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iPad: Educational Next Steps


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I've bought an iPad and now need to make sure that how I use it adds value to my teaching.

I've bought an iPad and now need to make sure that how I use it adds value to my teaching.

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  • 1. I’ve bought my iPad -NOW WHAT?
  • 2. Introduction• Over 1.5 million iPads are currently in use in educationalinstitutions.• Technology is engaging, and students are motivated bysuch engagement.• Critical outcomes• Our boys will be expected to function in team-basedsituations once they enter the 21st century workplace• Still need their curriculum but also the 4 Cs…
  • 3. the 4 Cs…• Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking andcreativity are essential skills to nurture• Collaboration fluency : Good listening skills, compromise,respect, and asking good questions
  • 4. iPad - just one of many tools• It is easy to use – not so technical• Audio Visual [AV Tools]. Camera, video, voice recorder• Books – iPads are great for reading. Allow pupils toannotate, highlight and look up the meaning of words• Creativity – Allows for endless possibilities across thecurriculum• Sharing – has the option to share to a larger audience.
  • 5. an educational Tool• Fun and exciting - let’s not get stuck on apps. We want ourchildren to create content, not necessarily accessing it.• Not teacher-centred but child-centred• Engage, motivate and inspire children to learn• Pace• Independence – Grade 6 project.• If iPads don’t enhance the learning of our pupils, weshould not be using them.
  • 6. Video, Sound and Music• Video connections / Camera / Sound• How do we use the WOW factor to engage and inspire?• E.g. Presentations• Public speaking is an important skill• PowerPoint presentations with little lasers are OUT andtablets have fantastic apps that can be used to do real-timedrawing, writing, and animation during a presentation• Presentations can be saved / emailed• Assembly
  • 7. Photos• Photography is a great way to document projects andresearch• Quality camera that can be used to take still pictures orvideos as a tool to inspire creativity
  • 8. Writing The act of putting words on paper can be lonely and tedious◦ real-time responses and comments change that◦ E.g. Blogs are a great way to get students interested in writing◦ Raising standards in boys’ writing using iPads for gaming – BikeBaron.◦ Recount [ To retell events], Report [ to describe how things are],Instructions [ How to do something], Explanation [ how and whythings happen], Persuasion [ Why you should think this],Discussion [ reasoned argument presenting differing viewpoints]
  • 9. Connections• Tablets provide an instantaneous connection betweenpupils, teachers and parents.• Absent children
  • 10. Current events• Make learning relevant• Keep up with the latest news around the world• The media is a huge influence in our lives - teach our boyshow to think and act critically and responsibly
  • 11. Choices• Psychologically, children do better when they are offeredchoices .• Leavers’Assembly example.
  • 12. Research• Every project starts with a bit of research
  • 13. Science– and other subjects too…• There are apps on the market geared towards your subject•e.g. Star Walk for iPad - label stars. Or apps to teach theperiodic table of elements etc
  • 14. Conclusion• Teacher is critical in developing educational material• From the examples, the iPad provided the pupils with astrong depth of understanding.• Fully-engaged learners• Share, comment on• Transform our teaching making it relevant to the worldthat our pupils are growing up in.• Our next steps…
  • 15. Conclusion The beginning!Next steps…• Digicape training session• Louise from St Cyps• Getting the most from Prep Banter