how to identify fake notes
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how to identify fake notes






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how to identify fake notes how to identify fake notes Presentation Transcript

  • How to identify fake notes ? Source -
  • How to identify fake notes ?Fake notes have no exchange value. These means that ifyou go to the bank and deposit any forged notes, theywould send it for further verification without giving youany exchange money. Fake notes is a growing menace in the country. So it isvery important to check for the genuineness of all notesyou receive-specially the larger denominations. There are in all 11 markings or signs where you can checkfor authenticity of a fake note
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 1.The floral design marked by numberone in the picture above is actually‘500’ written half way. If you movethe note against light you will be ableto see the complete ‘500’ written onit.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 2.When viewed against light, this emptyplace has a hidden picture of MahatmaGandhi, multi-directional lines and‘500’ written on it.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 3.The colour of this ‘500’ appears greenas such, but if you tilt the note to acertain angle, it would turn blue.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 4.The ground, on which the number ofthe note is printed, glows whenexposed to ultraviolet light.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 5.This thread which appears broken isactually complete and can be lookedat from behind when put against light.In addition to this, you will be able tosee ‘Bharat’ ‘RBI’ and ‘500’ written onit.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 6.The ‘panch sau rupiye’ written in themiddle as well as the ‘Reserve Bank ofIndia’ written on the top of the note,are written in raised ink and can thusbe felt by hand.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 7.Under the vertical floral designmarked by number 7, you will find‘500’ written when held against light.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 8.Behind Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait,you will find ‘RBI’ and ‘500’ written,if you look with the help of amagnifying glass.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 9.If you touch the note a little abovethe Ashoka emblem, you will be ableto feel a small circle.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 10.Right on the center bottom, on theback side of the note, the year theprinting appears and you would beable to see it clearly.
  • A 500 Rupee Note
  • 11.On the back side of the note, you willbe able to identify ‘500’ entangled inthe floral design. It would appearwhen looking at the note againstlight.
  • Thank You !