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Here are the highlights of the Salesforce Summer '13 release for Salesforce Foundation customers. You can find full details about the new release at …

Here are the highlights of the Salesforce Summer '13 release for Salesforce Foundation customers. You can find full details about the new release at

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  • 1. Highlights of Summer ’13Nonprofit & Higher EducationEvan Foundation
  • 2. What’s new in Summer ’13?1.  Communities2.  Chatter Improvements3.  Salesforce Touch Enhancements4.  Reorganized Setup Interface5.  Enhanced Report & Dashboard Sharing6.  Platform Improvements7.  Developer Improvements
  • 3. Salesforce Communities§  Allow external constituents to join you in the cloud§  Get engaged with your constituents, and get themconnected to one another§  Portal + social network–  Chatter–  Q&A–  Knowledge§  Our Own Community (coming July 15th):The Power of Us Hub
  • 4. Who is Your Community?A few examples:§  Grant makers–  Grantee Community§  Advocacy–  Issue / Discussion Community§  Higher Ed Institutions–  Applicant Community–  Student & Job Placement Community–  Alumni Community
  • 5. Communities – Chatter at the Core
  • 6. Communities – Q&A
  • 7. Communities – Create and Configure
  • 8. Set Up Your Community§  Purchase Licenses for Community Users–  Customer Community–  Partner Community–  Existing portal licenses are equivalent§  Configure and customize the Community–  Which tabs will you show?–  Who will you invite?–  Customize with your own branding,, or Visualforce§  Invite everyone§  Be ready to engage with them
  • 9. Power of Us Hub Demo
  • 10. Chatter Improvements§  Chatter Topics–  Helps everyone to categorize chatter posts–  Provides a page for the discussion of each topic–  Exposes which topics are “trending”§  Chatter Actions–  Create new objects by posting in the feed§  Find in Feed–  Search within a chatter feed
  • 11. The Title of the topicpage is displayed in thetop left of the page.People talkingshows how manyunique Chatterusers have talkedabout this Topic inthe last 2 months.The Descriptionarea is provided thatcan be edited/updatedby any user(like a wiki page)
  • 12. Publisher: Topic Pages will nowinclude a publisher to make it easy forusers to post their questions andshare content directly on the page.Add to Favorites: Clicking “Addto Favorites” places it on yourChatter tab in the “Favorites”area so that you can quicklyaccess the topic feed.Recent Files display awidget that displays thelast 3 files that wereposted on this Topic.Groups Talking display a widgetthat shows the top 3 groups thathave recently been talking aboutthis topic.
  • 13. Chatter Actions§  Create objects directly in the Feed
  • 14. Find in Feed§  Search to find a conversation, comment, or file
  • 15. A Couple Questions?
  • 16. Salesforce Touch Improvements§  Dashboards on iPad and iPhone§  Communities in Touch§  Improved contact and task management
  • 17. Reorganized Setup InterfaceThe tree’s reorganizedtop-level headings
  • 18. Personal SettingsClick My Settingsto open the newpersonal settingsinterfaceThere is also a MySettings link onChatter Profiles
  • 19. Enhanced Sharing for Reports and DashboardsFine-grained sharing for Report and Dashboard folders gives youdetailed control over what users can do with folders–  Viewer access lets you see the data in a report or dashboard–  Editor access lets you view and modify reports and dashboardswithin a folder, and move them to and from any other folders–  Manage access gives you all this and more
  • 20. Platform Improvements§  Checkboxes in formulas§  Cross-object formulas can see Owner (User) fields§  State and Country picklists (contact support for beta)§  Record types assignments via permission sets§  Management tools for full sandboxes
  • 21. Checkbox Return Type in FormulasCheckbox return type isnow available whencreating formula fieldsFormula field can store aboolean valueFormula field appears as astandard checkbox in recorddetail pages, list views andreportsCUSTOMER IDEA: Checkbox formula field return type wassubmitted by a customer via the Idea Exchange.
  • 22. Owner Fields in Cross-Object FormulasCUSTOMER IDEA: Owner fields in cross-object formulas wassubmitted by a customer via the Idea Exchange.Owner fields are available on Usersand also Queues and Calendars (onobjects that support them)This value is comingfrom the Case Owner’srecord!
  • 23. State and Country Picklists§  Will provide consistency and ease of data entry§  You can override our standard state and country lists aswell as create your own§  There is a tool for updating existing state/country data§  Has not been tested with NPSP, but we will provideinstructions§  Public Beta – contact support to enable
  • 24. Record Type Assignments Via Permission SetsAssign arecord typeAccessed throughthe Object node inpermission setsPermissionSets providegranularaccess
  • 25. Improvements for Developers§  All-new Developer Console§  Custom settings now copied into developer sandboxes§  Look for enhancements to:–  Chatter in Apex–  Visualforce Remoting–  Connected apps (aka Canvas apps)–  Packaging API – install managed packages via code§  Apex tests must now be in a separate class
  • 26. Developer ConsoleAll tabs have beenmoved to the bottomto create more spaceTab highlighting foreasier navigationButtons havebeen moved tothe menu bar
  • 27. Developer Console§  Code completion!§  Keyboard shortcuts
  • 28. Questions?
  • 29. Learn More!