Darren Waddell (CMO, Radius) - Using Data to Segment Your Leads & Prospects


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Darren Waddell is the CMO of Radius Intelligence and is a marketing and product legend. Radius Intelligence is using data to score leads and focus salespeople on the right targets.

What you will learn:
-How to use data to score leads.
-What does this data look like and how can I find it.
-How can I discover a pattern among successful leads and replicate it.

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  • {"5":"- While working as a machinist in a steel mill he noticed that workers were not working as hard as they could for 3 reasons: 1) the more productive the worker, the fewer needed, 2) non-incentive wage systems encouraged low productivity, 3) workers rely on rules of thumb versus methods based on scientific study\n- When he became foreman, he set high expectations for workers. And to know how much to expect he began analyzing the productivity of the men and their machines. \n","6":"- In 1911 Taylor “Principles of Scientific Management” \n","1":"- Intro -- I get to work with marketing/sales leaders from big companies and small, tech savvy and not\n- Family, science fiction (robots & time travel), sports\n","7":"- Break tasks into their smallest components; the basis for Henry Ford’s assembly line\n- Experimented on the best way to do a job\n- Science of shoveling: found that the optimal weight a worker should lift in a shovel was 21 lbs = 3-4x increase in productivity. Prior to this workers used their own shovels\n- Implemented accelerators to keep ppl from soldiering\n","9":"- Baseball insiders views are flawed, biased\n- OBP & SLG more important\n","4":"- Frederick Winslow Taylor, born 1856 into a wealthy Philadelphia family\n- Father was a Princeton-educated lawyer\n- Rather than attending Harvard, Taylor became an apprentice machinist & eventually a machine shop laborer\n- Controversial\n","10":"- Bill James, Sabermetrics\n- Popularized by Michael Lewis’s Moneyball\n- Need to find ways to gain an edge and level the playing field\n- Isn’t that what sales hackers should be looking for?\n"}
  • Darren Waddell (CMO, Radius) - Using Data to Segment Your Leads & Prospects

    1. 1. find your best customers @radius
    2. 2. taylor’s scientific management principles • Replace rule of thumb work methods with methods based on a scientific study of the tasks • Scientifically select, train, and develop each employee rather than leaving them to train themselves • Provide “detailed instruction and supervision of each worker in the performance of that worker’s discrete task” • Divide work between managers and workers: managers manage and workers perform their given tasks
    3. 3. + + =
    4. 4. What About the Coal?
    5. 5. .302 Batting Average 3,283 Hits 660 Home Runs 2,062 Runs
    6. 6. OBP .384 Rrep 438 660 Home Runs oWAR 136.4 WAR 156.1 Rfield 185 Rpos -20 WAA 110.0 .302 Batting Average 2,062 Runs Rbaser 77 3,283 Hits oRAR 1307 SLG .557 RAA 110.0 dWAR 18.1 waaWL% .537 OPS+ 156 Rbat 798 Rdp -9 OPS .941
    7. 7. Name: Lee’s Florist & Nursery Employees: 1-4 DMA: SF Bay Area Revenue: Less than $500K Category: Florist & Gifts
    8. 8. there’s too much data for marketers to sort through NAIC: 45311000 Website? Y Employees: 1-4 Phone #? Y SIC: 59920000 Facebook? Y DMA: SF Bay Area Review count: 125 Year established: 1946 Google+? Y Contact info? Y Web ratings: 5/5 Pricing: $$ / $$$$ Twitter? N Revenue: <$500K Name: Lee’s Florist & Nursery Fax #? Y
    9. 9. there’s too much data to sort through
    10. 10. “Technology is beneficial as a labor-saving device, but we should not expect machines to do our thinking for us.” - Nate Silver, The Signal and the Noise
    11. 11. radius.com