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Would you like to learn the steps you need to take to double your sales?

Finding sales leads is tough, but it doesn't have to be.

I recently did a web cast where I went over 12 ways (and a few extras) to double your sales.

Contact me as I help people and companies implement processes to help double their sales.

Chris Hamilton
or in North America

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  • 6 X’s more costly to get a new client\nAsk to get them scheduled in \nMake it part of your DNA\n
  • 18% of companies 65% of all sales\n
  • Or post its\nDo it on either side of your job\noffer a coupon\n
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  • Pick you demographics wisely\n
  • networking Group\n
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  • 89% of internet users search online before they make a purchase\n73% of all searches involve a local product/service\n61% of local searches result in a purchase\n
  • Has a greater than 40 x’s ROI\nAlso see about collecting addresses for mailers\n
  • 70% to 100% open rate\ngreat reminder - reschedule\nAverage 20% to less than 5%\n
  • 65% of women make online appointments \nWomen account for 85% of all household decisions\nWhat are you doing to cater to this audience\n
  • 70% consumption with 80% recall Compared to 10% of 30%\nOffer your services and have a call to action\nOptimize your videos to get found locally\nShow YouTube & Google - Try it - YouTube is the second largest search engine online\n
  • 71% of people read online reviews before they make a purchase\nReviews on a site can increase conversion (think sales) by 20% or more\n7 out of 10 people that read online reviews share them with family/friends\n92% of people feel more confident of online reviews than by a sales person\nOnline Brand Reputation is huge - Look up your company online and see what’s being said\n\n
  • Why not get the new visitors to use your service\nCall to action on each page - Potentially a coupon\n
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  • Planning will increase success - Harvard Study 3% set written goals, 13% have goals 84% no goals the 3% earned 10 X’s more than the 97%\n
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  • 12 Ways to Double Your Sales SlideCast

    1. 1. 12 Ways to Double Your Sales - The Ultimate Guide ToService Business Marketing Chris Hamilton www.SalesTipADay.com Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    2. 2. 3 Assumptions➡ You are a Service Business➡ You Have Potential Repeat Business➡ You Have a Website Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    3. 3. Offline / Real World Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    4. 4. #1 Repeat Clients ➡ 6 X’s more costly to get a new client compared to keeping an old client ➡ Schedule the next visit at the time of the current visit ➡ Make this part of your corporate DNA and do it every dayOne Last Point: Repeat Clients Spend 33% More Than New Customer Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    5. 5. #2 ReferralsAccording to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association - 65% of allsales are through word of mouth and referralsYet only 18% of companieshave a formalized referral programContact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    6. 6. #3 Info for Neighbours As Easy As It Gets: Leave a door hanger, post it 70% of all note, flyer, etc. with your Home marketing message on theRenovators neighbours doors Business Make sure you have a call toComes From action like a special offer or aLawn Signs coupon - Be sure to limit the time Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    7. 7. #4 New Sell / Up Sell$ $ ✓ Bundle Offers ✓ Offer Plans ✓ New Services ✓ Buy 1 Get 1 ✓ Limited Time Offer Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    8. 8. #5 Direct Mailer Pick your mailer routes wiselyIn the 18 to 34 demographic thepreference for information froma direct mailer is 2 to 3 times thatof social media! Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    9. 9. #6 Selling With Complimentary Companies ✓1 company per industry ✓Offer special bundled packages ✓Work Together as a Team Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    10. 10. 1 More: Follow Up 60% of lost sales go on to buy within a yearProper follow up is critical to getting the sale
    11. 11. Online Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    12. 12. The Numbers89% Of internet Users search online before they purchase Of all internet searches73% involve a local product/ service61% Of all local searches result in a purchase Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    13. 13. #7 Email List @ For every $1 spent on email marketing you get back $43.52 Subscribers generate 34% more revenue Always ask someone who bought from you to be added toyour email list - On average, 6% of email lists recipients buy or enquire on products or services - These are Free Sales Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    14. 14. #8 Text Appointment Reminders Average missed appointment rate is greater that 20% Text Messages are opened between 70% and 100% of the timeText Reminders can help reduce missed appointments to less than 5% and gain additional revenue Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    15. 15. #9 Online Appointments 65% of all women make online appointments 85% of all household decisions are made by women Capture a whole new revenue stream Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    16. 16. Video is 70%+ of the#10 Video consumption online A strong video is remembered 8 X’s more than written information and 4 X’s more than audio Optimized Video has a 50 X’s greater chance of getting on Googles First page Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    17. 17. #11 Online Reviews and Testimonials 71% of people read an online review before a purchase Reviews on a website can increase sales by 20% & More 7 out of 10 people that read online reviews share them with family/friends 92% of people feel more confident of online reviews than by a sales person Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    18. 18. #12 New Visitors New visitors come to your site and leaveOnly 2%to 3% of Entice a portion withvisitors an offer willcontact Have a call to action on you each page Get New Sales Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    19. 19. How To Double Your Sales✓ Assume you have 1000 clients/year✓ Repeats - get 50% for 500 repeat customers✓ Referrals - 25% x 2 @15% close 75✓ Door Hangers - 2000 @ 15% close 300✓ Text Reminders - 15% gain - 150✓ 1025 additional clients for next year Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    20. 20. One More: Radius Marketing http://www.flickr.com/photos/hlkljgk/2427922318/Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    21. 21. ✓Increase Quotes Up to 325% Text “Chris” to 313131 ✓#1 Use for Text Marketing is for Info ✓70% of all mobile searches result in an action within 1 hourAnd One More: Text Messages Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    22. 22. Last Thoughts✓ Set Goals and Plan✓ Always thank your customers✓ Marketing is not a one time - it’s a continual Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    23. 23. Marketing Solutions Starting at $30/month Our Offers Including: Marketing Strategies Video Text Marketing Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    24. 24. Want to learn hundreds of more tactics? Contact Me To See How I Can Help: Chris Hamilton chris@salestipaday.com 1-877-782-2864 Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    25. 25. Go to www.SalesTipADay.comfor Daily Sales and Marketing Tips Contact: Chris@SalesTipADay.com 1-877-782-2864
    26. 26. Next Event: How to Use Twitter The Proper Way for Marketinghttp://salestipaday.com/the-ultimate-twitter-marketing- guide-download/