How To Make Your Online Marketing Up To 279 X more effective

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Want to see how to make your online marketing or internet marketing up to 279 times more effective?

Most companies use static "brochure-ware" websites for their online marketing, which is actually a disservice to your company and your sales people.

Here is a way to utilize different aspects to your online marketing that will speak to a larger audience.

See the presentation to learn more.

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  • 51% of all content is delivered via video or visually on the internetComputers and Mobile devices have an 80% penetration82% of people who make searches on Google for local products are in “Buy Mode”
  • People believe that 67% of presenters are more persuasive when using visual and verbal compared to verbalPeople remember 10% of what they hear 20% of what they see and 80% of what they see and hear togetherRetention of information is 6X greater 3 days after seeing and hearing than just hearing
  • Sales over $35K typically take 7 calls/touches94% of all sales are made after the 4th call or touch pointWith a rate of .186, you need 538 visitors for one good lead
  • Or 1 in every 538 visits will read and contact you with a static websiteTargeting 55% more people with visual3.1 people vs. 55.2 people94.4% greater0.186 people vs. 51.8 people 99.6% greater279 times more effective
  • 1 divided by .186 is 538500 divided by.518 is 965


  • 1.
  • 2. Making Your Online Marketing 279 Times More Effective
    Presented by:
    Chris Hamilton
  • 3. Problem
    Most online marketing for companies is static
    Consists of “Brochure-ware” website
    Has minimal impact on sales
    Doesn’t engage potential clients
  • 4. Solution
    Use a more dynamic approach
    Audio Visual
    Multiple touches
    Engage prospects and clients – Social Network
    Provide content
    Called “Social Net Casting” or “Net Casting”
  • 5. 2 Scenarios
    Scenario #1
    Reading only
    Static website
    Prospect is in buy mode
    Scenario #2
    Audio Visual
    Social Net Casting
    Networking effect
    Prospect is in buy mode
    The Statistics:
    • 31% written vs. 69% video
    • 6. 10% recall written vs. 80% recall audiovisual
    • 7. 4% close rate on one contact vs. 96% on 4+ touches
  • Content Delivered Online
  • 8. Recall: 10% vs. 80%
  • 9. 1 Touch vs. 4+ Touches
  • 10. Tail of the Tape
  • 11. So…
    For a static website, to get 1 qualified lead you need 538 visitors
    @ $10K per sale on a $5M quota, you would need 269,000 visitors to your website
    You would need 965 engaged potential clients from a social net cast using a network
  • 12. Bottom Line
    0.186 People Vs. 52 People
    Using audio visual presentations tied with a social network and multiple contacts - your marketing is up to 279 times more effective than a static website or brochure
  • 13. Solution
    Use audio visual as part of your message
    Tie in a social network
    Involve multiple touch points
    Social Net Casting can give you a leg up
  • 14. Find Out More
    To find more information on Social Net Casting go to:
  • 15. Contact
    Chris Hamilton
    Twitter: SalesTipADay
    You Tube: