How live chat fixed geeks on the ways marketing problem


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See how Geeks on the way, and IT firm in Canada, used live chat to increase their sales and save them money on other advertising that they were doing.

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How live chat fixed geeks on the ways marketing problem

  1. 1. How Live Chat Fixed Geeks On The Way’s Marketing Problem Part 1: The Problem with Johns Marketing
  2. 2. John Leishman: So Chris you were kind enough to do an analysis of my marketing for me can you tell me a little bit about what you found and strategies you came up with and what worked Chris Hamilton Well John, I think the first thing we need to take a look at it is your business, is predominately an online business where you have people coming to your website for IT Services. One of the things we looked at was Google Adwords. Adwords and how you were using AdWords to to generate sales and it look like it first when you started using AdWords it worked but over a period of time and when when I say period time we're talking months and you know for a couple years, it just became way too costly for you to actually generate sales leads that way so you know we started to take a look at different scenarios of what we could do for you. In subsequent videos here we'll talk about that sort of stuff and show you show how it had a positive impact on your business for less money than you were spending before and generally more sales leads so I will talk about that another video John. John Leishman: Thanks Chris
  3. 3. Part 2: What John Did With His Marketing John Leishman: Hyperlink v=Fp9DMRwYz_0
  4. 4. So Chris after you did the analysis of my online marketing strategies what did you come up with to help us out? Chris Hamilton Well John, you know first thing we found was you were getting great traffic, but it just wasn't converting. So we looked at a solution that converts at up to ten times greater than what you currently had on your website at that point in time. And typically will convert at less costly than what you were doing with your AdWords. And that solution was proactive live chat. In a subsequent video will talk about some other results and some of the impact that it has had on your business. Hyperlink
  5. 5. Part 3: The Amazing Results for Johns Proactive Live Chat Marketing John Leishman: So Chris, we took your advice to me we did the live chat and we put it on our website I know what the results are, but can you explain to the the listeners what the results were for my organization. Chris Hamilton You bet John. First of all I would be ecstatic with the results. Typically what we've seen is its added between 15 and 20 percent additional revenue on a monthly basis for you just by adding this and you know what we also see is that we are converting your traffic so engaging with about 12 percent of the people that hit your website and we're converting about 4 percent of these people into qualified sales leads which you typically close about eighty percent to these people. It’s added thousands of dollars to your bottom line on a monthly basis which you know is phenomenal.
  6. 6. The nicest thing about it is a lot of that business for you has been a you know very high margin because you've already got the staff in place you are just buying extra business for them to actually do and fill up their day so you know what's for sure what you're seeing is about an 1100% return on investment so for every dollar you would spend you're seeing about eleven dollars back in a return. In my books that kind of marketing is just amazing so that's what I'd be happy with, I mean the live chat it works, it engages and it goes. Are you happy with the results John? John Leishman: absolutely Chris Hamilton: Well John thanks a ton for sharing that information with us and walking through this process and anybody who's interested please fill out the form or reach out to me at Chris at Thanks a ton John
  7. 7. Contact us to start a 30 day free trial of our Live Chat Software CLICK HERE Hyperlink