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Committees seep12

  1. 1. ESN Committees Regional Platforms 2012
  2. 2. What are the committees? Support ESN International Board members 1 Committee per Board Member Can do propositions to the CNR or the AGM Are responsible for projects All composed of voluntary ESNers ESN Committees| Regional Platforms 2012
  3. 3. ESN Committees President Emmanuel Alfranseder International Committee for Education Vice-President Katharina Ma Network and Event Committee Treasurer Mario Alarcon Finance Committee Communication Juan Colino Communication Committee WPA Fabian Bircher IT Committee ESN Committees| Regional Platforms 2012 ICE NEC FiCo ComCom IT Committee
  4. 4. The International Committee for Education Regional Platforms 2012
  5. 5. The ICE3 Position Papers & Advocacy Competence Development and NFE Press OfficerLiaison Office Projects on education ICE3| Chairing Team |
  6. 6. The Chairing Team Main Chair Alicia Macanás V-Chair NFE Dorottya Glatz V-Chair Advocacy Stefan Jahnke ICE3| Chairing Team |
  7. 7. Communication Chairs Members ICE3| Chairing Team |
  8. 8. PROJECTS For: ESN members, ESN sections, ESN countries, IB, International committees, International students ICE3| Chairing Team |
  9. 9. Projects for sections Erasmus in Schools • Guide for sections on how to organise activities ICE newsletter • Interesting & important news on education Journalists on education • Make all our topics easy for you • Articles in eXpress, leaflets… EduK8 • Motivate, activate, innovate the network • Learn how to deliver high NFE quality workshops ICE3| Chairing Team |
  10. 10. Projects for countries Education Officers • Advocate for international education and mobility • Get involved in the process of policy making in ESN • Express the needs and the opinions of your country • Better understanding of how youth policies work Coaching to get support from your NA • Create or improve your relations with the NA • Benefits for the projects and the sections in the country ICE3| Chairing Team |
  11. 11. Position Papers Consultation on Erasmus Placements Reaction to the ‘Erasmus for All’ proposal from the EC ICE3| Chairing Team | (the position of ESN, contributions to EU public consultations)
  12. 12. We want you! to be an ICE cuber Are you genuinely interested in education? Willing to become a more active citizen? Ready to learn and develop your skills? Stay tuned to the next ICE open call! ICE3| Chairing Team |
  13. 13. Thank you for your ICEttention 3
  14. 14. Network and Events Committee
  15. 15. Chairing Team Miss Events and Mr Network IB member Responsible for NEC NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  16. 16. NEC members Members • regular members (14 from 8 countries) NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  17. 17. NEC working fields NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  18. 18. Network Fields Network Support • Section in the Spotlight • Evaluating the applications and choosing Section in the Spotlight every month • Cooperation with ComCom • Coordinator – Elisa Priolo • Star Awards • Cooperation with all Committees • Coordinating the evaluation process and evaluating STARter • Gift Exchange • Matching the sections for Christmas Gifts • ESN CV • Preparing Content and Functional Design of new IT tool NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  19. 19. Network Fields Network Management and Development • SQuiD - Section Quality Development • Research Project • Establishing the list of Quality Indicators • Analysing the SQ and preparing quality recommendations • Coordinator – Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec • Section Cooperation Support • Collecting articles about cooperation to eXpress magazine • Writing Cooperation Guidelines • Preparing Map of Cooperation and SeCS Search Engine • Coordinator – Jiri Andrejs NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  20. 20. Network Fields Network Management and Development (2) • NB Buddy System & cooperation • Matching NB pairs and feedback collecting • Coordinator – Michaela Zormanova • Section Questionnaire • Preparation and analysis of SQ • Associate Membership Management • Santiago de Chile • ISN Tunduk NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  21. 21. Network Fields Network Knowledge Management • • New webpage will be created after the release of Satellite 4 • Will include all guides mentioned below as well as CI manual, SeCS, SE, EiS, Satellite, SM Bible, Events Guidelines, etc. • Section Guide • Updating and preparing it to be connected with • Teambuilding Guide • Collecting the teambuilding games and writing a guidebook • Newbie Guide • Cooperation with ComCom • NB Guidelines • Preparing a Guidebook for new and existing National Boards NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  22. 22. Events Fields Management of non-statutory meetings • Regional Platforms • National Board Meeting • CoMeet • Cultural Medley • For all of the mentioned events team takes care of: • Guidelines • Feedback evaluation • OC support NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  23. 23. Events Fields Annual General Meeting • AGM Advisory Team • Team contacts the AGM OC • Provides the support and help in organizing the AGM • Try to solve the problems / challenges • Feedback analysis • Analysis of AGM feedback forms Event Registration System (ERS) • Preparing functional design for ERS • Currently coordinated by IT Committee NEC| Jurek & Caro, NEC Chairs |
  24. 24. Finance Committee FiCo|Regional Platforms 2012
  25. 25. Chairing Team FiCo Chair: Dimi Tsangari - Vice-Chair Audit Team: vacant - Vice-Chair Marketing Team: Elodie Carme - Partnership Team: on stand by Board Member in charge: Mario FiCo |
  26. 26. Audit Team - Members Jana Bednarova Miriam Eid FiCo | NEW iN! NEW iN! Areti Kalkani Danny Janssen Sofia Papaioannou
  27. 27. What we do -Audit Team AUDITS Project Audits and Financial Audit ESN Int. OTHER PROJECTS Support for Local/National level Procedural audit Financial assessment of ESN MORE PROJECTS DINNERS PARTIES SANGRIA FiCo |
  28. 28. Marketing team - Members FiCo | Magdalena Porazińska Marketing Specialist Designer NEW iN! NEW iN!
  29. 29. What we do - Marketing Team GADGETS Idea, design, implementation ESNCARD.ORG: Promotion of the ESNCard and of the website FiCo Update| What we do - Partnership Team Supports National/International level Fundraising Ideas
  30. 30. ComCom Say what? ComCom structure| ComCom chairing team|
  31. 31. Chairing team ComCom structure| ComCom chairing team| SienMonbailliu Evita Purzale Marco Cazzola
  32. 32. Teams Graphics team • Anything design, especially logo’s for sections and events • Request via Corporate Identity team • Screening of the network on correct use of ESN logo • Promotion of CI via workshop, video and online training ComCom structure| ComCom chairing team|
  33. 33. Teams (2) Social Media team • Reporting infringements on Facebook • Management of ESN International informal group • Star of the week • Communication tips • Social media bible • ESN image database Publications and Promotion team • eXpress magazine writing • Editing of all text publications • Promotional material design ComCom structure| ComCom chairing team|
  34. 34. Teams (3) Press team • Writing and translating press releases for national media • Collecting ESN and Erasmus press articles for IB Trainings team • Interactive e-learning courses on long documents and relevant subjects • IB and committees can make requests ComCom structure| ComCom chairing team|
  35. 35. Other projects Section in the Spotlights • In cooperation with NEC • ComCom does marketing and article writing History book • Updates on current years Newbie docs • In cooperation with NEC ComCom structure| ComCom chairing team|
  36. 36. IT Committee Regional Platforms 2012
  37. 37. The Team IT Com Updates RPs 2012|
  38. 38. The Team – Observers IT Com Updates RPs 2012|
  39. 39. The Team – Regular Members IT Com Updates RPs 2012|
  40. 40. The Team – New IT Intern! IT Com Updates RPs 2012|
  41. 41. The Team - Chairs IT Com Updates RPs 2012|
  42. 42. What we do - Projects IT Com Updates RPs 2012| Currently active projects Satellite 4 Galaxy Webshop Server Virtualization Helpcenter Future projects New infocenter ESN CV implementation
  43. 43. What we do – Continuous Tasks IT Com Updates RPs 2012| Maintenance of the infrastructure server all website updates Following up assistance requests Satellite help Mailing lists, accounts, etc.
  44. 44. Wanna contact us? ICE (International Committee for Education) • NEC (Network and Events Committee) • • FiCo (Finance Committee) • • ComCom (Communication Committee) • IT Com (IT Committee) • • NEC| Jurek and Caro, NEC Chairs |