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Salespod is a real time, task focused sales force automation tool.

Salespod is a real time, task focused sales force automation tool.

It is unique, comprehensive, field sales & services automation solution available for smart phones and tablets.



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  • My name is Marko Kovac, I’m CEO and co-founder of Salespod.Salespod is a real time, task focused sales force automation tool for smartphones and tablets.
  • When a sales rep visits a client he is cut off from the office.
  • He has to KNOW a ton of information, like:- exact pricing- inventory levels- previous orders- outstanding debt- upsale opportunities
  • Besides, sales rep needs to CAPTURE information like:- Contact details- Purchase orders- Price scans- Work orders- Time sheets, or- Product positioning
  • All Joe has is a CELL PHONE and paper
  • Now, let’s meet Chris, Joe’s sales manager. He sits in the office.
  • Chris needs to manage all the incoming documents from the sales team, such as all the fax orders, which might have delays or mistakes.
  • He is stuck on the phone with his reps all day dealing with order status, inventory levels and all sorts of information.This should all be automated.
  • So, years ago people started building CRM and sales force automation solutions.But, those traditional systems are nothing more than a database of the searchable information. Well, that’s NOT how real people work!
  • My co-founder and I, we were building database oriented CRM’s and SFA’s for nine years, but we saw over and over again there is a HUGE GAP between software and real life business actions and tasks.
  • So, let me introduce our new product – Salespod.Salespod was built to reflect how people work in real life.It’s is about REALACTIONS in REAL TIME!
  • With Salespod, we are converting managers from bureaucrats to informed coaches. They see real time, live coverage of their reps.And now field reps have a single, comprehensive tool to accomplish their goals.
  • Salespod is task focused SFA providing real time collaboration.It includes order management, custom mobile forms, work orders, messaging, billboards, photo taking, GPS tracking, and more.
  • It’smade of two parts: web app for the managers in the office, and the mobile app for reps.
  • Salespod can be a standalone solution or it can be integrated with company’s existing ERP or CRM system. We have existing API and integrate with a number of ERP’s and CRM’s.
  • We serve small and medium size business as well as large companies like T-Mobile in Europe.We are going to market by leveraging existing distribution networkslike business application marketplaces, telecoms or vendors of mobile equipment.

Salespod Salespod Presentation Transcript

  • real time, task focusedsales force automation
  • JOE SALES(the average field sales rep)
  • 1T exact pricing inventory levels previous orders outstanding debt upsale opportunitiesHe has to KNOW a ton of information...
  • 1T +1T Contact details exact pricing Purchase order inventory levels Price scan previous orders Work order outstanding debt Time sheet upsale opportunities Product positioningwhile having to CAPTURE information.
  • Everything Joe has is a CELL PHONE and PAPER.
  • CHRIS(Joe’s Manager)
  • FAX ORDERS Delays Mistakes Double entries Lost orders Legibility problemsManages all of the INCOMING DOCS.
  • FAX ORDERS DEALING WITH Order status Delays Mistakes Inventory levels Double entries Outstanding debt Lost orders Previous orders Legibility problems Contact historyHe is STUCK ON THE PHONE with his reps all day.
  • Traditional SFA is just a database! This is NOT how real people work!
  • Pain-PointHuge gap betweensoftware and real lifebusiness actions andtasks.
  • SalesPod is about REAL actions in REAL time!
  • Converting managers frombureaucrats to coaches
  • SalesPod is:A task focused SFA providing real time collaboration.With:
  • Two part SaaS platform Backoffice web app for managers Mobile app for reps
  • API and integrationSalespod is a STANDALONE solution, or......INTEGRATED with the company’s existing CRM or ERP
  • Clients & distribution partners