ”New long-term volunteering opportunities” Volunteer of the month: highlighting different kinds of volunteers Share-buttons in each post Twitter and Facebook integrated, possibility to order newsletter on the frontpage Service Civil Internatiol -news integrated with RSS -feed perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 8. Tell a compelling story What you do is already interesting - no need to make anything up Tell about your values, evoke feeling and passion! Blogs and videos can be a great tool The winner in social media is the one with the best, most shareable content Be proud of who you are and what you do perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 9. Show who you are People are more interesting than organizations! Communicate with a human voice, not with the organizations’ (especially on Twitter) Examples: ”Volunteer of the Month”, stories about your local groups, camp leaders, board members, employees... Encourage your activists to represent you in social media, e.g on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, via profile descriptions and hashtags.. perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 10. Engage volunteers Encourage volunteers to share your content! E.g. guerilla marketing instructions: here is a post that you can share, or tell your friends about the activity.. Ask vols to blog for you, give clear instructions and admin rights, also have several admins other profiles Example: creating a Facebook -group for outgoing volunteers - engage your activists in sharing information and creating community Make sure all your vols know about all your channels perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 11. Visual is interesting! Visual posts get more shares and likes (90% of information is visual) You can now have pics also on Twitter Find out the right size for the pic Remember images on your website Learn basic graphic design - free programs: picmonkey, sumo Infographics can be quite funky :) perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 12. Some examples of pics used in KVT marketing on fb etc. perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 13. Finally I’m curious: What’s app,, memes and GIFs How to use Instagram for a campaign? Check out Urban Gardener’s Rep on insta. Don’t forget ”old” ways of communication: email and mass media can still be very useful, and most new vols found through existing activists perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014
  • 14. Thanks! Thanks! perjantaina 9. toukokuuta 2014