Construction propmotional poster ..


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Promotional Poster Construction By Salaffina Dore

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Construction propmotional poster ..

  1. 1. ConstructionPromotional Poster
  2. 2. After taking the various photographs for our promotional poster we putthe images on the computer. Looking through the images, we found thatthis photograph best represented our genre so the next step was toopen the photograph on Adobe Photoshop. After successful doing thiswe thought about our ideas and how to incorporate them. Whileexperimenting with different effects we came across the motion through This was effective atgoing on blur through the filter. We found this effective because by blur bringing attention to theit made it seem as though the photograph was taken while moving. We artist.felt as though it would work on the background, surrounding the artist ,to have the motion effect we had to select the area that we wanted tobe effected, this was done by using the magnetic lasso tool as you cansee in the image on the right. We used this tool because it allowed us toeasily select the areas, then we were able to change the amount of blurto 31. This enabled us to the see the blur, but also see the background.
  3. 3. Moving on, we trialled different filters on the photograph,however we mainly focused on the black and white effects.To get the filter to be grey, we had to change the colour ofthe swatches to black and white in that specific order, toget the effect that we achieved. One effect that we lookedat was conte crayon, this was good as because it was clear.Nevertheless, this effect we thought was generic so wedecided to try others. This lead us to reticulation,collectively we were attracted to this effect and becausewe are apart of our target audience using this filter wouldsurely be effective at engaging our specific audience. Thiseffect emulated a professional promotional poster becauseof its uniqueness, making it stand out.
  4. 4. Because of the filter effect we used on the image it was not for us to do extensive editing. Sincewe felt that we had finished editing and was pleased with the out come, we then had to save thephotograph as a jpeg in order for it to be placed on Adobe Indesign. To place the image we madea layer, this enabled us to lock it if needed so it wont be affected, and allows us to move separatelayers around. The reason for placing the images on a different programme was because Indesignfeatures a wide range of fonts , options that involve manipulating the fonts. Also from pastexperiences we knew that the end product on Indesign would be of a high standard.
  5. 5. Following on from placing the image on a new document, the first idea that we wanted to incorporate washaving the name of artist at the top of the poster Katy B . For the promotional poster to successfullyadvertise the artist and our DVD the font had to large and clear to catch the viewers eye. Although thecolour of the font was originally black, we starting we felt white would stand out, as well as fitting in withthe theme. To change the colour of one of the swatches, as you can see from one of the images above thatwe had to move the arrow depending on the colour that we wanted more of . To achieve the colour whiteon the text it was highlighted, and all the arrows had to be moved to the left. The original type of font wehad was called Helvetica , this was good presenting the name clearly .
  6. 6. From this image you can see that we made a change to the font changing it from itsoriginal choice, to futura. This gave the text a futuristic feel ,as it resembled a digitaltheme. We were attracted to this idea at first, because we had the artists name in afuturistic font, we felt that this could represent how she symbolises the future of rnbbecause she crosses over in multiple genres such as dubstep and funky, this wouldalso widen her target audience. Again from the image above, you can see we addedanother layer on top of the photograph in preparation to write some more on thepromotional poster to give more information to the audience, in order for them tobecome engaged with the poster.
  7. 7. Continuing from the previous slide, we added more text on the poster which could beconsidered to be the most essential. At this stage we decided to put layers onto the posterand add the vital information needed for it to be successful. We didn t change the font andcolour of the text in that moment, as we left time for us to search more styles of texts thatsuited our genre. The essential information, involved On A Mission , this was importantbecause it is the title of the DVD and the purpose of the promotional poster is to advertisethis, meaning it would have to be in a clear place and stand out. Also, including dates of whenthe DVD is released was important for example, OUT NOW , our choice of out now being incapital letters was we felt it made a bold statement, and because it is a short phrase, someonethat views the promotional poster will be able easily remember it which may increase thechance of them buying the DVD.
  8. 8. Subsequently after trialling different fonts for both the title ON A MISSION and OUT NOW wedecided on our final fonts. The font and positioning of DVD name we felt would be best placed at theopposite end of the artist name. The reasoning for this is that from researching promotion posters thiswas the usual layout, however we did feel that this would cause the viewer to look for what is beingadvertised by the artist therefore attracting our target audience that are fans of Katy B. Yet again, wechose to present the text in capital letters we wanted to incorporate this technique in the title of theDVD to emphasis the importance to the audience. On the other hand OUT NOW , instead of keepingthe theme of simple text we used a more distinctive, the font differing from the artist name and albumtitle causes it to stand out and therefore jumps out to the audience when the album is available.
  9. 9. At this point in the creation process the promotional poster is formulating and is structured clearly.Before this stage the font of the artist name Katy B was different, here once more we changed thefont after finding a font that we thought emulated that of a professional promotional poster.Although it doesnt seem now, however the font at this stage is the same as our originally chosenfont. After manipulating the text we were able to create a font that seamlessly flowed with thephotograph, this was achieved through changing the font from regular to ultra light and increasingthe space between each letters using the tool above enlarged above. Also, we added a splash ofcolour onto the poster by using the colour blue, adding colour a monotone background will help incatching the attention of an audience. Furthermore, having the blue, relates to the colours of black,grey and white which are all associated with our urban genre.
  10. 10. After looking at the promotional poster we felt as though something was missing, by recallingback to our researching and planning stages including our various flat plans, we rememberedour previous ideas which involved putting quotes into the promotional poster. Additionally,we thought by having quotes on the poster it would make sense for the quotes to come frommagazines or radio stations that are associated with our chosen genres. We thought usingwords such as excellent and best would again add to the attraction, as well as carrying onthe style of using capital letters. The font we used for the quotes was furtura, this made themclear and stand out. By having layers and writing quotes in them we were able to arrangethem in a way that frames the central image of the artist, therefore becoming the centralfocus.
  11. 11. When completing almost every aspect to the promotional poster, after looking at itagain we found a minor problem. The problem was that the font did not clearly standout from the grey background and was slightly blending into the background, solve thisproblem we added a black outline to all the text featured on the poster, this wasaccomplished by highlighting the text and clicking on the swatches.
  12. 12. Finally, after completing the promotional poster there wasone more thing that needed to be added this was, the DVDcover. To do this we added a new layer so we would be ableto place the front cover of DVD on the promotional poster.We had to export the DVD cover from Indesign in order for itto become a jpeg, so it could be place on top of thepromotional poster. After this we had to resize However at the ending we decided to have it the image so it would fit on straight, so it can be clearly viewed. Also we the poster and resemble a positioned it next to out now we done this CD. We then tested out because we felt it would allow our audience to different positions of the know what the poster is promoting. DVD by rotating.