How the Best Marketers are Creating Great Content Quickly (part 2 of 2)


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Part 2 of a 2-part series on how the best marketers are creating content quickly. Click the link on the last slide for a free copy of the eBook.

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  • How the Best Marketers are Creating Great Content Quickly (part 2 of 2)

    1. 1. How the Best Marketers are Producing Great Content Quickly (Part 2 of 2)1
    2. 2. As part of a sales and marketing project, I recently performed a content audit for a B2B technology company.Here are the results:  14 categories of content (i.e. eBooks, Podcasts, Case Studies, etc.)  154 individual pieces of content Buying Process Stage Content Distribution Conversion Rates (by stage) (by stage) Attention (A) 50% 2 - average Interest (I) 25% 1 – below average Desire (D) 5% 3 – ABOVE AVERAGE Action (A) 20% 1 – below average
    3. 3. THE PAIN  Middle funnel content is the most effective content in moving a prospect towards becoming a customer  “Desire” content scored ABOVE AVERAGE, but only had a 5% distribution rate and 8 pieces of content in bucket!!  These 8 will eventually grow stale and cause a leaky funnelLeaky funnel = missed revenue targets3
    4. 4. The study showed it was not the quality of the content causing theconversion problem, but theCOMMUNICATION VEHICLE used to distribute it!!(i.e. blog, email, newsletters, etc.)
    5. 5. Key Points 1. Benchmark your content to see which is converting prospects to customers and at what rate. 2. Perform a content audit to determine if you have enough pieces, up and down the funnel, to make the number. 3. Pay attention to the communication vehicle used to get the content in the hands of the prospect.5
    6. 6. 4 Easy Steps to Benchmark yourDemand Generation Content
    7. 7. Step #1 – Perform a Content Audit EXAMPLE • Key Points 1. Specific content types can serve across 2. Content types can be tailored to a need at the specific stage in the buying process Make decisions7
    8. 8. Step #2 – Audit your CompetitorsEXAMPLE WEBSITE CONTENT
    9. 9. Step #3 – Mystery Shop your Competition Pose as a prospect. Learn how your competition uses their demand generation content to sell.9
    10. 10. Here is an example comparing two competitors: ScriptPro vs. Kirby Lester10
    11. 11. Step #4 – Interpret the Differences Both vendors responded inside of 90 mins indicating the presence of a lead developmentWe filled out the team. A LDT sits between sales and marketingform on each site. and their job is to turn leads into opps. This suggests both marketing departments are skilled at capturing interest and following up. The ScriptPro rep qualified us and asked for aWe called into each sales appt. The Kirby Lester rep did not qualify us888 line. and did not secure the next sales call. ADVANTAGE ScriptPro The ScriptPro rep sold the way we wanted to buy.We asked each for Kirby Lester refused to give us a price. He put hispricing needs ahead of ours. No intention of engaging KLinformation. further. Too difficult to deal with. 11 ADVANTAGE ScriptPro
    12. 12. A summary of key points…  Prospects decide if they are going to buy from you before they meet you.  Your demand generation content needs to outsell your competitor’s content.  Mystery shopping allows you to benchmark your content vs. your competition. What do you do now?12
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