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  1. 1. Sara By Sally Lomtadze original screenplay Hampstead Fine Arts College 0207 5860312
  2. 2. 1 EXT.LONDON.DAY 1 London sits idyllically across the thames. The sound of Georgian music can be heard. As we move through the streets of London we arrive at a tower block. Sound of georgian music bridges into the next scene 2 INT.BEDROOM.DAY 2 A well organised room. Some Georgian music is playing. Sat at a desk with her back to us is Sara. Sister comes into room ANNA you know mum and dad wont mind if you have fun SARA kai ! samecadino maq (yeah right! I’ve got to work) 3 INT.CORRIDOR.DAY 3 Sara fumbles to find her keys. The sound of a door can be heard. Sara turns round to see Robbie a good looking 18 year old with a vegan vibe. ROBBIE Oh hi! Im robbie No response I was wondering. You know. whether. like. A coffee. Robbie has to control his breathing I mean do you like coffee SARA I have a boyfriend 4 INT. TOILET. DAY 4 SARA is on facebook. looking at the profiles of all her friends back in Georgia. A message pops up. MARIAM how’s england!!! SARA this is hell . (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. FRIEND It cant be that bad. Must be really cool SARA It’s hell MARIAM Don’t you like your new school? SARA i don’t like anything here. What’s George up to? Have you heard from him? there is a long wait for the next text. Mariam? Anna and Levi are in the living room watching the romantic movie.They look like the most idyllic couple. Sara stands in the doorway looking at them. She exits the room 6 SARA GOES THROUGH HER SISTER’S LAPTOP 6 SARA narrows her eyes and goes to living room .She sees Anna and Levi are cuddling and watching the movie. Sara looks at them for a while and then she starts talking SARA you still love Jack you still go and search for his Facebook. Levi makes eye contact to Anna as he asks her if what Sara said is true or not. Anna stares back at Levi. Levi stands up and leaves the house. Anna tries to stop him but his gone already. ANNA comes back in the living room and shouts at SARA ANNA - You need to get a life! Anna goes to her room and shuts the door hardly. 7 SARA TAKES HER CAMERA BAG AND LEAVES THE HOUSE. SARA SEES AN INVITATION TO A PARTY. 7 "Hello i am Maria ,Me and my friends just moved in London and we are having a party on Sunday your welcome to join us.- Next door Neighbour" Sara stares at neighbour’s door and continues her road.She sees a bin and throws the invitation away . (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. Sara puts headphones on,goes outside .She walks streets staring people angrily . 8 SARA TAKES A BUS TO BRIGHTON . 8 She Starts taking pictures of sea. Sara starts taking pictures of sea. then sits down and puts out her diary "why it is always me? why can’t i just move on." Sara closes her eyes (flashbacks of her sister screaming and crying). Sara starts writing word "move on" "move on""move on""move on" Tears comes down from her eyes to her chin. 9 SARA TEXTS ANNA AND THEN LEVI . 9 Asking if They can meet her at the cafe near Sara’s house. Anna and Levi meet at the cafe but they can’t see SARA . ANNA Okay i know what she is doing right now.(Anna laughs). Anna and Levi sit down and they get the meal without asking for it. On the plate there is chocolate brownie and the "I am sorry " written by syrup . Sara waves at them from outside the window.leaves them alone INTERCUT SARA GOING HOME TO ANNA AND LEVI ENJOYING THE DINNER. Sara goes to home and knocks on neigbour’s door . SARA I like cappucino . SARA 2