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Question 1

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. For our media production we decided to create a newsoap opera. As a group we had to do thoroughresearch into the genre of soap operas and comparethe similarities and differences between differentsoaps. We also looked into the forms and conventionsin soap operas.The main soap operas we looked at were Eastenders,Coronation street and Hollyoaks.
  3. 3. We each did a textual analysis on a soap to help usfurther understand the conventions seen within soaps.From our research we decided to create a soap whichwas both social realist and light entertainment, this issimilar to Hollyoaks.We wanted a soapwhich would appealto our targetaudience by beinginteresting anddramatic but in alight hearted way.
  4. 4. For our stock characters we used the typicalconventional characters that you would find in any soap,but to make sure our audience didn’t think that we hadjust copied characters from other soaps we challengedthem too. The characters which have the mainstorylines at the present time were highlighted in ourtrailer by focusing on their faces and sometimes with aflash back to what their life is like.Some of the characters we seeinclude Luke, played by DavidGarcia, we see him smiling atthe party, then it flashes back tohim being violent towards hisgirlfriend. Abuse is somethingthat teenagers can go throughbut it is not widely talked about.
  5. 5. In our soap we want to cover issues that teenagers can beeffected by e.g. abuse, bullying, relationships. Through thestory line we want to show that it can be dealt with andthat there are other people in similar positions.However as said before we want to make it light heartedso the stories won’t all be dramatic in a bad way. We triedto add some light heartedness into our trailer by having aparty scene included. This is something that happensoften in teenagers lives so they can easily relate to it.
  6. 6. Some of the other characterswe see in our trailer includesomeone doing cocaine,drugs are often used amongteenagers so teenagerscould relate. Another is a girl being sick,nearly every party includessomeone being sick so wethought by including theseour viewers with relate betterto it.
  7. 7. All soaps are set around a community,for example Hollyoaks is set around atown called Chester and we alsowanted to have one. We decided thatour characters would connected bygoing to Holloway Halls. Having auniversity will also help engage andattract our target audience of 16-34year olds. This is because the majorityof our audience our will either belooking to go to university, be atuniversity or recently left, this will helpattract our audience by it being in asetting that the majority will be able torelate to easily.We will have more than one trailer and each trailer will showdifferent characters and their storylines. This way we can alsotarget the different trailers at different audiences e.g. male andfemales, teenagers and young adults.