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equipment used


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Published in: Technology
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  1. Microphone While filming we didn't use any microphones attached to the camera, this was because there was only a few case were the characters actually spoke as most of our sound was going to be voice over. We used the zoom audio recorder to recorded Jennifer's voice over through out the footage, connecting it with a microphone and covering the microphone with a screen in order to clear sound. We also used the zoom audio recorder to emphasis the sound of Jennifer when she falls and hits the ground, by doing this we were hoping it made the scene more comical. I learnt that by using the zoom recorder we were able to get a clear and effective voice over that would have a good sound quality.
  2. Camera While filming we first used the Panasonic NVV GS120, the picture quality was one of which we was pleased with and the sound was a good enough quality to what we aimed to achieve. After filming with Panasonic NVV GS120 we found that there would be scenes we need to reshoot so we had to use the JVC D63, while filming the quality seemed just as good but when we edited our footage together we soon realised the camera captured differently to each other and therefore creating different dimensions and quality within our footage. With this we then learnt that all camera shoot in different ways and therefore when it came to reshooting again we used a similar camera to Panasonic NVV GS120.
  3. Editing To edit out footage we used Premiere Elements, none of my group had experience with this software and it we new for all of us. We briefly practiced using this device at first and we found it fairly easy to use. However when it came around to editing we soon realised it was harder then we though. we had trouble uploading our footage as the software kept freezing but over all we soon got the hang of things and used different effects on it. We used a speed ramp in order to create a fast motion effect, we changed edited the contrast to try and even out the lighting effects and used various other transitions for titles. We also used transitions in order to create a waved effect on out titles. Some scenes that we found glitches in we used different effects, there was a jump cut and to disguise this we edited in a slow motion effect. We also used the use of editing sound to play with our footage and changed the levels of the volume through out our footage as well as using fade outs in-between speech as well as sing fade outs for clips. There was also a part were we edited some footage of a light to demonstrate Jennifer waking up and looking at the ceiling, we used a blurring affect to allow the audience to identify that Jennifer was waking up.
  4. Lighting While filming we decided using a fill light in order to lighten areas we were filming as we found they were dark, we also used a reflector to try to get the best quality of lighting possible, some areas you can see the good quality of this where as other areas the lighting was perhaps not as good as we wished it would have been. We used lighting in a part of the footage to exaggerate how ‘orange’ the popular girl is and to show that she is in the spotlight showing the full attention is on her.