The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide: 6 Steps to Better Marketing: Learn The Real Way To Use Twitter To Generate Sales Leads

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Most people use Twitter the wrong way for their marketing.  …

Most people use Twitter the wrong way for their marketing. 

Do you just post a Tweet and expect people to come?  Doesn't work does it. 

Want to learn THE SECRET to using Twitter to getting a steady stream of sales leads?  Best of all, most if not all of your competitors probably don't know this.

This automated process delivers sales leads to me 24 hours a day - and I am going to share it with you - COMPLETELY FREE.

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide Will Show You:

• How to target ideal prospect to follow on Twitter
• A Simple and Repeatable 6 Step Process to more sales leads
• An automated sales lead nurturing system that works
• The proper way to Tweet to bring in sales leads
• How to target 95% to 97% of future buyers
• 6 Effective Tips on how to write Tweets
• A Step by Step "How To" that delivers sales leads 24 hours/day!

I will be holding a web cast in a few weeks to go over everything in this ebook and more.  To sign up for an invitation, go to and register for any show, you will automatically be added to the invite list.

You can also see the recorded version here after June 15th, 2012.

I hope you enjoy the information and if you have any question, please feel free to contact me.


Chris Hamilton

PS. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

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  • 1. The Ultimate TwitterMarketing Guide: 6 Steps to Better Marketing Learn The Real Way To Use Twitter To Generate Sales Leads By Chris Hamilton 1-877-782-2864Chris Hamilton
  • 2. 6 Steps to Better Twitter MarketingLearn The Real Way To Use Twitter To Generate Sales LeadsA major problem with Twitter is that Tweets are fleeting and yourmarketing message is often lost with the millions of other messagesthat are tweeted every day and in most cases, you may never get achance to market to these people again.There is a solution to this, use Twitter to capture email addresses sothat you can get these people in a marketing funnel.This is a simple process that works and is very easy to implement.The basis behind this process is to create some compelling contentthat you give it away away for free in exchange for an email addressand any other information that you may want to collect, such as aname, address, etc.Once you collect a name and an email, you can start marketing tothese people through an email marketing system.There are certain pieces of software that you will need to purchase tomake this process work, but believe me, it is well worth it as you willbe collecting names of potentially qualified prospects. Not only that,Chris Hamilton
  • 3. but also you will have their permission to continually market to themand this will be an automated sales lead process that you can use.All these may seem overwhelming to undertake and I won’t lie to you,it does take some time to work your way through this process. Youmay make some errors along the way but keep at it. Once you havethis process nailed down, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.As a last piece of advice, you don’t have to limit yourself to doing thisprocess once. I have multiple Twitter accounts that lead to multiplelanding pages. The more landing pages that you have that arecollecting prospect information for you, the more potential sales leadsyou have coming in.Give this process a try and if you don’t have the time to do it, thencontact me and I can get this set up for you.Regards,Chris Hamiltonwww.SalesTipADay.comChris@SalesTipADay.com1-877-782-2864 (In US and Canada)Chris Hamilton
  • 4. 6 Steps to Better Twitter Marketing Step 1: Target Your Audienc e The First Step is to target Tw itter followers who would be int business with you. erested in doing The nice thing about Twitter is, you can target followers ba who they follow, likes, keywor sed on location, ds and lots of other ways. Mak match your audience to your e sure that you marketing. Use a program like Tweet Ad der to automatically add Twitt unfollow those who don’t follow er followers, you back and numerous other hundreds of Twitter followers tasks. I add each month by using Tweet Ad der. Here is a link to show you how to automate adding Twitter Fo TweetAdder - llowers through uD_GjTpZtI . This video show automate following and unfol s you how to lowing Twitter Followers http MBg7nL5HDQo :// is a link to purchase Tw eet Adder.Chris Hamilton
  • 5. 6 Steps to Better Twitter Marketing ntent Step 2: Create Compelling Co ing that your target The second step in th e process is to create someth . audience would want or need , a seminar or something that This can be an ebook, a video, a webinar ake their life better. helps educate someone or m . If you can identify a People really like “How To” guides or eBooks will u can solve or something that prob lem in your industry that yo eir tter, then they will give you th mak e your potential clients life be at information. name and email to receive th an eBook doesn’t have to be Creating content isn’t tough and in fact, is create a good outline more than a few pages long. All you have to do nd each point or section. and then create content arouChris Hamilton
  • 6. 6 Steps to Better Twitter Marketing Step 3: Create A Landing Pag e You will need to create a landing page where you Tell people exac deliver your co tly what you wil ntent. will receive. l give them and list the benefits that they Try to keep the information on primary goal is the landing pag to get someone e to a minimum to sign up for yo , your can start mark ur information eting to them. so that you Remember, if y ou use a bullet li benefits not fea st, make sure it tures. entices the read er withHere is a link to a landing page so ftware plugin foWordPress Squ r WordPress eeze Page - Thiseasy to use. See is a great plugin an example of th for WordPress a e software in use nd really here.Chris Hamilton
  • 7. 6 Steps to Better Twitter Marketing Step 4: Create a Tweet This step is what will take Twitt er Followers who may see your to people that are on a list that Tweet you can market to. First thing is that you have to create a tweet, or even better, tweets that that will bring traffic a series of to your landing page. Once you have created your tw eet(s) you need to start posting The easiest way to do this is th them. rough an automated posting sy Tweet Adder or SocialOomph. stem like Both of these systems allow yo schedule Tweets on a recurring u to basis. If you are running a ma program for only a while, then rketing SocialOomph will let you pick a and how often you want to twee duration t. See the section at the end that shows you how to create targe Tweets that will bring people to ted your landing page.Chris Hamilton
  • 8. 6 Steps to Better Twitter Marketing Step 5: Capture Names The next step is to capture names. Once you have your tweets directing to a landing page, then you give inf people ormation away in exchange for a na email address so that you can con me and tinually market to them. The capturing of the email address and name and the ability to contin market to them via email is done thr ually ough an email marketing software .I recommend using AWeber for yo ur email capture process. AWeberintegrates nicely with the landing page software I recommended in Ste p 3.At the least, you should collect an email address, but you can collectthan that such as a name, an addre a lot more ss and other relevant informationmore you ask for, the less likely peo . But the ple will be to fill out your form.Chris Hamilton
  • 9. 6 Steps to Better Twitter MarketingStep 6: Start Marketing when you start marketing.Once you have captu red contact information, this is eting d map it out in your email markCreate a marketing campaign ansoftware. ies of automated emails that goWith your AW eber account, you can set up a ser mine what your messagesout on a regular int erval, all you have to do is deter u are going to send them.are going to be and how often yo es er a period of time as it often tak You shou ld have a campaign that runs ov ent. There are exceptions to multiple touch es to get someone to become a cli onment where you are this, such as if you have a store or retail envir ularly scheduled email to showcasing prod ucts, then you can send out a reg your subscriber base.Chris Hamilton
  • 10. 6 Steps to Better Twitter Marketing 6 Tips on Writing a Twee t: 1. Keep it short - You on ly have 140 characters to get your message across. Keep your message short and to the point. Also, if yo then if someone retweets u leave 20 characters your message, the origina intact. l message will remain 2. Tweet something that will catch someones atte ntion - Think benefit here. You want to draw so meone to your landing pa someone would want to go ge. Offer a reason why to your page, like “See how “Learn X ways to get mor you can do....” or e (Money, time, etc).”3. Use a web page shor tener like - You only have 140 characters and a web page could take up most of that. Use a URL sh shorten your webpage ad ortener, like to dress.4. Use hashtags, #, to ge t peoples attention - Hash you are talking about. Th tags or # tell people what is is a great way to get peop5. Make variations of yo le to find your tweets. ur Tweets, you can send6. Schedule your Twee Tweets more than once ts - So you don’t have to be on Twitter all the time, schedule your tweets thro ugh Tweet Adder or Socia yourself a whole bunch of l Oomph and save time. Chris Hamilton
  • 11. What You NeedHere are the all the pieces you will need to accomplish this:1. Web Hosting and a WordPress Account - I use (click link) for hosting of my WordPress. All you need to do is click the link above and go to the “Hosting and Servers” tab on the webpage. You can choose either the Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting account. GoDaddy has excellent support to help you get up and running with a WordPress account. Here is a great article on getting started with WordPress on GoDaddy - http:// Landing Page Software - WordPress does not have a way to create simple landing pages, so you will have to use a 3rd party software program to accomplish this. I use 2 different types of landing page software. The easiest to use is WPSqueeze Page. WPSqueeze Page allows you to create simple landing pages on a WordPress site.3. Email Marketing Software - The only software that I recommend for email marketing is AWeber.4. Twitter Account - This is pretty straight forward. Go to and register an account if you haven’t already got one. Make sure that you fill out your profile in full.5. Twitter Automation Software - The key to making this process work is to target the right followers on Twitter. The best way to do this is through a piece of software called Tweet Adder. Tweet Adder does so much, but the best part of Tweet Adder is the ability to automatically follow people based on key demographics and also to unfollow them. Tweet Adder offers several levels of softwareChris Hamilton
  • 12. based on Profiles or Twitter accounts. All you will need is the 1 Profile account to start with. In the future, if you need more profiles, you can always up your license. The automated follow/ unfollow process in Tweet Adder saves me between 6 and 10 hours per month.6. Twitter Blast Software - A critical step to drawing people in is to have a series of recurring Tweets that go out. Instead of taking time out of your day to tweet your message, why not put it on autopilot. Social Oomph is a great piece of software that you can use to tweet recurring marketing messages on regular intervals. This software saves me approximately 8 to 12 hours a month.Offer:If you don’t have the time to do all ofthis, then contact me and I will put all of thistogether for you and I can run it on a monthlybasis. Turn key and simple!Chris Hamilton
  • 13. Like what you see? Then why not contact me to show you how to pull your marketing together to Create a Sales Lead Machine! Contact me at: or 1-877-782-2864 Toll Free in Canada and US 403-630-1243 Get Daily Sales and Marketing Tips At: www.SalesTipADay.comImages: www.freedigitalphotos.netChris Hamilton
  • 14. Contact Me My Clicking “Get In Touch” BelowChris Hamilton
  • 15. Chris Hamilton