10 tips to increase Internet Sales


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How to reach more customers online using multichannel catalogs.

Reaching Social Networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. How to get customers from marketplaces like: Amazon, Rakuten or eBay. How to keep catalogs updated everywhere easily.

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10 tips to increase Internet Sales

  2. 2. BEFORE the Internet, the market was more focused: We could define it as "100 % offline" Just one sales channel: Commercial Strength and hitting the road. Image: Bert Kaufmann MARKET “100 offline”
  3. 3. NOW the customers can be found in many different channels: Offline market eBay Corporate sites Facebook Google Shopping Android Pinterest Amazon Twitter Rakuten Image: Mato Rachela iOS
  4. 4. If your company works only with a channel, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM You're reaching only these customers You're missing the rest! Image: Tanja Scherm
  6. 6. #1 USE DESCRIPTIONS IN M U LT I P L E L A N G U A G E S Internet is an international market and by speaking more languages, you’ll be able to connect with customers from other countries. Moreover, other languages will improve your SEO positioning in search engines, attracting more visitors. Example: If you sell mattresses, you will attract visitors with keywords like "colchón", " mattress ", " matelas "... and not just " mattress ".
  7. 7. #2 TA K E C A R E O F Y O U R PRODUCT IMAGES In the virtual environment, there’s no physical display of your products. The images you use must be able to show values such as texture, quality, color or warmth. Example: if you sell blankets, your images should highlight its softness, texture and colors.
  8. 8. #3 O F F E R A L L T H E D E TA I L S Users do want to know the full experience, to know every detail. Every user is different, so each one will be searching for the characteristics or details that are of special interest to them. Example: if you sell organic foods, the information sought by a final consumer, a restaurant chef or a nutritionist will be very different.
  9. 9. #4 C O N S TA N T LY U P D AT I N G The life cycle of products becomes shorter and this requires more frequent catalog updates. If you stop updating your information on one of your sales channels, you’ll jeopardize the effectiveness of that channel. Example: Many companies are counting on catalog apps on tablets. In most cases, the information is outdated on these apps, and the trade men are simply using their paper catalogues to show the products and place orders. What purpose serves the application?
  10. 10. #5 A D D C U S T O M E R G E N E R AT E D CONTENT To make your products more credible, let your customers speak about them. Encourage to add photos and comments and you’ll make the catalog more social Example: If you sell furniture in your company, ask customers to add images of how they have improved their living spaces with your furniture and feature those images on product pages.
  11. 11. #6 EMPHASIZE THE UNIQUENESS OF YOUR PRODUCTS Emphasize those aspects that differentiate your product from the competition’s products, clearly explain them on your data sheet. Example: if you sell baby clothes made of special cotton that does not cause allergies, be sure to place special emphasis on this differential feature that will attract attention and the search of parents with allergic children.
  12. 12. #7 MAKE IT EASY TO C O M M U N I C AT E E R R O R S Among thousands of references and products, it’s a question of statistics how many errors will there be: content that doesn’t display correctly, typographic errors, misplaced references, non translated text, images that don’s show... Example: allow people who often visit your product sheets, such as commercial agents or clients, to easily report the bugs they find.
  13. 13. #8 U S E M E T R I C S A N D A N A LY T I C S If you want to improve the conversion rate of your product sheets (finding the formula that makes your products sell better) you should measure the results and know which products sheets sell more for each customer visit. Example: try to change the image of your product and see which one sells better. Measure the conversion before and after the change.
  14. 14. #9 TA K E Y O U R P R O D U C T S E V E RY W H E R E When you’ve found the way your product sheets sell best, start getting visitors to your product sheets. Example: if you have an online store, use the social media to attract more visitors. If your product sheet converts 1%, you get 10 sales per 1,000 visits.
  15. 15. #10 TA K E Y O U R P R O D U C T S E V E RY W H E R E If you've got a well-detailed, attractive products catalog and above all, one that converts, take it to all the possible sales channels. Example: If your products go well on your website, why not reach the public also through Amazon, Rakuten, eBay...? These are marketplaces with millions of daily visits where you can take your products and convert even more sales.
  16. 16. WHAT MAKES A GREAT BRAND DIFFERENT? Do they have a better product? No Do they hire better people? No Are they more likeable? No Image: Enrique Fernández
  17. 17. A GREAT BRAND IS EVERYWHERE How to reach everywhere? in saleslayer.co you can find some answers... Image: Enrique Fernández