First look at the front cover of the CD cover you                                                        immediately spot ...
Chris Brown’s album is very effective and eye catching, straight away when                                                ...
Rihanna’s album cover is quick dark with a lot of low                                                 key lighting which n...
The name of the album the shot of Lloyd the artist the setting and                                                   colou...
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DVD Cover analysis


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DVD/CD Cover Analysis By Salaffina Dore

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DVD Cover analysis

  2. 2. First look at the front cover of the CD cover you immediately spot the artist due to the picture being on a plain white background. A plain white background is good when you have vibrant or bright colours on top of it, same with a black ground. This CD cover of Beyoncés album 4, uses the white background to compliment and make her and the clothing shes wearing stand out and catch the audiences eye, as it’s a bright clear front cover. The title and name of the artist is big, bold and clear, as you see the artist name is printed in black covering the whole top the cover and the name of the album ‘4’ in the lower right hand corner still bold and clear. The back of the CD cover links to the front by using the same colour scheme which is usual for a CD cover.The mid shot of Beyoncé is key in RNB as RNB uses a lot of mid shots The name and title is again bold back and clearespecially if theres a pose, the shot shows the face and body however both are covering the top of the cover, whichlanguage of the artist and could automatically emphasis the meaning immediately attracts the audiences eye.behind the album. Instead of a mid shot, a long shot is shown on the back showing the whole of the artist in a different outfit of the same colour, against a wall that’s the same colour as the front cover sand-white. The photo is the biggest thing on the back of the CD cover and draws in the audience to read the playlist and eventually by the album. The playlist is in a small clear font that is placed neatly within the beginning and the end (top and bottom) of the wall which creates a neat look, that doesn’t take over the picture its self.
  3. 3. Chris Brown’s album is very effective and eye catching, straight away when looking at the front cover, you see the red shirt and red writing, were as the rest of the photo is black white and greyscale. This is effective because it concentrates on one thing (anything in red) this could emphasis to the name of the album ‘exclusive’ the red shirt and the name of the artist also in red, emphasis that he is an exclusive artist, 1 of a kind, theres no 1 like him and that’s why his in the red shirt as it stand out to the rest of the picture. A Mid/long shot of the artist looking back over the balcony or at the title of the album is an great shot because it shows his outfit and due to everything his wearing being black again it shows of the red.The font of the text emphasis sharp, maybe dangerous, big movementswhich may emphasis that the songs on the album are quiet upbeat andsharp. The back of the CD album has the same setting, same clothes and crops, however the pose and shot of the artist has changed. It now shows the artist with the black jacket on still showing the red collar and cuffs front the shirt. Linking to what I mentioned before about the name of the album linking with the one abstract colour, the 2 main, or ‘exclusive’ songs on the album are in red not white link the rest of the songs, its now evident that the red symbolises different loud and exclusive, and them two tracks in red would automatically engage the audience, and they would automatically want to know about them 2 songs because there the only 2 in red.
  4. 4. Rihanna’s album cover is quick dark with a lot of low key lighting which normally represents more of an dark side of music not necessarily violent or aggressive but more in the dark and secretive as the songs may have secret meanings behind them. Black and greyscale instead of black and white makes an big difference where as black and which normally represents the passing in time and past events. The cover has a close up/mid shot of Rihanna showing her facial expressions which link the colour of the song, as she looks quiet serious and secretively sexy.The back of the CD album links to the secretivelysexy look created on the front as there is a long shotof Rihanna from behind of her turning around slightlyshowing of legs and skin, the pose is almost drawingin the audience as if to say, ‘come on, ill tell you mysecrets’ this attracts the audience both male andfemale. The setting is dark you cant see nothingexcept a part of the ground she is walking on whichagain shows; secretive.The piece of white clothing he is wearing and the factshe is in colour, kind of draws the attention away fromthe grey scale and stands out and a long shotshowing posture and body language.The text is clear and white, which on black if clear andeffective and vice versa.
  5. 5. The name of the album the shot of Lloyd the artist the setting and colours used, are all well linked. The name of the album is called ‘King of Hearts’ straight away, you see the artist sitting on a chair that looks like a royal throne, with red velvet seats and the gold arm rest and frame. The colours red and gold, when combined are usually used to emphasis rich, power, and royalty. The shot of Lloyd compliments the album name very good as it is a low angle shot that emphasise power, strength and authorising, and that’s what kings and royalty have.The artist name is also in big gold letters which is effective because it linksto the gold on the chair and again gold emphasis money, and wealth. Thename of the album ‘King of Hearts’ is in red, just like in a pack of cards.Every part of the CD cover has its sources. On the back of the CD album a long shot of the artist is shown showing posture and body language. His pose is masculine and the positioning of his head is the same as the front of the album linking the power and authority of a king, with the masculine look. The colours of the text are the same as the front, the rich royal colour scheme.
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