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Sfdc kellogg higher ed collaboration webinar 9-13
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Sfdc kellogg higher ed collaboration webinar 9-13


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Fostering Collaboration in Higher Education Salesforce Foundation Webinar Sept 13th, 2012 Shane Sugino Associate Director, Career Management Center Kellogg School of Management
  • 2. COL·LAB·O·RA·TION (kəˌlabəˈrāSHən)Cooperative arrangement in which two or more parties (which may or maynot have any previous relationship) work jointly towards a common goal.Effective method of transferring know how among individuals, thereforecritical to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.
  • 3. Agenda• Introduction – Who am I?• The Kellogg Story• Kellogg Social Enterprise platform• Demo• Benefits,Best Practices & Challenges
  • 4. Shane Sugino…Who am I? Currently: • Associate Director, Career Management Center, Kellogg School of Management • Career Coach and Strategic Relationship/Business Development Manager – PE, VC, Entrepreneurship, R/E, Healthcare Previously: • Healthcare Private Equity • Leadership Development • Two startups – Software and Biogas • Six years Wall Street experience Education: • BS Finance – NYU Stern • MBA Brand Mgmt – Cornell Johnson School
  • 5. The Kellogg story…a legacy of feudalistic autonomyNatural state of affairs: The alumni experience:• Information/data not naturally shared • Duplicate outreach across departments • Lost alums / Ignorant of changes in• Activities are often duplicated careers• Manual processes: Highly inefficient use of • Inundating “go to” alums for events scarce resources • Reliance on “memory” or “who you• Not an ideal way to run a professional know” for participation relationship-driven organization • Ignorant of alumni campus activities
  • 6. From ideation to reality Strong similarities among Real Estate the “Fab 5”: •High Profile centers of activity ? ? ? Heizer Center for •Cross–pollination of PEVC? Career ? alumni population (e.g. Management Real Estate PE)? ? Center Zell •Relationship building Center/Asset mentality ? ? ? Management •Heavy event planning or support activities Levy Institute - •High net-worth alumni Entrepreneur population
  • 7. The Kellogg world NU Heizer Center HEMA for PEVC Farley Center Social Real Estate Enterprise Corp Advance Partner- -ment ships Career Levy Institute Management Center Zell Center / Asset Mgmt PhD
  • 8. Collaborating through Salesforce SocialEnterpriseCRM CHATTER• Share customer data • Build external and internal• Full transparency of activity communities• Track high level of – Engaged conversations engagement – Dissemination of info• Marketing campaigns – Collaborative groups• Newsletter communications – Student to student• Event participation conversations • Data repository • Collaboration with peers in and across departments
  • 9. Kellogg Salesforce demo
  • 10. Benefits of CRM• Full Transparency – Each group sees engagements with other groups – Increased understanding of major relationships – Repository of historical engagement activity and communications• Reduction of Duplicative activities – No more duplicate requests – Eliminates redundant events/activities• Increased Marketing Capabilities – We love campaigns! • Club/Center Alumni Newsletters • Dean thank you letters
  • 11. Benefits of the Social Enterprise• Leveraging the power of social – Tapping hidden knowledge from within the organization – Sharing across groups/dissemination of information – Increased levels of engagement – Natural data alignment (CRM + Chatter)• Archival opportunities – Threads and conversations not buried in email – Searchable by groups - Repository• Reduction in duplicative actions – Individual emails or email conversations• Builds community – Fun and social engagement!
  • 12. Kellogg and NU SFDC roadmap* *at least this is the roadmap I am using to envision the future Complete lifecycle tracking of students Alumni Expand Admissions Relations CMC - Jive Platform usage School of Cont Ed ??? NU Athletics
  • 13. Best practices and challengesBest Practices Challenges ahead:• Choose one issue to solve (in this • Adoption – drive usage! case CRM data) • Technology creep – getting too• Implementation strategy = complicated Organizational fit (i.e. Grassroots) • Integration with or replacement of• Plan for generational gaps among legacy systems – the long road staff e.g. differing comfort levels of ahead technology adoption • Building expertise across different• Start simple and easy! users and admins• Find stakeholders with similar client • Competing groups (e.g. Jive) populations and organizational goals • FT Salesforce admin?• Open architecture is key – less • 3rd party software training barriers – drives usage!
  • 14. Questions?