Exploring Gender Through Modern Dance: An In-School Program


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Maskulinity is a contemporary movement performance project that explores gender. It is a wonderful program to bring to Middle and High school students to encourage discussion and exploration.

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  • Exploring Gender Through Modern Dance: An In-School Program

    1. 1. Maskulinity ~ Unfolding Codes of GenderProduced by Salix & F.I.V.E. Productions
    2. 2. Thought-provoking, engaging, enlighteningLet students be part of the conversation!
    3. 3. MaskulinityMaskulinity is a contemporary movementproduction with choreography directed by RasMikey C of F.I.V.E. Productions. The projectgrapples with notions of gender and exploressocietal pressures.
    4. 4. In-school programmingMaskulinity has been tailored to fit the middleschool and high school environment as aperformance that is age appropriate.In October, Maskulinity was shown to studentsfrom grades 6-9 at the Kinsella Magnet School ofPerforming Arts. Students were led in a livelydiscussion and participated throughout the event.
    5. 5. In-school programmingStudents will be shown sections of Maskulinitywith opportunities for audience participation, on-stage volunteers by students, feedback and Q&A.Students will be asked to think about gender roles,what it means to conform, how the media shapesideas of gender, and the concept of feelingtrapped in a box.Students will be exposed to personal stories astold through dance. The body becomes the voice.
    6. 6. Gender roles Students will be asked to provide the answer to: “A man is _______?” and “A woman is ______?” The dancers will demonstrate gestures through movement and the students will be led in a discussion.Students will then see a piece titled “What We Are” which explores how men and women move differently, and how movement looksdifferently on a man or a woman.
    7. 7. MediaStudents will see apiece titled “Gepetto”which shows the ideaof the mediacontrolling our ideas ofgender and race.Students will be askedto volunteer on stageand do an exerciserelated to the piece.
    8. 8. ConformityWe will discuss the idea ofconformity and how people feel ifthey don’t “fit in.”We will discuss differentmetaphors for a box. Students willcreate a box on stage as anillustration.Students will see a solo thatportrays the idea of being in a box.
    9. 9. Story telling throughdanceStudents will see apiece titled “ChosenNino” which tells thestory of a young mangrowing up in PuertoRico and the dynamicsbetween himself, hismother and his father.
    10. 10. Facilitator QualificationsLacey Byrne, Artistic Director of Salix Productions, will facilitate theprogram.Lacey has an extensive background in facilitating large groups, specificallygeared around discussing sensitive topics.Lacey has a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies from SouthernConnecticut State University and is currently and adjunct professor at theUniversity of Connecticut.In addition to teaching women’s studies, Lacey spent 2.5 years working asan Education Coordinator at a Sexual Assault Center in Virginia. She hasalso worked as a Planner for New Opportunities in Waterbury where shefacilitated trainings, workshops, large group discussions and programming.
    11. 11. Feedback onMaskulinity"What struck me when I saw the premiere of "Maskulinity" was its sensitive treatment of many of the complexissues surrounding gender," said Rob Okun, editor of Voice Male magazine. "Using movement as its vehicle tograpple with expressions of masculinity, the dancers invited me to consider the predicament contemporary menfind themselves in with their skill, not their politics. Far from being a polemic, in the end art triumphed," he said.“Mary and I had the distinct honor and privilege to see this dance company perform in Northampton last night.Not only are the dancers incredible, but the message and stories that compose the performances are amazinglypowerful.” ~ Jennifer Hardman, Audience Member
    12. 12. Costs1 in-school performance $7502 in-school performances $1,0003 in-school performances $1,500Maskulinity is approximately 1 hour. The program can be broken down intosmaller sections to allow multiple assemblies at your school. Movementworkshops can also be given to students.Salix Productions is committed to working with your school to create themaximum effect for your student body and is willing to work on a feestructure to accommodate your budget.
    13. 13. Additional Information• BiographiesSalix Productions Salix Productions was formed in 2010 by Lacey Byrne and is located in Barkhamsted, CT. The company created its first full length production in 2010 with “Dancing in Pink;” a performance centered around women’s experiences with Breast Cancer. The production was performed at the Warner Theatre’s Black Box theater in 2010 and again at the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. In the fall of 2011, Salix began working on Maskulinity which premiered in June 2012 at the Kinsella School of Performing Arts and again in September 2012 at the Northampton Center for the Arts and Luminz Studio in Brattleboro, VT.The company works collaboratively with choreographers and dancers in the community for each project.Lacey Byrne ~ Artistic Director of Salix Productions Lacey, a resident of Barkhamsted, CT, grew up dancing since the age of 4; studying ballet, jazz and modern dance. She studied Classical Ballet at the Connecticut School of Dance and Music as well as the Nutmeg Conservatory. While earning a degree in Sociology at James Madison University, Lacey was introduced to feminism. She began studying the history and theory of feminist thought and eventually obtained a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies from Southern Connecticut State University. In addition to working in the non-profit sector for many years, Lacey began teaching Women’s Studies at the University of Connecticut in 2005. In 2006, Lacey began dancing with Kiva Dance Collective where she was able to explore dance and choreography. In 2010, Lacey formed Salix Productions, combining her passion for dance, choreography, and feminism. Dancing in Pink, Salix’s first production premiered in 2010. Her VISION is to apply a feminist perspective to the choreographic process; whereby using movement to contribute to the dialogue of feminist politics. Ras Mikey C - Director of ChoreographyRas Mikey C is an African born American who received his B.F.A in Modern Dance from the University of the Arts in 2001. He has taught, performed and choreographed dance world wide with his company Fore I’m a Versatile Entertainer (F.I.V.E.) Productions, as well as with Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Raven-Symone, the Marley family and many others from the US. Ras Mikey is the former Artistic Director and Co-founder of the Eallaz Dance Studio in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he also co-produced numerous shows such as Adama Ethiopia 2000 and Reggae by the Nile. Ras has performed with Ethiopian based artists, such as Aster Aweke and Kenny Allen. Ras Mikey’s works are a reflection of his spirit and his passion for the performing arts as a cultural and social movement. He longs to bridge the gaps of cultural traditions and popular culture through education and production in the performing arts and related projects. “More Love and Many Blessings through Progression.
    14. 14. Contact UsPlease visit www.salixproductions.com tolearn more.Call Lacey Byrne at 860.921.3176 todiscuss Maskulinity coming to your school.Email: lacey_byrne@yahoo.comAll photography used in this presentationprovided by Essennelle Studios.www.essennellestudios.com