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idea presentation

  1. 1. idea communicationsdesign +strategy
  2. 2.  10 + years of hardcore experience in design and brand communication  Worked with various business groups ranging from small scale to MNC’soverview  Handled diversified product-folio  Provide solutions in branding, advertising and integrated strategy  Acute technical knowledge for project execution across various mediadesign +strategy
  3. 3. We are a team of professionals hailing from myriad areas of visual art and production, inheriting the expertise & experience culled over three generations. It has always been our sincere policy to approach each project from a practical perspective; we look at overall brand positioning, target audience, relevance, function, form, cost, evolve methods and use latest technology to ensure the highest level of excellence. At Idea our focus is on building strong and lasting relationship with our customers, and everything we do contributes to that end. Yes, we are young and still aabout us small brand communication & design studio – but we are more concerned and eager to fulfill the size of challenge, than the size of our client. Our role as a brand communication & design studio is to provide communication strategies that understand and honour our clients brands, and to develop exceptional creatives, which builds and sustains them in a provocative way. We strive hard to help all our customers build unique brands through the strategic use of design. We deliver what we +strategy
  4. 4. Tata Motors [Buses & Trucks division] Larsen & Toubro [Infotech, Medical, Embedded Systems, EBG, Heavy Engineering] Aditya Birla Group [Chemicals Division Thailand, Swiss Singapore – Singapore, Hindalco, Pulp & Fiber] Essel Propack Limited NOCIL Avert Society of India Indianpartial Commodities Dot Com Kerala Vaidyashala [I] Pvtclient list Ltd Chafekar Fitness Equipment Rotary Club of Bombay Seafacers Varriance Event Managers Metawood Display Systems Montage Bio-tech Limited Association of Business Communicators of India [ABCI] Vakksh Capitaldesign +strategy
  5. 5. comprehensive solutionsdesign +strategy
  6. 6. Branding 360 Degrees Communication Design Environment Print Graphics Exhibition Interactive Brand Identity Retail Web Packagingdesign +strategy
  7. 7. Integrated Brand Strategy Corporate IdentityProgram [Design & Implementation] GraphicDesign Print Media [Collaterals + Publications+ Advertising Campaigns] EnvironmentGraphics [Space Design + Exhibition & Display]e-Media [Website design + MultimediaPresentations + Corporate Video etc]design +strategy
  8. 8. case studiesdesign +strategy
  9. 9. VakkshVakksh Capital Company is Indiasyoungest full service investmentbank, with a reputation forinnovation. Group offers to itsClients products in the area ofcorporate advisory, mergers &acquisitions advice, project financeand transaction structuring,resources sector infrastructure,debt syndication/ arranging andstructured products, and equitiesorigination and private placement.Total brand identity program fromlogo designing to implementationof the same, setting up ofguidelines and manual wasdesigned.“VAKKSH” logo is a combination ofvarious elements derived fromancient philosophy, which standsfor Growth, Prosperity andStability. corporate identity program design + strategy
  10. 10. Kerala VaidyashalaKerala Vaidyashala India Pvt Ltd,one of the premium ayurvedictherapy clinic and massage centerchain in Mumbai was facing acuteidentity crisis as many massagecenters were mushrooming allaround with similar names andvisual stimuli.A rebranding exercise wasrecommended to separate thepremium from crowd , completenew identity and positioning wasset to attract the youngergeneration to the benefits of ageold traditional therapies. rebranding design + strategy
  11. 11. ABCIAssociation of BusinessCommunicators of India wasformed in late 1950’s to promoteexcellence in PR andcommunication in India. TodayABCI is a prime communicationorganization with all the topcommunicators , blue chipcompanies and banks in India asits members. Although anorganization of the bestcommunicators in the industry itlacked the punch and the visualglamour.Right from membership form tovarious communication touchpoints a fresh & youthful visualstimuli was designed not only toattract new age communicatorsbut to let ABCI stand in pride alongwith its international counterparts. image make-over design + strategy
  12. 12. L&T SwitchgearL&T Switchgear, part of Larsen &Toubro Limited is Indias largestmanufacturer of low voltageswitchgear and controlgear. Itsquality management system fordesign, development, production,marketing and servicing hasreceived ISO 9001 certificationfrom BVQI, UK.New Lx range of ProgrammableLogic Controller developed by L&TSwitchgear are designed for Indianand International markets. Seriesof launch Ads were developedkeeping in mind its capability ofcontrolling the entire productionof the factory, also a brandpersonality was created to be theface of the product for retailoutlets. product launch campaign design + strategy
  13. 13. MSACSMaharashtra State AIDS ControlSociety was established in 1992 tospread information and awarenessabout HIV and AIDS in the state ofMaharashtra.For AIDS awareness campaign inrural areas, a Street Play combinedwith Mobile Poster Exhibition wasimplemented. Street play is a livemedium, which can grab instantattention; and it also helps toregister the message effectively,while posters were used asconstant reminder of the messagethat needed to be delivered.Apart from this various give awayitems like FAQ booklets, pocketsize flip book giving info on how towear and dispose a condom etcwere also designed. public awareness campaign design + strategy
  14. 14. Aditya Birla GroupAditya Birla Group is US $35 billioncorporation, in the League ofFortune 500. It is anchored by anextraordinary force of over133,000 employees, belonging to42 different nationalities andpresent in 33 countries.ABG recently launched newintranet connecting all theiremployees across the globe.Unique identity for their intranet,‘On Stream’ coupled with launchcampaign in various media forinternal communication wascreated. Various branding ideaswere contributed to make the newintranet popular. Currently multilevel follow-up campaigns focusingvarious sections on the intranetare on. internal branding design + strategy
  15. 15. Tata MotorsTata Motors Limited is India’slargest automobile company, withconsolidated revenues of USD 27billion. It is the leader incommercial vehicles in eachsegment, and among the top threein passenger vehicles segment.The Company is the worlds fourthlargest truck manufacturer, andthe worlds third largest busmanufacturer.Challenge was to design andstandardize brand elements for ‘1-S’ retail facility in rural interiorsacross India. Standard patterndesign along with flooring,furniture, fascia, outpost signage,customer lounge, staff uniform etcwas designed and implemented for20 pilot showrooms in Gujarat andKerala. retail space design design + strategy
  16. 16. portfolio - randomdesign +strategy
  17. 17. exhibition folio Ackruti City Bharat Petrolum design + strategy
  18. 18. print folio - brochures Birla Cellulose Adity Birla - Swiss Singapore design + strategy
  19. 19. print folio - brochures Aditya Birla - CSR brochure Aditya Birla - ThailandChemicals 40 years specialpublication design + strategy
  20. 20. print folio - brochures Tata Motors design + strategy
  21. 21. print folio - brochures L&T Valves Adity Birla - Thailand Chemicals design + strategy
  22. 22. identity folio Dainak Colaba Darpan -Newspaper Integrity Technology Solutions –USA Indian Commodities Dot Com Kerala Vaidyashala – Tantra Crafting Careers – HRConsultants design + strategy
  23. 23. let’s talk!design +strategy