Esn anadolu projeleri


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Esn anadolu projeleri

  2. 2. CULTURAL AWARENESS Subject | Name Name, Position |
  3. 3. PROJECT AİM We want to show diferent cultural of Erasmus Student. We carry them to small village,so break down prejudices for erasmus student and for turkish people. We want to make a contribution to vision of junior high school of students. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  4. 4. HOW WE DO? We paired our international students as one from each country and put them into classes of a local school. They introduced their countries, languages, customs and cultures, shared their ideas about the students, our country and the local community. They asked questions to the kids and also answered their questions. They played games with them and sung their national and endemic songs. Basically, our international students are at the centre of the project. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  5. 5. We organized three different small village; two of them were in village of Eskişehir,one of them was in village of Bursa. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  6. 6. THE FİRST ONE WAS İN SARICAKAYA Subject | Name Name, Position |
  7. 7. THE SECOND ONE WAS İN İNEGÖL Subject | Name Name, Position |
  8. 8. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  9. 9. THE THİRD ONE WAS İN SEYİTGAZİ Subject | Name Name, Position |
  10. 10. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  11. 11. ERASMUS FOREST The Erasmus Forest Project has come on the scene to integrate incoming Erasmus students with the local people and let them add something to this city and leave something permanent behind. The project consists of 2 phases and will have continuity; and is a project that large forests can be formed by planting every year. The aim of the project is to forest locally in the very first phase (first year), and to attempt forestation across the whole country in the second phase. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  12. 12. We have successfully accomplished the first phase of the project in the 24th of April, 2011. The second phase of the project in the 22th of April 2012 Subject | Name Name, Position |
  13. 13. SOCİAL RESPONSİBİLİTY We carried Erasmus student to Social Services and Child Protection Agency.İn this way, we do responsive to problems of Erasmus Student of Turkey and World. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  14. 14. A CULTURAL BRİDGE MEERSCHAUM A Cultural Bridge Meerschaum activity is a project that has been carrying out for two years with Erasmus exchange students. The aim of this activity is in short, gathering students from different cultures and nations with masters of meerschaum in a workshop in order to get more familiar with this culture and accomplish their own souvenirs by their own imaginations. Meanwhile participants get more familiar with meerschaum which is the symbol of the city and they also get an opportunity to try out their imagination with their own meerschaum works in this 2 days workshop. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  15. 15. In addition to the brief story of workshop, meerschaum works made by participants and photos taken in the workshop will be shown in an exhibition with all the participants’ attendance and those who contributed too. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  16. 16. Subject | Name Name, Position |