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30 Website Secrets That You Need To Know - Increase Traffic and Convert More Prospects Into Customers
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30 Website Secrets That You Need To Know - Increase Traffic and Convert More Prospects Into Customers


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This Report / Checklist is brought to you by - Please feel free to download this document and share it with others. …

This Report / Checklist is brought to you by - Please feel free to download this document and share it with others.

Most companies have a website that is delivering no sales leads what so ever. The key to getting more sales leads from your website is to increase traffic and convert more visitors to prospects and then clients.

Here are 30 ways things that you can do to your website to either increase traffic or convert viewers to prospects and clients.

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Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. 30 Website Secrets That You Need To Know Increase Traffic and Convert More Prospects Into Customers By Chris Hamilton! 1-877-782-2864
  • 2. This information is put together to !serve as a guideline of what you might be ableto add or do to your website to generate more traffic and increase more salesleads.Here are some ways that you can increase your ability to get found online andyour ability to attract sales leads.Some of these items may require that you talk to your web developer.If you require help with any of these, please contact Chris Hamilton or at 1-877-782-2864 in Canada or the US or at403-630-1243.Website Check List: Call To Action - Do your important web pages that showcase your products or services have a call to action that drives - A strong Call to Action can have a significant impact on your sales leads. Make sure that the call to action is closer to the top of your webpage instead of the bottom. Video - Are you using video? Over 70% of all content consumed online is through video. Also strong audiovisual stories are remembered 8 X’s greater than written information. Transcribed Video - Video is great, but the problem is, search engines can’t understand what video is about. Transcribe your videos and post them on your website with a link to the where the video is. This will increase your chances of getting found online. You can use Elance to get videos transcribed. Blog - Do you add blog posts to your website on a frequent basis? Companies that blog get more website traffic and generate more sales leads. Sales Lead Capture - Are you capturing names and emails of website visitors? Using a form is a great way to get sales leads. Think about! 1-877-782-2864
  • 3. away a piece of information in exchange for contact information. Use a services like Aweber to set up an email marketing program. Images - Are you using images on your website? Are you adding Alt Tags to your images? Don’t know that that is, then Google it and find out why it’s important. Contact Information - Do you have a way for people to contact you on each page of your website? Give your clients a way to contact you and potentially buy from you. Your Address - Do you have, at a minimum, your city listed on each page of your website? Search engines will be able to pick you your location and other information on your website (like a product or service) and display it in the search results. FAQ’s - Do your prospects have the same questions they ask? Why not address any of these questions in advance by adding a frequently asked questions section to your website. SAQ’s - Do you have questions that your prospects should be asking? Why not add a “Should Ask Questions” section to your website. Video FAQ’s & SAQ’s - Video is remembered 8 x’s more than written information and 4 x’s greater than just audio. Record your FAQ’s and SAQ’s and post them on your web site. Knowledge Base - Do you want to stand out compared to your competition? Why not incorporate a knowledge base. This is a page where you put relevant information on product, services, industry information or anything that could provide value. Offer a Discount - You will have may visitors to your web site that leave to never return again, why not offer a discount or a coupon or a free trial to capture a portion of those who would otherwise leave. Landing Pages - A landing page on a website has only 1 purpose - To get the viewer to do 1 thing. That would be buy, download something, try something, etc. You can find an example here -! 1-877-782-2864
  • 4. twitter-marketing-tips/. Websites that use landing pages typically get more sales leads. Click Here is a great WordPress landing page plugin that costs $47. About Us - Tell people what your company and people are about and your accomplishments. URL’s That Match Page - If you have the ability to name your website’s web page the same title of your page then this will give you potentially higher rankings in the search engines. For example if you sell a product called Widget Thingy, then your webpage could be instead of page1 Meta Information - Your website comes with the ability to add a description, a title and descriptive keywords. The description is typically what displays in the search engines. The title describes what is on the webpage. The search engines like to see structure on your website including content that matches the Title of the webpage and also having information on your webpage in your description. Social Sharing Information - Do you give viewers a way to share your website information with others. There are different services that you can use including AddThis. In addition, there are plugin’s available for Wordpress, Joomla and other sites. Connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others - Do you give your website visitors a way to connect with you on your social accounts? If you have icons on your website, make sure that they open in new windows so that people can sill navigate back to your website - See below. Links That Open in New Windows or Tabs - Do your outside links on your website take your visitors to a new window or tab in a browser. If links on your website open in the same window that they are currently in, you dramatically increase the odds that your visitors won’t come back to your site. Directions and Locations - Do you include directions to any of your locations? Why not add a Google Map if you don’! 1-877-782-2864
  • 5. Email or Contact Form - If all you have is a phone number as your only means of people contacting you, then the odds that they will will be very low. Add an email or a contact form. Analytics - Do you know anything about the visitors to your website. If you don’t then how do you know how to use your website to drive sales leads. Install Google Analytics today and start looking at the information and using to your advantage. Mobile Ready Site - More people are using mobile devices to view online content. Is your website mobile ready? If you have a Wordpress site, you can use a plugin like WP Touch to make your site mobile ready. Testimonials - Do you have clients that rave about you? Why aren’t they on your website. If you can get video testimonials, even better. Resources - Can you direct people to information that they may find valuable? Why not have a resources section on your website. RSS Ready - Do you have a RSS (real simple syndication) feed on your website? This allows people to get your website updates to a reader, like Google reader. Request a Quote/Estimate/Price Button - Want to increase the amount of sales you get from your website? Add a request for quote button. Reports/How To’s - Do you have any How To documents or any reports you can share with people? Why not put that information up on your website. If you can, capture an email and name in exchange for the information so that you can add them to your email marketing program. NO NEWSLETTER SIGN UP!!!! - Do not put “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” on your website. The vast majority of people do not want to sign up for news letters. They will sign up for information that they find useful, so think about what you can share with people and that they will want. Give away tips and tricks or how to’s in exchange for an email address.Now that you know 30 ways to improve your web site either go and fix these orcontact me to get this done for! 1-877-782-2864
  • 6. Like what you see? Then why not contact me to show you how to pull your marketing together to Create a Sales Lead Machine! Contact me at: or 1-877-782-2864 Toll Free in Canada and US 403-630-1243 Get Daily Sales and Marketing Tips at! 1-877-782-2864
  • 7. Feel Free to Contact Me At or By Clicking on the “Get In Touch” Button! 1-877-782-2864
  • 8.! 1-877-782-2864