Key Sales Buyers For Your Business


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Key Sales Buyers For Your Business, inspired by a Mark Suster Blog Post

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Key Sales Buyers For Your Business

  1. 1. keysalesbuyersfor yourbusiness Inspired by a Mark Suster Blog Post
  2. 2. herearethekeybuyer typesyou’llmeetas yousell:
  3. 3. theEnemy
  4. 4. WhoARETHEY? Simply put, they’re against you.This could be because they don’t want to spend money on the solution, don’t think they have a problem, or prefer not to change at all.
  5. 5. Remember that enemies aren’t always evil.Talking directly to the enemy makes it more difficult for them to think you are a bad fit. By speaking to them, you’re showing you really care about them as a potential customer, which will pay dividends. Theapproach
  6. 6. theSAGE
  7. 7. This person has been in the company for a long time and has a deep understanding of how it’s run.They’re often friendly and can help you understand more about the business. WhoARETHEY?
  8. 8. Although they are a valuable source of information, they don’t have much authority. They might not be the best customer for you to focus on as the sale moves toward a close. Theapproach
  9. 9. theEXPERT
  10. 10. This person has influence in the organization, but no authority.They don’t necessarily have to be someone high on corporate ladder, but rather someone with in-depth knowledge on a topic related to your sale. WhoARETHEY?
  11. 11. Try to find the person with the most expertise, often by asking who the decision makers go to for advice. Consult the expert to improve the chance of your sale. Theapproach
  12. 12. TheInfluencer
  13. 13. Similar to “the expert,” this person is often consulted by decision makers.The influencer, however, doesn’t have a specific area of knowledge, but instead is well informed about the company as a whole. WhoARETHEY?
  14. 14. Find out who influences the company’s decision makers and try to meet them. Keep in mind they might not always be inside the organization. Theapproach
  15. 15. THESPONSOR
  16. 16. This person is senior in the company and controls the budget.They may not be involved in the deal other than giving it a “yes” or “no.” WhoARETHEY?
  17. 17. Find out whether or not the decision maker has to get approval from a sponsor. If yes, try to get a brief meeting with the sponsor. This will improve your chance to move forward with the deal. theapproach
  18. 18. Blockers
  19. 19. Be they technology, procurement or legal, they present roadblocks in finalizing the deal.Audits and paperwork can make your life miserable and even unwind a deal completely. WhatARETHEY?
  20. 20. The best practice for dealing with blockers is to have an inside man. A buyer on your side can alleviate the stress of procurement, legal and tech internally. theapproach
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