The 4 Key Elements to Successful Lead Generation


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This presentation discusses key components for a successful lead generation and management process.

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  • I like slide 6. Nice breakdown ensuring your team isn't pulled to thinly. We currently use a real-time lead gen service called - this helps us find email addresses of our targeted prospects. Not sure if anyone else has used and can share their thoughts?
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  • The 4 Key Elements to Successful Lead Generation

    1. 1. Four Key Elements to Successful lead generation1 For the Marketing Leader trying to bootstrap their department
    2. 2. Everybody wants something from you… Your Your CEO Sales wants Team Leads wants that leadsresult in that are more ready tobusiness buy2 But… How do you satisfy both?
    3. 3. To generate quality leads, focus on these 4 essential elements: Process Technology People Content3
    4. 4. Your Process… Have a documented, repeatable Implement a method to process to MANAGE NURTURE leads that your leads aren’t ready to buy yet Clearly DEFINE what a good lead looks likeHave a systematic wayto QUALIFY your leads Without these… you have a process issue!
    5. 5. Your Technology…Be able to TRACK the online If you don’t have all behavior of your prospects of these… and leads You have a technology issueBe able to scale Personalized Communications to your prospects and customers?Be able to automatically manage the targeting, timing and content of your outbound marketing messages?
    6. 6. Your People… Have someone Have Be able to qualify the somebody respond to dedicated to lead before it’s nurturing a prospect’s inquiry in sent to a sales leads that 10 minutes rep aren’t ‘Sales or less ready’ Do you have these in place?... If6 not, you have a people issue
    7. 7. And your Content… Use content your buyers and prospects Use multiple forms of are interested in, don’t content such as blogs, just talk about your whitepapers, webinars products and services and eBooks Use your content to guide Use content that your buyers through the sales targets people at each funnel at their own pace stage of the buying cycle7
    8. 8. The Objective of a Lead Management Process is threefold:Generate MORE leads of a HIGHER QUALITYMaintain a PREDICTABLE flow of LeadsFOCUS sales rep activities on real opportunities 8
    9. 9. Generate more leads of a higher quality:Lead Management defines a process to capture, nurture and qualify leads. The output is leads of higher quality.
    10. 10. Maintain a predictable flow of leads  Lead Management is a multi-stage processThe conversion  Leads exit each stage after achieving therates allow for stage ‘exit criteria’ future  Marketing leaders measure the conversion predictability rate from stage to stage10
    11. 11. Focus sales repactivities on REALopportunities Lead management forces sales and marketing to define The process what a good lead generates looks like ‘sales-ready’ leads11
    12. 12. Companies that implementlead management see a 10% orgreater increase in revenue in 6-9 months!! Gartner Research 2011-2012
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