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Fo x network cnd12

  1. 1. Subject | Name Name, Position | Fields of eXpertise Network Development
  2. 2. ESN Development 36 ESN Countries 23 National Boards 409 sections How to collect the information • Country Reports • Direct contact – problematic countries
  3. 3. Country Reports Each NR writes a report Report should include most important information considering the development of a country Now • Each NR should read all CRs • Lot of reading…
  4. 4. Country Reports Each NR writes a report Report should include most important information considering the development of a country FoX Team • Analysis of CRs • Short summary during the CNR meeting • Individual advices and conversations with NRs
  5. 5. Problematic Countries No reports: Azerbaijan Lithuania Malta BiH Cyprus Individual communications Prokop’s Balkan Tour Subject | Name Name, Position |
  6. 6. Subject | Name Name, Position | Fields of eXpertise Network Development CR Analysis
  7. 7. Ivona’s countries
  8. 8. ESN Bulgaria 5 sections + 2candidates National Board: President, Vice-Presidents (internal and external affairs), Treasurer and Secretary Great cooperation with NA! National SocialErasmus event – Erasmus eXchange Talent LR position in every section NO CR September  !!!
  9. 9. ESN Slovenia 5 sections Preparing AGM Maribor Section cooperation: Austria and Italy Buddy system National President – not official Not much info in the CR 
  10. 10. ESN Serbia Lot of plans : recruitment of new members, collaboration with NA, info- booklet, fundraising project….. No CR September !
  11. 11. ESN Croatia Approved Statute of ESN Croatia Fundraising committee 25 Anniversary event, cooperation with NA ESNCard from this academic year All sections working well No CR September !
  12. 12. ESN The Netherlands 14 sections Many national events: soccer tournament, ESNow, Erasmus Sound Festival National Magazine (fundraising) Partnerships re-negotiated Willing more to involve their members in the international level ESN the Netherlands Alumni Network No CR September !
  13. 13. ESN Italy Very complicated National structure  49 sections, all with EA and SE coordinators SE activities: SE Italy - a scholarship for Congo and SE Italy - a smile for children Improving the connection between the NB and the national committees Improving the communication between all levels Upcoming new national events New partnership (Unistudenti)
  14. 14. ESN Slovakia 11 sections, 2 candidate Many, many events and happenings (not having enough slides to write them all) – advocating on national level; opinion makers of exchange possibilities ESN Slovakia is officially registered NGO with Statutes & Standing Orders (approved on their last NP in February) ESN Slovakia internship - very good experiance maybe there would be another call Problems with fake Erasmus profiles
  15. 15. ESN Finland National Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, National Representative, IT manager, National Sections Coordinator 16 sections National events (flash freeze for raising awareness, Pirates of the Baltic sea cruise, 25th Anniversary concert) Not much info about the activities of the NB
  16. 16. Jurek’s countries
  17. 17. ESN Czech Republic 13 sections! 5 Responsible Parties organized since last CNR LR (Section Delegate) position in every section NB consisted of 7 people Cooperation with ČeSU National Teambuilding Event in South Bohemia! More… Erasmus days in Brno, Festival Colours in Ostrava
  18. 18. ESN Estonia 5 sections (4 in Tallin and 1 in Tartu) Cooperating with each others Very active in SocialErasmus Galaxy rather unpopular New NB since August 2012 5 positions + external viceNR November – next (1 day) NP NEP Tallin 2012
  19. 19. ESN Georgia 2 sections ESN Tbilisi ISU - 4 Universities, more than 70 members ESN Tbilisi Uni – more than 50 members, developed buddy system Activity in SocialErasmus (Erasmus Rose Garden) NR action plan: • Expansion of Mentorship Program • Implementing ESNcard • Increase attendance at ESN meetings
  20. 20. ESN Latvia 1 section – ESN Riga Covers 70-80% of 400 exchange students coming to Latvia Well developed and expanding buddy system 8 Universities, Section is a member of National Youth Council 10 commercial partners (ESNcard) PRIME follow-up project in cooperation with SEDA
  21. 21. ESN Portugal 8 well working sections and big potential for further development (very detailed CR) All sections active in SocialErasmus Well working CLR 5 position + externally appointed WPA National Events Calendar • 25th Anniversary in Evora • Erasmus National Meeting in Albufeira-Algavre
  22. 22. ESN Iceland One section – ESN Reykjavik Actively organizing events for international students Organized CNR May Great deals (lack of details) Plans to establish second section (in Akukeyri) • One of the main goals of NR No CR September !
  23. 23. Prokop’s countries
  24. 24. ESN Austria 18 sections National SE Coordinator finally elected Constantly improving partner deals (A1, BAWAG) Moving all section websites to ESN Austria server WS on proffesionalization of ESN during last NP Proposal for change of AGM voting procedure 2 sections from Graz being OC for CEP Graz 2012
  25. 25. ESN Hungary Since last NP 16 sections Since may new NB in charge Problems finding people for NB positions WS for all ESN HU members on various topics launched in September (many new deals) Involved in both SE Week & Eduk8 training Support for both proposal of ESN Austria & proposal „ESN Education Officers“ by ICE
  26. 26. ESN Poland Atm. 33 sections (big quality check planned) NB went from 7 to 5 members Problems with tax office New strategy of ESN Poland created Plenty new possible partnerships New ESN Poland office in NA headquarters Finally NE of ESN Poland – NYE Generally load of activities
  27. 27. ESN UK 14 sections (3 of them problematic) & 6 candidate Only 3 NB positions occupied (need for NB to become less „southampton-centric“) Elected national SE Coordinator ESN Southampton OC of WEP 2012 Thanks to WEP ESN UK can be legally registered A new Sponsorship Committee created Proposal to British Council to cover expenses for ESN Statutory meetings
  28. 28. ESN Ireland 2 sections (both Dublin) Atm. No NB First ever NP took palce in April Strategic expansion campaign, possible sections in Galway, Cork & Trinity College Change of NR (from Sean to Peter Neri)
  29. 29. ESN Greece 13 sections, all very active National ExchangeAbility & SE Coordinator elected 5 person NB Possible partnership with Pernod Ricard S(h)EEP Athens 2012 OC doing well ESN Greece appeared in last eXpress Magazine, also has national ESN Magazine (6th issue recently published)
  30. 30. ESN Macedonia They are BACK BABY!!! 3rd section approved • NB instantly re-established (4 positions) ESN Macedonia website up & running Working hard on NBM Skopje Erasmus Program is back in Macedonia!!! First students expected in 2nd term 2012/2013
  31. 31. Adam’s countries
  32. 32. 11 sections (3 new) National Board: President, Vice-President, NR, Treasurer, Fundraiser, Webmaster Not so strong on national level EiS cooperation with Wallonian NA 25th Anniversary conference and gala CNR in February, maybe? ESN Belgium
  33. 33. 4 sections No NB:( Plans to create NB didn't work Participation in SeaBattle (spring) from all sections No CR September ! ESN Denmark
  34. 34. 26 sections NB: President, Vicepresident, Treasurer, NR, PR, Project, Sponsoring, NE coordinator NB members have regular Skype calls with individual sections ESNters in December (Frankfurt am Main) 3rd German Summer Event – by alumni, for everyone Great turnout and interest. ESN Germany
  35. 35. 8 sections (stable for 2.5 years) NB: president, NR, treasurer, webmaster new gadgets new ESN Card deals mobile phone partnership extended first NE in September, a trip to fjords, organised with a Travel Company (TC) next NE in plans ESN Norway
  36. 36. 33 sections NB: president, vice-president, NR, vice-NR, Treasurer, Secretary, External Relations, Webmaster, Regular BM National Committees (new coordinators) new International Project Coordinators NPs and NEs for next year mostly planned in process of administrative regulation SWEP 2012 in Madrid active internationally ESN Spain
  37. 37. 14 sections (+3 from last year) NB: president, vice-president, NR, vice-NR, treasurer, webmaster, SB coordinator, project coordinator Longer NPs (2.5 days instead of 1.5) New TC for Russia and Lapland trips SeaBattle: new coordinator (Oscar B.); considering an OC instead of one person National level newsletter Goal of professionalization Active participant on international level ESN Sweden
  38. 38. 14 sections NB: president, NR, treasurer, education officer, communication, webmaster, event manager, SE +2 extended BM section tour (NB visit in all sections) NE at Schwarzsee 25th Anniversary party in Bern 3 sections not very active on national level ESN Lugano problems (NB is helping) CLR in Winterthur, trying to increase activity in German-speaking part ESN Switzerland
  39. 39. 26 sections (-4 from last year) NB: president, Secretary General, NR, vice-NR, treasurer, PR, WPA - Project Coordinator and Fundraiser - removed National Committees established 25th Anniversary gala with NA, Ministry for EU Affairs and ISO officials CM 2012 and CoMeet 09/12 in Turkey website development (registration, shop, NP comment No CR May 12 ! ESN Turkey