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Yammer Product Homework
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Yammer Product Homework


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This is my deliverable to Yammer. I am interested in a product marketing position with the company. Completed 3/2/2012

This is my deliverable to Yammer. I am interested in a product marketing position with the company. Completed 3/2/2012

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  • 1. Yammer Product Homework Salem StanleyBrigham Young University MBA 2013
  • 2. Question 1: Please create a Yammer account as a new user.Part 1: Please evaluate the new user sign-up flow. What parts do you think are effective, and what changes might you propose? How would you determine if your proposed changes were successful?
  • 3. While Yammer makes it clear that a user should sign up using their verified company email, the language seems too strong. Add this phrase - “Is your company using Yammer yet? Enter your work email to find out.” Or just soften the language –When I first landed on this page, I “Only people with a verified assumed a network had to be company email address will be ablecreated in order for me to register. to join your company network”I think Yammer’s bounce rate would Key metrics to track would be drop and new registrations would • Overall bounce rate increase with softer language, or • Bounce rate by traffic source improved explanation. • New company registrations
  • 4. Confirmation page is simple and clean. Confirmation email arrived in seconds. (awesome)I tried logging in without confirming.I liked the temporary error box that flashedup versus a permanent error message. Clear path to completed registration.I would like to test this page to see if additional instruction thatpopped up might help those that did not click the confirmation email. Something like:“Incorrect user name or password. Are you sure you confirmed your new account?” with a link to where they can resend the confirmation email.
  • 5. What is Relevance Score?The ability to crop a photo at the upload stage can improve profile pictures. You can measure how many profile pics are cropped to see if the tool in being used. Interviews or surveys with users can measure the benefit.Overall solid way to get a new user started.-Super clean design.-Does not overwhelm the user.-Transparent pathway to completion.
  • 6. The prompt to download the desktop app seems misplaced and unconvincing. Misplaced – Suggesting a user download the desktop app upon immediate completion of the registration seems like a poor choice. Users lack trust at this point and ambiguous downloads don’t help. Offering the download upon 2nd or 3rd login might improve downloads. This is easy measured.Unconvincing - Yammer gives the user only a single reason to download the desktopapp, “All the features you would expect from Yammer…” What do users expect at this point? Any other benefits?Adding some additional benefits of using the desktop app would improve downloads. Wait, why should I download the desktop app?
  • 7. Success!
  • 8. Part 2: Please perform a similar evaluation for one Yammers in-house platform applications (such Questions, Events, or Polls).
  • 9. Took me longer than 30 seconds to find the Questions app.
  • 10. There it is. My guess is many of these apps aren’t used much as they could be due to lack of user awareness. I would testshowcasing more than 3 apps onthe home screen. Even rotate what apps are visible. Measure the change in usage of these apps with this changeto understand the effectiveness.
  • 11. After scrolling down to click on the Questions app, I expected Yammer to take meback to the top of the home screen. The Questions app opens but it is out of frame. What’s the difference between these two screens? When a file is uploaded from “select a file on Yammer”, thereis no confirmation that the file was successfully uploaded. The only change is the “attach” button turns active(blue). I actually uploaded a doc a 2nd time to be sure it uploaded.
  • 12. Uploading a file directly from the app was fine.An icon like a green check mark, oreven just words “upload complete”would make the process more clear Upload complete Also, please forgive my ugly additions to your beautiful site. 
  • 13. Complete!
  • 14. Question 2:On Facebook, play a top Facebook city-building, mafia, or farming game as a new playerPart 1: Please evaluate the new user flow. What parts do you think are effective, and what changes might you propose? How would you determine if your proposed changes were successful?
  • 15. CityVille! Standard app install“WTF, didn’t I already give you access?”This might have been a fluke, but it askedme for my permission two times. I tried to recreate it but unsuccessful.
  • 16. I wanted to see what happens if I don’t allow access to my information.I think this landing page is veryeffective. It address each pieceof data they will have access tois a convincingly harmless way. - “Our primary use of your basic information…”- “…We don’t post without your permission”
  • 17. I didn’t take screenshots of the welcome screens and introductoryinstructions within CityVille.However, my experience was no different than other games I haveplayed in the past.1. There is a lack of communicating the goals of the game.2. A character quickly walks the player through the first 3-5 steps of the game to get the player started.3. After 3-5 steps the user is free to learn the game through experimentation.I have seen these characteristics numerous times. I assume retentionrates of players willing to learn on their own are sufficient to makecertain game successful. I would guess that the retention rates couldbe improved with a clearer path to however the game defines success.I would also slow down the introductions to new things.When the intro character introduces feature after feature after featurewithout break to absorb what was being taught, a game can getfrustrating.
  • 18. Part 2: You may notice that as part of the new user experience, players are regularly prompted to post events such as achievements or gaining levels to their Facebook wall. Do you think this is a good practice for a game developer to implement? How would you evaluate this?
  • 19. I sent an update every time it prompted me. I had 9 status updates within 5 minutes of playing. While the viral aspects or frequentupdates are attractive, this seems like a bit much and can create negative connotations for a brand.I would suggest game designers build a smarter suggestion system where prompts for “minor” updates are only offered once an hour. Major accomplishments within a game couldbe more frequent, but even those should be tempered. Game designers should do a better job of training their users when to post anupdate. They currently expect their users to know proper updating etiquette.
  • 20. Hope you liked it! Salem 949-295-3302