April 2012 Technology Update


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April 2012 Technology Update

  1. 1. If This, Then That (ifttt.com) What is it?  Website to help you mass-post to different websites Why use it?  Gives you the ability to post to all social networks, just by posting to one of them  You create the “rules,” they do the rest!
  2. 2. If This, Then That (ifttt.com)
  3. 3. Pinterest’s “Pin It” Button What is it?  Much more time-efficient way of posting articles and videos on Pinterest  Can be found under the “About” tab on pinterest.com  Icon placed in your “Favorites” bar Why use it?  Why take an article and then have to log into Pinterest?
  4. 4. Pinterest’s “Pin It” Button
  5. 5. Google Currents What is it?  A free online magazine-channeling app (for iPhones, iPads and Androids) with full social media and email sharing Why use it?  Because you’re frequently on the go and may want to share articles with your sphere of influence
  6. 6. Google Currents
  7. 7. HeyTell What is it?  Free instant voice messaging app, similar to the old “Nextel Direct Connect” phones  Quick way to communicate, especially when you’re in the car Why use it?  Faster than texting  Can listen when you want – it doesn’t interrupt you like the old Nextel phones did  You can actually hear the other person’s tone of voice!  Group messaging can help keep everyone on the same page!
  8. 8. HeyTell
  9. 9. OnLive Desktop What is it?  iPad/Android app that allows you remote access to your desktop Why use it?  You can access any and all files from your iPad/tablet, including a flash player (if you purchase the $5 plan instead of the free one)! It’s as if you are accessing it on your desktop!
  10. 10. OnLive Desktop
  11. 11. Smartr Contacts What is it?  Free contact management app for both iPhones and Androids Why use it?  Helps you catalogue your interaction with different clients/contacts, and how frequently you talk to them  Great accountability for different contacts!  Syncs with social media as well!
  12. 12. Smartr Contacts
  13. 13. Mint What is it?  Free financial tracking app to help you keep track of your spending, balances, and payment dates. Why use it?  Reminds you when bills are due  Keeps your budgets handy and alerts you if there are any irregularities  Learns your spending behavior
  14. 14. Mint
  15. 15. HomeSnap What is it?  Free real estate app for iPhones that gives you information on any listing! School info, pictures, square footage, etc. Why use it?  When driving around with buyers, wouldn’t it be nice to have every bit of information at your fingertips?
  16. 16. HomeSnap
  17. 17. mOffice What is it?  Free Android app that allows you to sync your phone with your Microsoft Outlook Why use it?  If you have an Android, it’s hard to have your contacts outside of Gmail. This imports all contacts and calendars from Outlook!
  18. 18. mOffice
  19. 19. Outlook Web Email What is it?  iPhone/iPad app that allows you to access all Outlook contacts and calendars Why use it?  One-stop shop for all parts of Outlook  Easy sync with your phone calendar…no need to input meetings or contacts twice!
  20. 20. Outlook Web Email