Brian Jacobs (Founder and General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners) - Funding SaaS Companies


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Brian is the founder and General Partner of one of the worlds most active and influential B2B and SaaS Venture Capital firms.

What you will learn:
-What are the phases of growth important to VCs.
-What type of traction are VCs looking for.
-What should you look for in a good VC.

Visit for more sales hacks, tips, and tactics.

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Brian Jacobs (Founder and General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners) - Funding SaaS Companies

  1. 1. Brian Jacobs Founder & General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners October 17, 2013 Emergence Confidential
  2. 2. Emergence Capital Partners  Leading early stage Silicon Valley VC in SaaS and cloud-based services    100% focused on technology-enabled services for business users, including software-as-a-service “SaaS,” cloud computing, mobile and information services. The Emergence Effect: SaaS revenue acceleration Building market leaders       First investment: (market cap today: $30 Billion) SuccessFactors- IPO in 2007, acquired by SAP for $3.4 billion Yammer – acquired by Microsoft for $1.2 billion EchoSign – purchased by Adobe Veeva – IPO (VEEV) Yesterday! And Box, Lithium, InsideView, Hightail, Intacct, ServiceMax, Doximity, Insightly and many more for 2
  3. 3. Overview Emergence Capital Investment Team – 100% Focused on Business Cloud / SaaS Jason Green Brian Jacobs Gordon Ritter Kevin Spain Founder, General Partner Founder, General Partner Founder, General Partner General Partner Sean Jacobsohn Venture Partner Alison Wagonfeld Operating Partner Everett Cox Venture Partner Santi Subotovsky Principal Joe Floyd Senior Associate 3
  4. 4. The Emergence Effect Building Market Leaders 4
  5. 5. Phases of Growth Seed Management Founders Product Concept/wireframes Sales Pre-revenue Series A Series B Founders Founders + engineering team + engineering team + partial executive teams Product in GA Early revenue Beta customers Growth Founders + full management, + engineering team + sales. CS team Version 2.0+ Product/Market fit Product suite or platform Small sales organization Large sales organization Repeatable sales process Channels Strong market awareness Strong end-user adoption Customer Traction Customer input Beta customers Paying customers Capital Requirements $25k to $2 million $1-5 million $5-20 million $15+ million 5
  6. 6. Sales Traction That Gets Us Excited  Insanely positive customer references      2-3x growth in last 12 months High renewal rates   Significant Annual Contract  Efficient customer acquisition Solving an important need Beyond pilots and trials Smart buyers who evaluated the competitors Rapid bookings growth   Upsells and expansion Pricing power Values (ACV)  $100k+ for enterprise  $50k+ for mid-market  $25k+ for SMB  First year paid up front    ACV/CAC < 1.0 Channel partners Freemium with viral spread 6
  7. 7. Questions? 7