March 2012 techupdate


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March 2012 techupdate

  1. 1. Genius Scan  What is it?  Awesome iPhone app that allows you to take a picture of a document (or choose a photo from your photo library) and convert it to a PDF or JPEG  Why use it?  Integration for easy sharing with email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Dropbox, and other online sharing outlets  No more using a scanner or faxing necessary!  Also gives you a free website with everything you upload!
  2. 2. Genius Scan
  3. 3. Zite  What is it?  “Smart” magazine for iPads and iPhones that learns what you like and organizes articles accordingly  Facebook news feed as well  Syncs with Twitter and Google reader to gain knowledge  Why use it?  On-the-go knowledge  Allows you to “like” or “dislike” an article to learn your preferences  Easy share button to Twitter, Facebook, email, and more!
  4. 4. Zite
  5. 5. eKey  What is it?  Eventually the replacement for your lockbox keypad  Device that plugs into your smart phone and acts as a remote key for the lockbox  Comes with free unlocking app for your phone  (In most MLSes) your MLS might provide you with both key pad and eKey – only applicable on blue lockboxes  Why use it?  Never have to charge your lockbox key again  Incredible convenience – fits on your keychain  Manage multiple boxes and obtain listing keys as well
  6. 6. eKey
  7. 7. Facebook Apps  What are they?  Applications (like on a smart phone) that link your Facebook page to other things that you do (Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)  Type in the desired app (i.e. Twitter) in the “search” bar, click on it, then accept any changes necessary to combine the two  Why use them?  Instead of wasting your time going back and forth between the different sites, you can alert your friends and fans of what you are doing on various other sites  When you post on another social media network, the information will be shared to Facebook as well – spreading the word and resulting in more followers
  8. 8. Facebook Apps
  9. 9. Evernote  What is it?  Free “cloud” app that stores data across your computer, iPad, and iPhone  Why use it?  Great for people who are always on the go and need to store quick notes or even notes from lectures, presentations, etc.  Gives you an easy means to store data and access it on any device.
  10. 10. Evernote
  11. 11. SignMyPad  What is it?  iPad app that allows you to store PDFs and get them signed and shared with minimal difficulty  Why use it?  Excellent for any document you may need (P&S, offers, etc.) to be signed by a client or fellow agent without having to print it out.  Gives you the ability to share (by email) with any desired party to be completely paperless.  Stylus-free signing – no pen required, just your fingers!
  12. 12. SignMyPad
  13. 13. SimpleMind  What is it?  iPhone/iPad app that allows you to create lists and processes to organize your thoughts  Why use it?  Excellent for collecting your thoughts and keeping track of what needs to be done for separate projects  A day in the life of a realtor is a complicated one full of processes – organization is the best way to be affective
  14. 14. SimpleMind
  15. 15. Open Home Pro  What is it?  Incredible tool for iPads that will help you run open houses more efficiently and keep in touch with those who attended them  Why use it?  Get rid of the archaic paper “sign-in” sheets and show how tech savvy you are!  When visitors sign in, they will be automatically entered into your CRM and will receive a “thank-you” email once the open house is over, as well as email alerts on price reductions  No more data entry!
  16. 16. Open Home Pro
  17. 17. Open Home Pro
  18. 18. RE/MAX Mobile App  What is it?  iPhone/iPad/Android app from RE/MAX that gives consumers and agents access to all listings  Why use it?  Allows you to see nearby listings, search anywhere, find an agent, find an office, or just learn more about RE/MAX  Gives consumers the ability to save searches and calculate mortgage costs  Consumers can email a listing straight from the app, or get directions from their current location to the listing!