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profile + selective portfolio of Idea Communications [I] pvt ltd

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Idea Presentation v 2.0

  1. 1. Need is the first step towards reformation.... idea is next.
  2. 2.  10 + years of hardcore experience in design and brand communication  Worked with various business groups, ranging from small scale to MNC’soverview  Handled diversified product-folio  Provide solutions in branding, advertising and integrated strategy  Acute technical knowledge for project execution across various media
  3. 3. About IdeaWe are a team of professionals hailing from myriad areas of visual art and production, inheriting theexpertise & experience culled over three generations.It has always been our sincere policy to approach each project from a practical perspective; we look atoverall brand positioning, target audience, relevance, function, form, cost, evolve methods and use latesttechnology to ensure the highest level of excellence. At Idea our focus is on building strong and lastingrelationship with our customers, and everything we do contributes to that end. Yes, we are young and still asmall brand communication & design studio – but we are more concerned and eager to fulfill the size ofchallenge, than the size of our client.Our role as a brand communication & design studio is to provide communication strategies that understandand honour our clients brands, and to develop exceptional creatives, which builds and sustains them in aprovocative way. We strive hard to help all our customers build unique brands through the strategic use ofdesign.We deliver what we promise.
  4. 4. Partial client list • Tata Motors (Buses & Trucks division) • Larsen & Toubro [Infotech, Medical, Embedded Systems, EBG, Heavy Engineering] • Aditya Birla Group [Chemicals Division Thailand, Swiss Singapore – Singapore, Pulp and Fiber] • Essel Propack Limited • NOCIL • Avert Society of India • Indian Commodities dot Com • Kerala Vaidyashala (I) Pvt Ltd • Chafekar Fitness Equipment • Rotary Club of Bombay Seafacers • Varriance Event Managers • Metawood Display Systems • Montage Bio-tech Limited • Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI)
  5. 5. Branding 360 DegreeA few years back it was manufacturer of the product who decided how a particular product would makepotential section of consumers react. Welcome to the new world where the consumer is now in total control,and consumer insight is paramount, and so the quality and diversity of our solution is vital. It’s important tohave a contemporary outlook and yet be in complete harmony with cultural roots in this new consumer drivenworld where the mandate is for integrated communications and our response. Brand building today requiresacute understanding of how new media and strategic creativity gel and compliment.Branding 360 Degree is a specialized concept developed to promote any product or service in a distinctmanner, the concept helps in creating a solid brand philosophy, infusing broadest array of tools and techniquesto understand, develop and enhance the relationship between a consumer and a brand. This allows the brandto grow in all directions, covering all disciplines and all varied channels. It is also a proven fact that certainmedia mix that helped in successful promotion of a particular brand may not work for another; hence itbecomes vital to explore beyond the usual set of media and create an atmosphere, which would be appropriatefor total Brand Registration. We believe every brand encounter is an opportunity to build a better brandrelationship, so every point of contact leads in cementing this relationship.Example: to promote AIDS awareness in rural areas, most effective medium suggested and implemented byus for Avert Society of India was Street Play combined with Mobile Poster Exhibition, rather than a TVcommercial, and/or newspaper ad. Street play is a live & interactive medium, which can grab instant attention;the play can be performed in local languages by local theater artist to register the message effectively, whileposters can be used as constant reminder of the message that is to be delivered, over all an effectivecommunication.
  6. 6. Branding 360 DegreesCommunication Design Environment Print Graphics Exhibition Interactive Brand Identity Retail Web Packaging
  7. 7. Comprehensive solutions 1. Corporate identity [development & implementation] 2. Graphic designing 3. Print Media: Collateral + Publications + Ads 4. Environment Graphics 5. Electronic Media 6. Branding 360 degree
  8. 8. Portfolio some of our selective work is presented in this section
  9. 9. corporate identity
  10. 10. Portfolio : Corporate Identity Brand mark program from design to implementation level for Aditya Birla Group intranet
  11. 11. Portfolio : Corporate Identity Rebranding exercise for a premier production company owned by Mr. Paresh Rawal and Mr. Hemal Thakkar. Company is mainly into production of television serials and films
  12. 12. Portfolio : Corporate Identity
  13. 13. Portfolio : Corporate Identity Timoteo Incorporation – consulting company for setting up of steel plants
  14. 14. Portfolio : Corporate Identity Acerovaalle – Dubai based consulting firm for testing of mines and minerals
  15. 15. Portfolio : Corporate Identity 1. Integrity Technology Solutions (USA) 2. Your Media 3. Kerala Vaidyashala (India) Private Limited 4. Indian Commodities Dot Com Total corporate identity program from design to implementation level
  16. 16. Portfolio : Corporate Identity
  17. 17. Portfolio : Corporate Identity
  18. 18. Portfolio : Corporate Identity
  19. 19. Portfolio : Corporate Identity
  20. 20. Portfolio : Corporate IdentityTotal corporate identity program fromdesign to implementation level for“Vakksh Capital Company Limited”
  21. 21. Portfolio : Corporate Identity
  22. 22. graphic design
  23. 23. Portfolio : Graphic Design Cut section for Tata Ace Cut section for ACN Reactor Concept was to show, Design to Logistic capabilities of L&T
  24. 24. Portfolio : Graphic Design Series of illustrations, depicting possible usage of long range mobile CCTV camera by DOMO, Idea was actively involved in giving valuable inputs on possible use and promotion
  25. 25. Portfolio : Graphic Design Illustrated book depicting various methods of assisted reproduction, concept was to show each step of various methods in a simplified format, the book and simplified style of illustration was appreciated by Australian doctors council for assisted reproduction and infertility
  26. 26. print media
  27. 27. Portfolio : Print Media Aditya Birla Group in Thailand completed 40 years, a special supplement of 32 pages was brought out in association with Bangkok Post
  28. 28. Portfolio : Print Media corporate brochure for L&T Valves
  29. 29. Portfolio : Print MediaSeries of advertisements for the launch of “programmable logic controllers” fromL&T Switchgear
  30. 30. Portfolio : Print Media Series of magazine ads for Maersk Line
  31. 31. Portfolio : Print MediaSeries of advertisements for Next Online – electronics megastore by Videocon
  32. 32. Portfolio : Print Media Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS, book for UNICEF in association with MSACS [Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society]
  33. 33. Portfolio : Print Media corporate brochure for L&T Heavy Engineering Division
  34. 34. Portfolio : Print Media corporate brochure for L&T Infotech
  35. 35. Folder with various product leaflets forPortfolio : Print Media L&T Insurance Practice
  36. 36. Portfolio : Print Media corporate brochure for Montage Biotech
  37. 37. Portfolio : Print Media
  38. 38. Portfolio : Print Media Series of launch posters, show cards, technical specification leaflets and booklets for all 21 bus models
  39. 39. Portfolio : Print Mediabrochure for L&t Infotech - Oracle Practices
  40. 40. Portfolio : Print Media 1 2 Coffee table books in Gujrathi language 1. Badhu Choot Se, Jannar Rahe Se – Spirituality 2. Laghuraj Swami – Biography
  41. 41. Portfolio : Print Media CSR campaign for L&T Limited, series of posters and bus panels
  42. 42. environment graphic
  43. 43. Portfolio : Environment Graphic Wall panels for Aditya Birla Pulp & fiber, Swiss office
  44. 44. Portfolio : Environment Graphic
  45. 45. Portfolio : Environment Graphic L&T Infotech - India Entire stall was developed with an Arabic ambience at Gitex
  46. 46. L&T Infotech – India, wall panels for customer experience centerPortfolio : Environment Graphic
  47. 47. Portfolio : Environment Graphic L&T Infotech Staff bus decal design
  48. 48. Portfolio : Environment Graphic customer experience wall graphics for ICICI Bank
  49. 49. Portfolio : Environment Graphic One-S facility showroom design for Tata Motors pilot showroom size specification 600sqft executed in the interiors of Gujarat
  50. 50. Portfolio : Environment Graphic ROTOCRAFTAG - Switzerland
  51. 51. Portfolio : Environment Graphic L&T Infotech, Oracle Practices - India
  52. 52. Portfolio : Environment Graphic Bayer Material Science - Germany
  53. 53. Portfolio : Environment GraphicBharat Petroleum - India
  54. 54. electronic media
  55. 55. Portfolio : Electronic MediaB2B website design for Indian Commodities Dot Com
  56. 56. Portfolio : Electronic MediaMultimedia presentation for Arofine Chemicals
  57. 57. Portfolio : Electronic MediaMultimedia presentation for Tata Motors 1S Facility
  58. 58. Portfolio : Electronic MediaMultimedia presentation for L&T
  59. 59. Portfolio : Electronic MediaExhibition video for L&T Tengel, length 10:00 minutes with voice over
  60. 60. branding 360 degree
  61. 61. Portfolio : Branding 360 DegreeComplete internal brand communication exercise to launch intranet forAditya Birla Group world wide
  62. 62. Portfolio : Branding 360 Degree Internal communication – Poster campaign based on various intranet features for Aditya Birla Group intranet
  63. 63. Portfolio : Branding 360 Degree Internal communication – HTML campaign based on various intranet features for Aditya Birla Group intranet
  64. 64. Portfolio : Branding 360 DegreeLaunch and promotion communication in various media for infertility helpline
  65. 65. Portfolio : Branding 360 Degree Brand communication solutions for a complete image makeover Kerala Vaidyashala [I] pvt ltd
  66. 66. Portfolio : Branding 360 Degree
  67. 67. Portfolio : Branding 360 DegreeTotal image makeover for ABCI [Association of Business Communicators of India]
  68. 68. Portfolio : Branding 360 Degree Responsibility involved: Developing a new youthful image of the organisation New ready to use e-stationary New trophy design and fabrication Unique communication material Complete event planning and management
  69. 69. Portfolio : Branding 360 Degree
  70. 70. If you have had your share of people who promisethe sky, and give you anything but that ; may be itstime to talk with a small hands on team. May be its time to talk !
  71. 71. If you’re really curious about knowing how we could help in creating a better brandcommunication for your products, we’d be happy to meet you in person.Call Salil Maladkar on +91-98202-91219 or email: contactus@ideacommunications.inIf you want to send flowers, champagne, invitations or cheques by mail,here’s the address.A-301/ Dhavalgiri, Ashokvan, Shiv Vallabh Road, Borivali [E] Mumbai 400 066 Let’s talk !