What it buyers really want john shaw - mainstream renewable power - 17 01-10


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What it buyers really want john shaw - mainstream renewable power - 17 01-10

  1. 1. What ICT Buyers Really Want John Shaw Head of Information Services Mainstream Renewable Power Sales Institute Ireland Alexander Hotel 17th November 2010
  2. 2. • Mainstream’s Business Perspective• Business expectations : The Basics and Strategic view• Business dialogue : IT-CMF• ICT Strategic Partnership
  3. 3. VisionMainstream Renewable Power was Founded by Dr. Eddie O‟Connor in February 2008. “ Our vision is of thriving economies and communities liberated from the restrictions of fossil fuels, using renewable energy as their mainstream source of power. “The world is experiencing a once-off historical transition to sustainable fuels: Each one of our 195countries must go through it.4 fundamental issues drive this transition ; •Climate change •Ever-increasing Demand for Energy •Rising Fossil Fuel Prices •Energy Security This Vision demands a strong Business Model
  4. 4. Drivers1. Ever-increasing Demand for Energy In 2009 China surpassed US as world‟s largest energy consumer By 2030, China and India will add „ 23 Germanys „ to their grids2. Rising Fossil Fuel Prices Globe: 157,000 MW Wind Power installed to date Norway: 70 % of Energy from Hydro; planning to be 100 % self-sustaining by 20203. Energy Security: EU perspective By 2020 Russia will be EU‟s primary source of energy.... If we do nothing EU Commission Policy : All Utilities must generate > 20% energy from Renewables by 2020 Offshore Wind Power is the best energy option for Europe
  5. 5. EU Energy Perspective : Current Mix> 50 % of new Generation Capacity from Wind & PV
  6. 6. EU Energy Perspective : 2050 Mix Energy Demand Offshore Winds farms are needed for Europe to meet Green House Gas Targets Nuclear Interconnection across EU 10% member states is needed toOther Renewables 10% enable Offshore Wind Wind Interconnection, or Supergrid 50% is vital for delivery of any 2050 Solar scenario 30% 2020 offshore grid connections must be Supergrid-compliant > 80 % of Generation Capacity will be from Wind & PV
  7. 7. Mainstream Business Model Government Policy Project Development Recycled Project Construction profits – more projects Project O&MRevenue Streams = Profit Long-term O&M Asset out- from sale contract performance fee Success Criteria : Deal-Making, Cash Generation, Project Execution
  8. 8. Mainstream’s 7,000+ MW Projects’ Pipeline 420 MW : Scotland 1,000 MW : Germany400 MW : Canada 4,000 MW : England 787 MW : USA 400 MW :Chile 500 MW : South Africa Offices Offshore 8 offices, 4 continents, 110 colleagues Onshore
  9. 9. • Mainstream’s Business Perspective• Business expectations : The Basics and Strategic view• Business dialogue : IT-CMF• ICT Strategic Partnership
  10. 10. The Basics IS Information Services Colleagues want;1. I have a reliable laptop, enabled with video-conferencing, wireless and 3G.2. I can print, email, phone, video-conference from any Mainstream office, in the same way as my local office.3. I can consistently log on securely when I travel or when I work from home, 24 x 7.4. IS Support is clear, comprehensive, effective & I know how to get IS support for any IS issue.5. IS Service Desk operates 24 x 7 and is supported by an informative IS website.6. IS Training is effective and is supported by an IS Training Program which is timely & suits my needs.7. IS plans are communicated clearly and tell me in advance when there is a planned IS outage or upgrade.8. IS issues are communicated clearly and IS are timely in telling me what the causes & solutions are.9. IS are always customer-focused, helpful, informative & timely in addressing my IS requirements. Earn Client trust by delivering the basics
  11. 11. Strategic : Mainstream Business Systems Vision IS Information ServicesBusiness Need Integrated Business Systems Value Document Management Collaboration & Fast Replication Deal Making Asset Finance Management & HR Efficient Work Flow Development ProjectCash generation & Analysis Management Management Predictive Trading A Single Version of Performance Management the Truth Project Execution Faster Decision- Business Making Intelligence Increase Personal & Team Productivity 8 Business Systems to deliver Value
  12. 12. • Mainstream’s Business Perspective• Business expectations : The Basics and Strategic view• Business dialogue : IT-CMF• ICT Strategic Partnership
  13. 13. Setting the context IS Information Services“The CIO is done with mere technology, their job now is to make money” Paul Strassman, 2001
  14. 14. An ICT industry malaise? IS Information Services• Do firms determine Return on Investment on IT? – 73% of CIOs don‟t calculate ROI on their completed projects – 70% of companies find it difficult to calculate ROI - CIO Insight survey 2002• Issues – Definitions – Discipline – Time – Intangibles – Maturity – Priority – Leaders/Role models The value of ICT investment is rarely measured
  15. 15. The New Challenge IS Information Services Agility Power (incl Green) Security Compliance Innovation WorkloadBusiness Value Cost ReductionEffectiveness Efficiency This Business demands Effectiveness and Efficiency
  16. 16. What the CIO Tells the CEO & CFO IS Information Services Help Reduce Help Improve Fixed & Demand for Margins! VariableICT Solutions Help Enable Costs! Growth! ICT Budget Flat Company Growing Declining Revenue Demand for ICT consistently grows
  17. 17. The Challenge for IT IS Information Services 13% Innovation 20% Enhance Existing Capabilities 67% of IT Spending is to Keep the Business Running Source: Gartner IT Key Metrics Data 2008Challenge is to drive cost down & focus on Innovation
  18. 18. CIO needs a Framework to Evaluate Decisions IS Information Services• CIO compass needed to: – Set the direction and priorities – Reduce complexity – Frame decisions on business value – Optimize for the company, not ICT A new Business- ICT language is needed
  19. 19. CIOs lack an integrated framework IS Information ServicesIT process frameworks Business value Financial value delivered Cash flow ROI EVA ROCE ROE NPV ? Operational value of IT Customer Supplier Managerial Employee Partner Societal• How to deploy service oriented architecture? • What is the average return from your IT investments?• How to implement best in class security? • What is the cumulative return from your IT investments?• How to manage a data centre?• How to deploy virtualization? There is a need for an integrated Business-ICT language
  20. 20. Defining Business Value IS Information Services• Business Value is the contribution IT makes to helping a firm or other organization achieve it’s objective Revenue (Growth) Business Costs/Efficiency Value Assets (Productivity) Risk (Continuity) Agility (Expectations) An integrated language for Business Value is needed
  21. 21. Closing the Loop on Business Value IS Information ServicesBusiness StrategyBusiness Context Manage IT like a BusinessManaging the IT Managing the IT Managing IT for Budget Capability Business Value An Integrated Process Approach is needed : 4 Macro Processes
  22. 22. One Solution : IT Capability Maturity Model IS Information Services Managing IT Managing the Managing the Managing IT for like a business IT budget IT capability business valueITG IT Leadership and Governance FF Funding and Financing EAMEnterprise Architecture TCOTotal Cost of OwnershipBPM Business Process BGMBudget Management Management BARBenefits Assessment and Management TIM Technical Infrastructure RealisationBP PPP Portfolio Planning and Business Planning Prioritisation Management PM Portfolio ManagementSP Strategic Planning BOPBudget Oversight and PAMPeople Asset Management IAP Investment Analysis andDSM Demand and Supply Performance Analysis ICM Intellectual Capital Management PerformanceCFP Management RAMRelationship Asset Capacity Forecasting and ManagementRM Planning RDEResearch, Development and Risk Management EngineeringAA Accounting and Allocation SD Solutions DeliveryODP Organisation Design and SRPService ProvisioningSRC Planning UMTUser Management and TrainingREM Sourcing UEDUser Experience DesignIM Resource Management PPMProgram and Project Innovation Management ManagementPQM Performance and Quality SUMSupplier Management Management VCMValue Chain ManagementSAI Service Analytics and CAMCapabilityAssessment and Intelligence Management IT-CMF : A new Business Value Language with 34 sub-processes
  23. 23. IT-CMF Assessment Oct 2009 IS Information ServicesIT Capability Maturity Framework• A reference model built by Academia, Industry, Intel IT Where we• IT Value measurement tool need to be Maturity Level The 4 IT Improvement Strategies Managing IT for Managing the Managing the Managing IT vs Strategy Business Value IT Budget IT Capability like a Business Optimising Sustainable Core Value Level 5: Optimising Value Economic Model Competence Centre Portfolio & Options Expanded Business Investment Level 4: Advanced Management Funding Options Partner Centre Return On Investment Improve Technology Service Level 3: Intermediate & Business Case Productivity Expert Centre Total Cost Predictable Technology Cost Level 2: Basic of Ownership Performance Supplier Centre Level 1: Initial Beginning Beginning Beginning Beginning Source: Martin Curley, Intel / National University of Ireland A proven model to measure & improve ICT Value
  24. 24. • Mainstream’s Business Perspective• Business expectations : The Basics and Strategic view• Business dialogue : IT-CMF• ICT Strategic Partnership
  25. 25. ICT Strategic Partnering Model IS Information Services 1. Client RM & Strategy 2. Projects Management 3. Business Analysis 4 Systems Development 5. System Break/Fix Services Request System Security Maintenance IS Mainstream ICT Strategic PartnersIS Mainstream focus on Adding Value
  26. 26. ICT Strategic Objectives & Design Principles IS Information ServicesICT Strategic Objectives :• Build a flexible platform to energise successful business execution.• Deliver business solutions through innovative technology, processes, and partnership.• Leverage ICT investment towards strategic & operational business priorities• Champion the pace of adoption of ICT , facilitate delivery of Mainstream KPIs• Quickly deploy best ICT practices in knowledge creation, collaboration , communication• Proactively manage ICT risks as they impact on business performance & priorities• Integrate ICT governance into Mainstream‟s overall governance & business performance reviewsICT Design Principles :• Buy before build• Configuration not customisation• Partner with Strategic ICT vendors & follow their Technology Roadmaps• Build for 24 x 7, high-availability, dispersed geography, future growth• Outsource repetitive activities• Enterprise Excellence Technology & Process• Standardise ICT at Mainstream : an opportunity for Competitive Advantage
  27. 27. ICT Governance IS Information Services1. Governance 2. PMO 3. TollgatesSystems Council & Forum; IS Program Management Office. For all projects;Agreed Charter, attendees, action log Agree Project prioritization criteria Agree a consistent model with 5Plan of Record maintained. with stakeholders : tollgates; 1. Service Improvement 1. Initiate 2. Cost Reduction 2. Plan & Design 3. Business Impact 3. Build & Test 4. Risk, Compliance, BCP 4. Go-Live Verification 5. Business Urgency 5. Operate Systems Council Score & force-rank all projects Each tollgate has clear deliverables Finance Onshore Offshore against these 5 criteria. Development Development Project managers trained in this Track Project progress against ; methodology Technical - Scope IS SHEQ - Schedule Services - Resources - Budget Monthly - Change Management - Benefits Systems Projects Forum Provide Project progress Reports Project System IS PMO Managers Owner Weekly A proven methodology
  28. 28. ICT Lifecycle Model IS Information Services 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Phases Initiate Plan & Build & Go-Live Operate Design Test Verification Tollgate 1 Tollgate 2 Tollgate 3 Tollgate 4 Design & Final Business Case Project Scope Supplier Audit/ Configuration Training Plan Proposal: Assessment report Specification executed Business Review Hardware & Disaster Name AS IS process Decision Application Objectives mapped Schedule Installation Recovery Lessons learned Benefits Constraints Milestones Application Business Schedule of TO BE process Resource Plan Business Complete project Configuration Continuity Plan Close out Mandatory reviews mapped document DeliverablesDeliverables Unit Test Load Migration System User Requirement Plan report Control Specification Plan System Test SLA & OLA & Hand over Functional Plan Runbook to Specification Operations Proof of Concept User Test Certificate Project Technical Plan for Use Team Conceptual design Specification disbands & Feasibility test Cut-over plan Configuration & change Management Requirements Traceability Matrix Schedule Budget & Benefits Review Risk & Legal Management plan Stakeholder & Communication plan A proven methodology based on IEEE ‘V’ Development model
  29. 29. Summary IS Information Services• Business leaders expect: – The IT Experience at work to at least match the IT experience at home – The basics to work reliably always – ICT Strategy to focus on Adding Value• A new ICT dialogue with Business leaders is needed: – Based on Value – Based on a common language – Based on a measuring Capability Maturity• The CIO expects ICT Suppliers to; – Focus on Strategic Partnership – Focus on Adding Value, better ROI – Free up the CIO‟s organisation to focus on strategy, not operations – Follow Good Project Management Principles
  30. 30. Useful Links IS Information Services Mainstream : Business Model http://www.mainstreamrp.com/ Mainstream’s ICT Strategy, described by Silicon Republic http://www.siliconrepublic.com/strategy/item/14728-in-the-mainstream Intel & Mainstream : joint White-Paper & Video on Offshore Wind Farms http://www.intel.com/embedded/energy/products.htm ( see „Wind Turbine Availability Excellence‟ ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlWSWujw8s Microsoft & Mainstream : Blog on SERA adoption & link to SERA document http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mspowerutilities/archive/2010/06/24/sera-succinctly.aspx http://www.microsoft.com/industry/manufacturing/utilities/default.mspx ( see „Spotlight‟ Section for details on Microsoft‟s SERA ). DSS & Mainstream : Partnership in action http://www.decision.ie/ Eircom & Cisco : Eircom wins Cisco Gold Partner of the Year 2010 http://www.eircomitperspective.com/issue7/news1.asp?firstname=&lastname=&actmanager=&amemail= Friends of the Supergrid : driving policy and standards http://www.friendsofthesupergrid.eu/ EU Commission : ICT for Energy Efficiency ; Mainstream are on the Review Panel http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict4ee/2010/index_en.htm Energy Trends : Oil refinery bottleneck report from Richard Branson & from US Military http://peakoiltaskforce.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/final-report-uk-itpoes_report_the-oil-crunch_feb20101.pdf http://smallwarsjournal.com/blog/2010/03/joint-operating-environment-20-1/ Innovation Value Institute http://www.ivi.ie/19 November 2010 Company Proprietary & Confidential Information