Messaging - What Works and What Doesn't


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How to turn those leads into meetings.

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Messaging - What Works and What Doesn't

  1. 1. M E S S A G I N G - W H A T W O R K S A N D D O E S N ’ T L E A D S D O N ’ T A L W A Y S E Q U A L M E E T I N G S
  2. 2. I ’ M A S S U M I N G … • Know your buyer - at least partially • Know what tools to use to source and email
  3. 3. Key Pieces to a good email / call • Clear subject ….maybe funny but audience appropriate..scratch that…I hate funny • Clear ask in the first 2 sentences • Call out key issues / features • Clear ask again • Track, Rinse, Repeat • Be F*&^ing tenacious
  4. 4. S U B J E C T L I N E S - W H A T I S T H E B A S E L I N E ? ? • GET SOMEONE TO OPEN YOUR EMAIL!!! • If your open rate is under 30%…..something is broken • If your open rate is over 30%….shoot for 50!
  5. 5. W H A T W O R K S ? – S U B J E C T L I N E S • Time to meet - 5/30 - 30-40% • RE: Time to meet - 5/30 - 35%+ • Just left you a voicemail…but thought this may be faster - 35% • Try using a timeline as well (Meeting with our CEO in Austin - 5/30) - 37-50%
  6. 6. W H A T W O R K S ? • Their Company / Our company - Time to Connect - 5/30 - actually underperforms! • Don’t use FWD - rarely works • “Sale” or “Free” - sub 10% • Nobody gives a S*&^ about your enthusiasm - “Newest XYZ in the Adtech space” “Brining innovation to blah, blah” - 15-30%
  7. 7. C L E A R A S K ! ! • Why are you emailing or calling me???
  8. 8. M E E T I N G O R R E F E R R A L ? • Why ask for a referral when you know you have the right person???? • With a known target - meeting • Unknown or unsure - referral
  9. 9. E X A M P L E … • Hope all is well. I recently saw an article (spoke to two people in your department)….and want to set up 15 minutes to connect with you next week.
  10. 10. K E Y P O I N T S F O R T H E M E A T O F Y O U R E M A I L • First position the issue - “Many people in the xyz industry are focusing on how to reduce time spent via collaborating on xyz. The industry is seeing organizations that are focusing on this issue consistently generate 10-20% revenue gains because of xyz….”
  11. 11. K E Y P O I N T S F O R T H E M E A T O F Y O U R E M A I L … C O N T I N U E D • Next position the company - “At XYZ, we are working with (relevant industry/location partners) to see substantial, 30-50% gains in the efficiency of their operations department. Our work with, xyz, may be most relevant as they have had similar issues with (relevant industry issues)”
  12. 12. K E Y P O I N T S F O R T H E M E A T O F Y O U R C A L L • Yes, Yes - Ask for the meeting • Same opening and then confirming question - “Are you the person focused on (key industry issue)?” • Next Question: “Is driving up the value of your advertising inventory something that you are currently focused on today?”
  13. 13. K E Y P O I N T S F O R T H E M E A T O F Y O U R C A L L • Excellent - We are seeing many companies now trying to accomplish this exact target but are struggling because their current tools such as, relevant companies/competitors of your product, do not allow them or cannot….blah, blah • If you are still focused on, previously mentioned detail, then it would be good for us to meet to discuss how we are doing this today. NO PAUSE. Let me look at my calendar now and let me know how Thursday afternoon looks for you. I’m open at 2pm if that could work for you.
  14. 14. CLEAR ASK FOR MEETING OR REFERRAL • “Obviously there are other key details, but I want to set up time for us to connect next week to discuss. Let me know if XYZ date and time work for you and I will send over a calendar meeting.” • Not a question….a statement!!!
  15. 15. T R A C K Y O U R R E S U L T S • Every email should be tracked • Set out time every 2-4 weeks to optimize - Reflection is never a bad investment
  16. 16. H O W M A N Y T O U C H P O I N T S T O G E T A M E E T I N G … • Hubspot would say 7-9 before diminishing returns. This is about right. • I say…if it’s the right person…as many as it takes
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