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Short presentation of NETGEN (eng)

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NETGEN short pres. eng

  1. 1. The Software to automate energy-efficientelectric and cabling network systems design
  2. 2. The complexity of industrial andconstruction projects worldwideis increasing constantly everyyear.At the same time the cost of energy recourses is growing evenfaster. Thus Energy Efficiency Factor is becoming number oneimportant. The time requires new technologies and automatedsolutions. For the following problems:
  3. 3. Problems:1. Capital costs for the installation of communications are high2. Networks design is very time-consuming3. The quality of a project depends on experience and professional intuition of its designer.4. Designers do not consider energy efficiency factor5. There are many restrictions and limitations for communications installation
  4. 4. Solution?
  5. 5. featuring the following functions:• Computer automated design•• NetGen Software Optimization by a parameter/parameters Intelligent designer’s prompting system• Intellectual analysis of a network for its functionality and energy-efficiency• Algorithmic taking into account of limitations for network installation
  6. 6. Innovations:Unique mathematic model of S-Hypernetworks(Smart Hyper Networks)The S-Hypernetworks mathematically describes: • Network hierarchy • Network dynamicsDeveloped and implemented the algorithm of capitalcosts optimization
  7. 7. Team:3 Qualified managers with International experience9 Program developers5 International scientists, including USA and EuropeLocated in Technopark of Novosibirsk AkademgorodokRepresentation in the US
  8. 8. Implemented:
  9. 9. Implemented:
  10. 10. Implemented:Computer automated design functionObjective function of capital costs minimizationThe software is implemented as a plug-in to AutoCAD Results:Capital costs saving by 5-35%Reducing of design time by 30-90%
  11. 11. Competitors:Features Software NanoCAD СКС EnergyCS AutoCAD Project Project StudioCS NetGen Electrika Electrical StudioCS СКС ElectrikaImplemented as a NO NO NO YES YES YESplug-inCompliance to the YES YES NO YES YES YESState StandardsEquipment and devices YES NO YES NO YES YESdata baseManual project design YES YES YES YES YES YESmodeAutomated project NO NO NO NO NO YESdesign modeNetwork optimization NO NO NO NO NO YESIntelligent analysis of a NO NO NO NO NO YESprojected networkPrompt system NO NO NO NO NO YESCost, $ 2100 2300 2700 2200 2600 2000
  12. 12. Trends in projects design :1. Automation of projects design2. Network optimization3. 3D visualization of projects.4. Energy-efficiency of a projected network
  13. 13. Market volume and trends :Target customers:Construction and development companies, design bureaus and institutionsConstruction design market growth:The market grows approximately by 30% each yearThe population of ”Emerging markets” will increase by 1 billion 10 yearsMarket volume:Global Construction market 2011- $7,2 trillion ($170 billion in Russia)Global Construction design market 2011 – $200 billion ($4 billion in Russia)
  14. 14. Commercialization:• As a plug-in to the existing CADs• Resellers’ distribution networks (e.g.Autodesk)• Online sales (e.g. Autodesk)• Direct sales• Provision of a cloud-server for calculations• Provision of the equipment and devices data base
  15. 15. Sales:2015 TEST PERIOD10 Worldwide, $million Russia, $million50 2012 2013 2014 2015
  16. 16. Development:• Updates server (in a year)• Adaptation to international standards (in a year)• Production of our own CAD system (in 2 years)