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Photography assignment 1 new

  1. 1. By Igor SiwanowiczMacro is photography at an extremelyclose range to the subject. Usually thesubject in macro photographs are insects,plants or some kind of small object like awater droplet. Macro photography is usedin many areas, Marco photography doesn’tonly extend to photographers, scientist orbiology students can use macro to seesmall subjects that the naked eye can’tsee other than using a microscope. Evenforensics photographers use macro toproduce life-size evidence to use in thecourtroom. By Daniel Y. Go
  2. 2. The depth of field in photographyis the distance between thenearest object and the furthestobject and the focus of thoseobjects. In the picture on the left,the ladybug is completely visibleand has extreme detail andsharpness but the background isfuzzed out, but because of thiseffect it makes the ladybug standout more.
  3. 3. Photographs of landscapes are takento show the different spaces in theworld and to capture the beauty ofthe moment and preserve it.Landscape photographs are usuallyof nature, landmarks, ambient lightsand weather but has little or nohuman presence within the shot.Sometimes, landscape photographsare used as reference in the filmindustry to show how the area lookslike and whether they should filmthere or not. Robert
  4. 4. Fashion photography has beenaround since 183 and hasevolved wildly since then. Theidea of fashion photographywas created to make theclothes and model look goodand help sell the clothes.Though nowadays, fashionphotography isn’t as natural as it was before then it is now. It has now become more of an art and picture look more strange and exaggerated. The models look like walking pieces of artwork and feature the not so healthy looking model.But since the introduction of editing softwares and modernization, the wackyclothes and has defined body lines have become more acceptable then it wasbefore when showing too much skin would be not as appealing then it is now.
  5. 5. Vogue 1960 Vogue 2012Comparing these two pictures you can see that there is a clear difference instyle, colour and quality. The 2012 cover has more definition and clearness thanthe 1960 cover. Also the style the clothes are worn are different as well. Themodel on the left doesn’t show as much skin than the model on the right, whichhas cleavage, which is now more socially acceptable then it was back then.
  6. 6. Advertising photography isused in order to make theproduct stand out more andmake people think it necessaryto have likes it’s part of theirlife, a must have item.Advertising companies alsowant people to look in deeperinto the advert and find outmore about the ads content.Adverts sometimes havesubliminal messaging in orderto subconsciously make youdo certain things, there havebeen some cases and test tosee if it actually works andmany test have come outfavorably.
  7. 7. Portrait photography is the photography of a person or group of people thatdisplays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. The focus ofthe photograph is usually the persons face, although the entire body andthe background may be included. There are two types of portraitphotography; formal and informal. Formal being a picture for an ID cardand informal would be social or a school photo.
  8. 8. Formal InformalThe difference between a formal and informal are quite clear. A formal photousually has the person’s face in the middle and only shows from the shoulderblades (not necessarily every photo) and up, whereas the informal photo hasfreedom movement and doesn’t limit where someones body position is.
  9. 9. Photo journalism is a particular form of journalism(the collecting, editing, and presenting of newsmaterial for publication or broadcast e.g. BBC newsor the Daily Mail) that creates images in order totell a news story.
  10. 10. Photojournalism has changed over the years andthe agencies that use it have been losing the trust ofthe people over the years. In the past before editingsoftware’s, photos that were taken were real andtold a story, with near to zero potential ofmisunderstanding and dis-trust. But with theintroduction of Photoshop and the evolving mind ofwhat is considered important, photos have lose theirreliability and suspicions of photos being fake ahigher than ever.