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Admin systems to make teachers life easy

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  • I’m delighted to be able to share with the people who manage the finances at schools some of the major ICT challenges that we face in South Africa and also to share what is happening internationally in schools. Thanks for this opportunity.I spent 3 weeks in July visiting schools in Sydney and Brisbane. It was fabulous to have to time to concentrate on the educational and exciting part of my job and I’m very grateful to ISASA and Bishops for the opportunity! I chose Australia as they have loads of experience with 1-1 programmes and ICT integration. I tried to see a variety of schools – with different technology integration models – and different technology funding models. Those with 1-1 programmes faced familiar challenges.Supporting technology and running increasingly complex IT infrastructures is an expensive business.
  • Want newsWant fixtures and resultsWant communication – give them the tools – how do we do it with sport and culture?If they don’t do it then who is going to do it?
  • Want newsWant fixtures and resultsWant communication – give them the tools – how do we do it with sport and culture?If they don’t do it then who is going to do it?
  • A colleague recently commented that with education one isn’t sure until significant time has passed as to whether a particular method or technology has been successful or not. We therefore need to experiment, to try new things and to keep asking the question as to whether what we do adds educational value.
  • School magic 2012

    1. 1. ICT inSouth African Schools
    2. 2. WHY ICT in our schools1. Equip learners for their future Educational • educational responsibility component • competitive necessity2. Support the needs of the school • computer systems for accounts, marks, library, portal, communication etc Admin component3. Enable growth – sustainability • communication • marketing Collaborate!
    3. 3. WHY ICT in our schools1. Educational component = priority 12. Admin and marketing Support the needs of the school – accounts, HR, marks systems, library systems, parent communications, past pupil initiatives
    4. 4. At the heart: Pupil and parent information Academic System Intranet / Libwin / Pencil Box Dev Office Operations PASS / Intranet Intranet ODU Culture Intranet / Pass Intranet Central Database MarketingFees / Finances Intranet / Internet Pass / Intranet Sports Staff Noticeboard Internet / Intranet HR Intranet Web site Internet VIP / Pass
    5. 5. StrategySchools need• up to date central database• up to date news / communications• at affordable prices• without employing more staff• with security and privacyTherefore• Store information centrally – PencilBox / Libwin / schoolTOOLS / Pastel Accounting• Link systems using Web interface – schoolMAGIC also feeds your website with news, fixtures and resultsThis• Gives staff the tools to allow them to easily manage all aspects of their jobs – Including communication and marketing – And more time to focus on teaching and learning
    6. 6. Strategy• Buy affordable industry (school) standard software that integrates with other software – Limit duplication – Ease of use – In collaboration with other schools
    7. 7. Communication and Marketing Parents Teachers Headmaster Past learners Learners Potential Parents Coaches Marketing
    8. 8. Using schoolMAGIC as a parent portal
    9. 9. Let parents follow their children’s progress
    10. 10. Secure access
    11. 11. Easy to manage and customise
    12. 12. Teachers manage marks / comments / absentees from any device, anywhere
    13. 13. New features all the time …
    14. 14. Noticeboard WebsiteCo-curricular – feeds for web sites / parents - teachers’ use SO easy
    15. 15. Imports into calendar and gives leaners and parents up to date, personalised news
    16. 16. Integrates with schoolTOOLS (bulk mail / sms / customised templates)
    17. 17. Automatic feeds to marketParents get these on their phone Or iPads …
    18. 18.
    19. 19.