Advancement Strategies for the New Economy


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Today’s advancement teams are facing tremendous pressure to find more donors and larger gifts than ever. Find out how Westmont College increased overall fundraising totals 253% during the past 5 years, with no increase in staff or budget, using Salesforce as its central CRM solution.

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Advancement Strategies for the New Economy

  1. 1. @SFDCFoundation /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation /Salesforce.comFoundation Advancement Strategies for the New Economy September 26, 2013
  2. 2. 1% Time • Equity • Product 525,000 +Hours Service 19,500 Non-profit organizations $53 M+ Grants
  3. 3. Featured Presenter Dr. Reed Sheard Vice President for College Advancement and CIO Westmont College
  4. 4. Advancement Strategies for the New Economy Innovation for Fundraising Success Presented by Dr. Reed Sheard September 26, 2013 n Santa Barbara, CA Vice President for College Advancement and CIO Westmont College, Santa Barbara CA
  5. 5. Westmont College 5 Westmont College Technology  Awards   Recent  Academic  Rankings   §  Founded  in  1937   §  Located  in  Santa  Barbara,  CA   §  SAT  entering  score  20%  higher  than   na?onal  average   §  82%  par?cipate  in  volunteer  service   §  97%  Reten?on   §  Gradua?on  Rate  of  80.2%  (na?onal   average  of  56%)   §  95%  of  Pre-­‐Med  get  into  first  choice  of   Medical  School   §  Over  70%  go  onto  grad  school   §  Loan  Default  rate  of  1.9%  vs.  na?onal   average  of  9.1%   Ins7tu7onal  Facts   •  Top  100  Liberal  Arts  College  –  US  News  &   World  Report   •  Ranked  top  300  na?onally  by  Forbes     •  Ranked  top  Chris?an  school  by  Princeton   Review    
  6. 6. Westmont College 6 Issues Facing Advancement in the New Economy - See More People for fewed results - Shrinking budgets and personnel resources - Growth of “uber” successful advancement teams with nearly unlimited resources and strong brands - Donors of all levels are requesting higher levels of service - The need for high performing fundraising departments has never been more essential
  7. 7. Westmont College 7 Issues Facing Westmont Legacy of Academic Excellence §  And the subsequent prioritization of resource allocation Legacy of Frustration with IT Tea Fire §  $30+m in damage, 1/3 of campus and 20 structures Withdrawal of $75m pledge Launch new campaign in 90 days New VP, lacked experience and my awareness that the I had plenty to prove to the college leadership
  8. 8. Westmont College 8 Theologian/Pastor" Entrepreneur" Father" Technologist" 1989" I  am  here   Administrator" Fact: Each of us bring a unique gift set and background of experiences." " Question: How do we use these to assist our organizations to grow and change to meet new opportunities and challenges?  
  9. 9. Westmont College 9 Aristotle, Leadership and Innovation Question 1 - What is the good life? Question 2 - How do I know if I am pursuing the good life? Question 3 - What is a good person? Question 4 - How do I know if I am becoming a good person? Question 5 - What is a good team, how do teams become productive and make an enduring impact?
  10. 10. Westmont College 10                                Problems  that  starve  innova?on…   Learning to Think Differently
  11. 11. Westmont College 11 Offense  defense   From:   To:   •   Careful  posture   •   Don’t  Upset  the  team   •   Gradual  Itera?on   •   Update  current  tools   •   Lower  expecta?ons   •   Early  stage  excitement   •   Acquire  donors   •   Revolu?onize  philanthropy   •   New  tools   •   Exceed  yearly  goals  
  12. 12. Westmont College 12 Defense  offense   From:   BACK  To:   •   Reac?ve  posture   •   Wai?ng    for  requirements   •   Ideas  without  ac?on   •   Protect  team  structures   •   Maintain  current  processes   •   Proac?ve  posture   •   Leveraging  user  insights   •   Ac?on  with  deliberate  urgency   •   Test  varia?ons   •   Value  the  promoter  of  ideas  
  13. 13. Westmont College 13 •   We  hold  speed  and  quality  above  all  other  values.     •   We're  tenacious  about  telling  a  story  that  others          will  want  to  retell.   •   We  give  a  reason  why  to  commit  to  a  future  state.   •   We  immerse  ourselves  in  the  problem  before  solving  it.   •   We  are  brutally  honest.   •   We  are  transparent  about  what  we  do   Tenant's of an Innovative Team
  14. 14. Westmont College 14 Super smart Dedicated Hardworking Technical Skills trapped by 24x7 support of legacy applications Not able to keep up with basic support expectations (wheels were not staying on the wagon) What was the IT’s ability to support Advancement?
  15. 15. Westmont College 15 Innovation Targets
  16. 16. Westmont College 16 What The Innovative Targets Were Telling Westmont Time Tools Speed to Deployment Ability to Iterate Intuitive Software Interfaces Device Friendly (originally Mac but now Smartphone and Tablet) Affordable We  needed:  
  17. 17. Westmont College 17 Cloud Computing: What Is It? Cloud Computing, Cloud Services and Cloud Storage are accessible from anywhere in the world over an Internet connection Source: S.Ganesh (
  18. 18. Westmont College 18 Show Me The Money!
  19. 19. Westmont College 19 Why Did Westmont go for Cloud Computing ? Several Reasons: Cloud Computing enables a User-Centric focus Cloud Computing is laser focused on specific tasks or work Cloud Computing can be deployed in a fraction of the time of traditional on-site solutions Cloud Computing held potential to free up IT staff time Cloud Computing is programmable and less expensive Cloud Computing got Westmont on the right train
  20. 20. Westmont College 20 The Role of Innovation in Fundraising at Westmont Problem §  How to launch a “data driven” capital campaign in the midst of the biggest economic downturn in our lifetime Solution §  Deploy CRM in 90 days but connect it to a “closed” ERP system Summary of Lessons Learned (both what and why) Q&A
  21. 21. Westmont College 21 Capital Campaign At Westmont Receiving approval to build took 7 years and 1 day after getting our building permit the fire occurred Downturn in the economy but needed $102 Million §  Math: We need to work with more people in order to achieve the same result §  Relationships §  Information about donor prospects had to be readily available No CRM (Constituent Relation Management) tool §  Donor relationship information managed informally §  Lead to ineffective activity and missed opportunities
  22. 22. Westmont College 22 •  Multiple manual business processes •  Info printed out, then exchanged via email, spreadsheets, MS Access, etc. •  Different Fundraising Officers had different processes; didn’t scale •  Drastic cultural shift at campus from duct taping something together to leveraging a licensed and supported product •  Needed to integrate donor campaign info with prospects to track success •  Microsoft Dynamics CRM §  Staff at capacity and new to CRM space didn’t appeal to team • chosen as CRM because of category leadership but needed to tightly integrate with ERP to not weaken overall college data CRM at Westmont
  23. 23. Westmont College 23 Spaghetti or Innovative Design? ERP   College  Data   Home-­‐grown   Applica?ons   Purchased  Apps   College  Data   Preferred  Prac?ces   Time  Honored  History     How  It  Really  Works  
  24. 24. Westmont College 24 Manage/Extend Unlocking Data In Order to Leverage Salesforce Configure Connection What How Built Interface Ellucian ERP
  25. 25. Westmont College 25 How Are We Doing?
  26. 26. Westmont College 26 Westmont CRM
  27. 27. Westmont College 27 Westmont CRM
  28. 28. Westmont College 28 Westmont CRM
  29. 29. Westmont College 29 Westmont CRM
  30. 30. Westmont College 30 Using The Cloud to Solve Real Challenges Cloud App Internal App Project Duration Meraki Aruba Appliance and SW Move to 802.11n, minimize complexity of managing enterprise wireless LAN 75 days Google Mail, Calendar, Address Book Post Fix, Oracle Calendar, Address Book Improve availability and performance of email, address aging calendar and enable college supported directory 30 Days Google Sync Various Physical Syncing Apps Minimize Help Desk support of syncing PDA to email, calendar and contacts 3 Days Postini Barracuda Appliances and SW Improve SPAM filter accuracy and lower support time by IT staff 5 Days MS Access, MS Excel, Grey Matter Deploy enterprise Quality ERP for all Fundraising Officers 95 Days Cast Iron Custom Coded Bridges/Batch Uploads or No Service Building bi-directional data flow between ERP and CRM to improve overall quality/accuracy of ERP data 70 Days
  31. 31. Westmont College 31 The Westmont Results Launched Campaign in 94 days Raised $83M for BHFT Campaign & $54M in Campaign for Westmont Deployed several new systems to support work No additional budget Launched $75m campaign which is currently at 55% of goal Kept my job :-)
  32. 32. Westmont College 32 Summary: Strategic Value of Cloud Computing For Advancement Quicker  and  Less  Expensive  to  Deploy  &  Support   Ability  to  support  Advancement  Best  Prac7ces   No  installa?on,  up?me  support  and  applica?on  upgrades,  no  power  requirements  &  no  servers   Advancement  Professionals  can  determine  useful  features  that  maier  for  fundraising   Users  Prefer  Intui7ve  Web  Applica7ons   Web  and  mobile  app  interfaces  are  preferred  and  used  over  tradi?on  applica?on  experiences   Problem:  Informa7on  can  quickly  become  unavailable   Keep  in  mind  that  one  size  doesn’t  fit  all  but  without  an  architecture  chaos  will  ensue  
  33. 33. Westmont College 33 Questions…
  34. 34. Westmont College 34 Thank You
  35. 35. @ +Quarterly/EDUCAUSEQuarterlyMagazineVolum/ InnovatingintheCloudExploringC/206530 Resources   Cloud  Compu?ng  in  Educa?on   A  Prac''oner’s  View   hip:// cloud-­‐compu?ng-­‐in-­‐educa?on-­‐a-­‐prac??oners-­‐view.aspx   Innova?ng  in  the  Cloud   Exploring  Cloud  Compu'ng  to  Solve  IT  Challenges