Doug Landis (SVP of Sales Productivity, Box) - Building Scalable Sales Processes From Day One


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Doug Landis is the SVP of Sales Productivity at Box, the largest enterprise cloud storage company. He’s held positions at Salesforce and Oracle and is in charge of making the sales organization more efficient.

What you will learn:
-Individual sales productivity hacks.
-Management techniques that streamline sale teams.
-On boarding and training systems that make scaling a smooth operation.

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  • We’ve heard a lot of great tips and insights and ideas here today......i’m hoping that over the next 30 min I can add a few more arrows in your name is douglandis and i’m just like one of you.....a sales enthusiast.....someone who’s trying to build something amazing......and yes i’ve had some great experiences and opportunities already along the way and well that’s what’s gotten me here T: the truth is most of us in this room are trying to do that help our company (be it 3 people or 30 or 300) succeed and grow...... But we have to face a difficult fact......
  • What do you think these numbers mean....They are the %’s of companies that will fail over time......T: but why .... Why is that some of these companies don’t make it ......
  • They are trying to build a business on a bad idea.....Or they are trying to launch a product without a marketOr they just plain have terrible leadership Or perhaps it’s just an awful sales strategy......I mean really a socket puppet isn’t much of a strategy.....T: at the end of the day what we really want is to go from where are today to a better more financially rewarding situation like.....
  • What just happened with Veeva yesterday or what happened at Workday, Marketo, Fire Eye, Rocket Fuel ......The good news you have the chance to do that to help your companies get there ....
  • The fact of the matter of is each and everyone of you here today has the opportunity to make a massive difference in your organization and honestly y’all have a responsibility to do your part to help your company get there......T: the question is how.....
  • First I need you to think differently about your role and the impact YOU can have on your organization ......
  • Secondly I want you to walk out here and do 3 things differently than you did before ......T: I know that in your role in your company
  • You probably feel like you have to everything .... That when you’re getting started you wear all of the hats .....and there isn’t much time but I’d argue that it’s the little things that you do up front that will save you hours in the end .....So what do we want to do differently after today......first we want to track everything....
  • When you’re just getting started or you’re one of the first sales people you are laying all of the ground’re digging the holes ....testing the waters....cutting the trees and building the fences so why not spend a few extra minutes tracking what works and doesn’t work ..... Since you’re out pitching the messages ....track the ones that get someone to say ah ha .....tell me more’re the one making the calls so make note of who the message resonates with and who it doesn’’re the one putting in the hours to track when people reply or respond’re the one winning and losing so make a note of who it is that’s eating your lunch ..... And why ..... You’re the one out doing the presentations and the demo’s so make sure you’re clear about what people are responding to and lastly help your founders and the board really understand how ripe the market really is.....are you really selling rocks to people or is there an opporunnity here......Of course the only way to really know if what you’re doing is having an impact .... Is to measure it .....T: you know what they say what can’t be measured isn’t worth doing.....
  • Now what will save you hours and hours in the end is your ability to save all of this great information that you learn......T: as you all probably know there are a lot of great tools out there to help you save and store this information .....
  • Some are expensive and robust and some are free and easy.... It doesn’t matter what you use as long as it can help you track what you do....T:
  • Number 2 make sure you’re always thinking about how to enable’re not always going to be the only salesperson .....hopefullly because of your success you’re company will hire instead of waiting for them to bug you about how to get started ..... Where to look for deals ..... How to read the signs to identify top targets to do weekly and quarterly reviews.....
  • "As you look to scale your sales efforts, you really need to make sure you have the right systems and processes in place to make sure you maximize the investment you will be making in a sales team. There are a bunch of different tools and such you can use. One of the great things I've seen is the idea of a 30-60-90 dashboard that can help your reps ramp up.   Why 30-60-90? When you hire sales people you ask them what's their 30-60-90 plan?  Nice story they get hired. When they start, wouldn't it be great to give them a dashboard right in to tee up the key activities you (and your CRM) think they should be doing.  My friend Kevin Kramer has done this many times in the past and is launching a company called Deal Generators that will offer this as a product add on for your system."
  • Your board, investors, execs, advisors
  • Doug Landis (SVP of Sales Productivity, Box) - Building Scalable Sales Processes From Day One

    1. 1. Scaling Your Sales Org Doug Landis VP Productivity
    2. 2. 25% 44% Will fail in year one Will fail in year three 71% Will fail in year ten Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee Research
    3. 3. The wrong sales strategy A bad idea Piss poor leadership No real market
    4. 4. Differently about your role .....and the impact you can have on your organization
    5. 5. Three things differently than you did before.... Track Enable Share
    6. 6. 1. Track Everything • Messages that resonate • Roles that respond • Times to call • Competitors that win • Prices that close • Presentations that work • Demo’s that define • Markets that are ripe
    7. 7. Be Sure To Measure The Impact • What’s the right price • What’s your sales cycle • What causes deals to stall • Who are you losing to • #’s of calls that convert • Emails that get a response
    8. 8. Use One Of These Tools To Help You
    9. 9. Leverage The Dashboards To See How You’re Doing • Pipeline ‒ Creation ‒ Total ‒ Closed won • Opportunities ‒ # created ‒ $ amounts • Activities ‒ Email ‒ Phone ‒ Meaningful interactions • Clean your room
    10. 10. 2. Enable Others To Be Successful • Onboard new hires quickly • Guide reps to low hanging fruit • Deliver actionable insight • Suggest top targets • Facilitate quarterly reviews • Leverage your CRM data
    11. 11. Dashboards Can Also Be Enablement Tools • Territory Review / QBR & 30-60-90 Dashboard ‒ Prior, Current Performance ‒ Top Customers ‒ Top Partners Top Partners 2nd Deal Targets Re-Engage Dormant Top Customers Cross-Sell Targets Former Prospects ‒ Top Targets • Reactive Targeting ‒ Inbound Leads ‒ Unregistered website visits • Proactive Targeting ‒ Cross- and Up-Sell Candidates ‒ Customers “Ripe” for Next Deal ‒ Dormant Customers to re-engage
    12. 12. There Are Other Tools You Can Use
    13. 13. 3. Share What You Learn 1 Every insight and exchange matters 2 The more you share the more you learn 3 Your partners need to know the truth
    14. 14. Sharing Is Caring.....Sharing IS Collaborating
    15. 15. If you want to be the....
    16. 16. Leverage Your Entire Team
    17. 17. Thank you. @douglandis