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Powerpoint Presentation about our pitch made by Katie, Elena and Marc

Powerpoint Presentation about our pitch made by Katie, Elena and Marc

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  • 1. The Synopsis Teenage Drama/Comedy Film Student moving from Britain to America Was a complete nerd Attempts to fit in with crowd Saves girlfriend in fire
  • 2. The Plot Act One First scenes – introduce main character Opening: A dream of what he wants to be End of dream reveals his true identity Starts moving to America to study Says goodbyes to friends and family Moves to a house and been given a nice car Decides to hide his nerdy behaviour
  • 3. The Plot Act Two Lies to make friends – makes it into a fraternity Truth slowly reveals itself Starts dating a girl called Rosie Turner Alter ego – invited to a conference of his game in London – buys tickets Birthday party almost reveals him Shocking truth spread by the girl, forcing him to reveal himself Popularity drops, and kicked out of fraternity and loses girlfriend Best friend still decides to stick with him
  • 4. The Plot Act Three The events send Connor into grief, and decides to move back to London, despite friend trying to stop him He goes to campus to confirm his move – fire breaks out He saves ex-girlfriend Rosie from the fire, but is knocked unconscious They get back together and Connor is welcomed back in society Film ends similar to dream in beginning
  • 5. Genre Teenage Drama
  • 6. The Genre Sub-genre Fundamental basics Does not focus on comedy Focuses on troubles
  • 7. The Genre Repertoire of Elements Narratives, e.g. falling in love Iconography, e.g. parties, slight dress code Setting: America, in a university campus Stock Characters: Outcast, Football team and cheerleaders
  • 8. The Genre Bending the Rule Fraternities and sororities instead of cliques Character financially well-off Not mainly about character falling in love
  • 9. The Characters Connor Jones
  • 10. The Characters Connor Jones’s Room
  • 11. The Characters Connor Jones Main Character Son of well-off family Lived in London 18 years old Nerd Compassionate, sympathetic and brave Bravery revealed in a pivotal point
  • 12. The Characters Rosie Turner
  • 13. The Characters Rosie Turner Cheerleader Connor’s girlfriend False prep Very popular Vain snob Personality change towards end of film Friends with similar personalities
  • 14. The Characters Chris Smith
  • 15. The Characters Chris Smith Connor’s best friend Tolerant and sympathetic – looks beyond the situation and understands why Connor has hidden his past lifestyle. Apple fan, like Connor May have been through same troubles as Connor Alcohol and party addict
  • 16. The Characters Vladimir Prop's Spheres of Action Hero: Connor Villain: Fate Dispatcher: Connor Helper: Chris Princess: Rosie and popularity
  • 17. The Audience
  • 18. The Budget £2-3 million
  • 19. The Budget Product Placements ?
  • 20. The Budget
  • 21. The Two Minutes A lot of it will be his dream Unconventional way of flash-forward Happens at the end of film Party, alcohol and sex Interest in whether he will fulfil his dream to become popular