Staffing to Fill Open Territories 2 of 2


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This SlideShare is #2 in a two-part series focusing on key methods to fill open sales territories and solve sales problems.

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  • This slide deck gives some high-level information on how to set a Sales Strategy for 2012. Keywords include: Sales Strategy, Sales Force Effectiveness, Making the Number, Sales Targets, Sales Revenue, Sales Costs, Market Share, New Product Launch, Sales Readiness
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  • Staffing to Fill Open Territories 2 of 2

    1. 1. Staffing to Fill Open Territories in a Software Company (Part 2 of 2)
    2. 2. HR Execs can earn a seat at the elusive CEO table. There is a way!2
    3. 3. Deliver high impact Efficientlyreturns aligned with AND controlthe business strategy costs But… what’s the best way to do that?3
    4. 4. Partner with the SVP of Sales in solving Sales problems!
    5. 5. I need to have the I need more sales strategies sales leaders executed in the field I’ve got to make my sales quota I need to find more good sales talent and keep them The SVP of Sales has plenty of5 challenges
    6. 6. How can HR execs help resolve these sales challenges?Start by reading the book “Topgrading for Sales”. “Topgrading for Sales” details how HR execs can get the approach started in the Sales organization to solve all the major issues: • Finding & keeping sales talent • Develop and maintain a virtual bench • Making the sales number • Developing sales leaders • Field execution of sales strategies6
    7. 7. Are you asking Are you yourself: Do missing your I have the new product right people? sales quota?Could it be because of Talent Management?7
    8. 8. The McKinsey Quarterly stated that 54% of senior managers interviewed agreed they didn’t spend enough time on talent management. 60%Do you 53% 50% know what 40% 37% your 30% salestalent 20% 11% mix 10% looks 0% like? A Players B Players C Players8
    9. 9. Have you considered implementing a Talent Management Program? Performance Talent Conditions Success in Sales If you’re not addressing changing sales talent requirements, you’re missing half the opportunity to improve.9
    10. 10. What is a Talent Management Program? Define Competencies required to meet Utilize scenario changing market based interviewing demands techniques to evaluate current Determine sales team the existing type of talent Training program allowing some ‘B’ Move ‘C’ players to be Players up or saved out of the organization
    11. 11. Reap the rewards withthese key takeaways… Get ahead of your talent management program issues Evolve your talent at a pace ahead of your clients Don’t wait to evaluate and upgrade your sales talent, it only results in missing new product quota 11
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