Talent Management - A Case Study


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Instructions on how applying best practice Talent Management tools and processes helped a client reduce their turnover. A Sales Benchmark Index Case Study.

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  • Contact us if you would like to understand how you can leverage benchmarking best practices for talent management.Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.comPhone - 1-888-556-7338Web: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com
  • Talent Management - A Case Study

    1. 1. Website Email Phonewww.salesbenchmarkindex.com info@salesbenchmarkindex.com 1-888-556-7338 Talent Management Are You Ready To Be World Class?
    2. 2. The Situation • $780M Healthcare software company faces: – High turnover – Large number of C Players – Cost of mis-hires $3M in past 2 years • Sales Leader wants to: – Upgrade all aspects of Talent Management – Ensure recruitment process yields A players2
    3. 3. What Did Not Work • Issued Briggs Myers tests for entire sales force • HR increases use of external recruiters • Sales managers go through interview training3
    4. 4. What Did Work • Competencies & Accountabilities defined for all sales roles • Scenario-based interview questions developed to identify competency strength • On-boarding plans produced • Scorecards and Individual Development Plans issued to entire sales force4
    5. 5. Competency Matrix (Example)• 18 Competencies defined with A, B and C Player profiles5
    6. 6. Interview Questions (Example)• Scenario-based questions identify whether candidate has significant experience6
    7. 7. On-boarding Plan (Example) • Each sales role receives an onboard plan and assigned a mentor7
    8. 8. Scorecard (Example) • Sales performance management includes scorecard reviews (sales goals & activities)8
    9. 9. The Solution • Redefined competencies for 6 sales roles • Established scenario-based interview questions to determine competency match • All sales people provided scorecards and individual development plans • On-boarding plans provided to all new hires • Managers trained on application of new TM process9
    10. 10. The Result Metric Before After Sales Turnover 25% 4% A Player % 5% 35% Quota Attainment 63% 98% Cost of mis-hire $1.5M/Yr $110K/Yr10
    11. 11. Learn More Contact us to hear the rest of the story... Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.com Phone - 1-888-556-7338 Talent Management Articles & Tools: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com/?Tag=Talent+Management Download the Hiring Self Assessment Checklist Here Subscribe your email to receive our Sales Force Effectiveness blog articles by email free: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com/Read-the-Sales-Force-Effectiveness-Blog/11
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