When To Pull the Plug


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  • When To Pull the Plug

    1. 1. 1When to Pullthe Plug
    2. 2. 2This is a story of a CEO whofired his new Sales Leaderafter only 60 days.
    3. 3. 3This is a story of a CEO whofired his new Sales Leaderafter only 60 days.He still made the number.
    4. 4. 4Last year, we were hiredby a CEO named “Bill”.Bill had recently hired anew VP of Sales named“Steve”.When we beganworking together, Stevewas 45 days into hisnew role.
    5. 5. 5The first day I met Bill, we went to lunchand he expressed his concern over Steve.He wasn’t catching on.He appeared busy, but not productive.He was holding his cards to close tohis chest.Bill was nervous.
    6. 6. 6“I don’t think Steve is workingout…“When should I pull the plug?”
    7. 7. 7Before I could answer,Bill continued with specifics.When he hired Steve, he put together a listof 10 new hire accountabilities.These were called“pre-ramp” accountabilities
    8. 8. 8Download theWhen to Pull the Plug Toolto learn how Bill did this.
    9. 9. 9What arePre-Ramp Accountabilities?
    10. 10. 10The pre-ramp accountabilities provided Steve aclear path for early success.Bill’s previousleadershipdevelopment plan wasfocused entirely ontheoryHe’d created leadership trainingwith no eye towards execution.
    11. 11. 11Bill was aheadof his peers byhaving anonboardingprocess in thefirst place.The problem was he didn’t know soon enoughif his new hires were producing.
    12. 12. 12By the time he figured it out,9 months had passed.Money and time were spent.The number was missed.It was too late.
    13. 13. 13What does it mean to usePre-Ramp Accountabilities?
    14. 14. 14It meant Bill could quickly determine if Stevewas going to be successful.Previously, Bill waited 9 monthsbefore getting to this point.By then, the year waswastedHe’d spent time and money with nothing toshow for it
    15. 15. 15With Steve, the alarm bells were ringingafter just 30 days.Rather than go with his gut,Bill had real evidence.By day 60, Bill was readyto pull the plug.
    16. 16. 16How to be Like Bill
    17. 17. 17Bill fired Steve on day 60.It was clear he’d made a hiring mistake.Instead of prolonging thepain and missing thenumber,he made the changeThe longer he stayed with Steve,the more it would cost
    18. 18. 18Fortunately for Bill, he had 9months left in the year.He hired a new sales leaderin Q2.He exceeded his pre-rampaccountabilities and made thenumber.
    19. 19. 19Leadership training and development is aninvestment CEOs are making.Bill incorporated pre-rampaccountabilities into onboardingto drive job execution.To follow in Bill’s footsteps,consider using the When to Pullthe Plug Tool.
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