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  • Partnership between the torero and the Greek wise man started a looong time ago. Forgotten til .. 2012-2013: reestablishment of the relationship and willigness to keep learning and imporving.
  • Two sections working together … just an example of how a section partnership could work and what all the benefits of this program are.Presentation of the “Section partnership” as a program of ESN international. Not the same as “INFORMAL” cooperation among sections:Example: ESN SPAINSections of the same city working togetherTrips of one section to another city: the hosting section organizes guided tours, recommendations for places to eat, parties, etc.
  • Section partnership programs contains and strengthens all ESN valuesStudents helping students: volunteering in the benefit of others  erasmus students, fellow members AND PARTNER SECTIONUnity in diversity: different backgrounds but common goal and missionInternational dimension of life: open-minded, mobile, like to discover and explore, to co-operate and to interact to BREAK BORDERSRespect and tolerance: willing to see how others work and willing to learn from them Distance among sections doesn’t matter!
  • Constant communication: emails and skype, following development of their activities and calendarKnowledge exchange: organization and structure of the section, activities, GET IDEAS and question how your own section works  improvement.  LearningMutual support: Help, advice, recommendationsMutual promotion: promotion on the website by presenting the partner section  coming closer to Erasmus students
  • Section partnership not only as a formal procedure (info exchange, etc.) BUT involving the Erasmus students.Ultimate goal of ESN  Erasmus students. Also with this programCOMMON EVENTS: - Joint events: simultaneous, make the relation amomg sections as sth rasmus students themselves feel too despite the distance (Ex. Spanish party/dinner in Athens, Greek party/dinner in Madrid)- Social Erasmus: Present donation of food/ clothes, etc. as a competition  incentive for erasmus students to participateERASMUS AMBASSADORS:Link to the partner section: SYMBOLICMake them feel involved in ESN, additional way of reaching Erasmus studentsSPREAD ESN spiritCollaboration and support among sectionsMake erasmus and ESN members feel part of the ESN communityBuilding a strong Europe, ESN as an INTERNATIONAL organization
  • Summary: BENEFITS of WORKING TOGETHERErasmus: feel the ESN community as a strong one, feel part of EuropeESN members: learn and improve in the benefit of Eramus students and ESNESN as a whole: strengthening the network
  • Section partnership seep12

    1. 1. SECTION PARTNERSHIP Sofia Papaioannou ESN Athens AUEB Marta Guasp ESN UC3M Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou ESN Athens AUEB – ESN UC3M
    2. 2. Once upon a time… ESN UC3M ESN Athens AUEB … back in 2006-2007… Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    3. 3. Partner Sections - Founded in 1998 - 12 active members - Around 800 and 500 exchange students each semester -Founded in 1992 -20 active members -Around 250 exchange students each year Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    4. 4. Section Partnership Active collaboration between sections on a regular basis Students helping students Unity in diversity, diversit y in the unity International dimension of life Respect and tolerance Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    5. 5. What for? Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    6. 6. Benefits for ESN Members Constant communication Knowledge exchange Learning Mutual support Mutual promotion Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    7. 7. Promotion on the website Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    8. 8. Benefits for ESN Cooperation and collaboration Strengthening of the network Growth and improvement Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    9. 9. Benefits for exchange students • Joint events • SocialErasmus activities Common events • Direct link to the partner section • Direct link to the Erasmus community Erasmus ambassadors • Collaboration and mutual support • ESN as an international association Spread ESN spirit Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    10. 10. Best practice examples ESN UC3M – ESN Athens AUEB: • Exchange of delegates ESN Vienna – ESN Bratislava and ESN Brno: • Invitation to the Welcome Party • Trips with exchange students ESN Dresden – ESN HTW Dresden • Joint parties Further examples • Advice with the creation of a new section • Monitoring • Workshops and know-how Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    11. 11. Get a partner section! If your section is interested in having a partner section, contact the IB Vicepresident ! Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
    12. 12. Partners
    13. 13. Thanks for your attention! Enjoy your networking! Section partnership | Marta Guasp and Sofia Papaioannou
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